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GDIMartok chapter 29 . 6/9
This was a good find ive just read through all 29 chapter though strange seeing nod with stasis field that being a scrim power and then seeing lack of a stasis field in use. I'm shocked and sadden to see this fiction died lon ago.

But I hope you bring it back soon it's a good story.
Guest chapter 27 . 5/24
I wanna see the Marked-of-Kane and the Black hand subfactions to quote "with all its horrors and all its glories" striking fear to the hearts and minds of all who dare stand against Nod the true believers of Nod
Guest chapter 25 . 5/24
Wonders if push comes to shove Nod can unleash the Black hand sub-action against the enemies of Kane in "Tiberium" Wrath they always focus on brutality, massive flamethrowers and overwhelming fire power a force of the sub-faction can remind the enemies of the brotherhood that nod isn't just about speed and stealth but overwhelming firepower if it is necessary
Guest chapter 29 . 5/24
I wanna see tiberium troopers melt dominion soldiers with their sprayers that could be a useful way in psychological warfare
PotatoZiriki chapter 29 . 5/6
Bless this story, for Nod has returned!
Pls update and don't lose interest in your brainchild, even if it is 2017, StarCraft still remains strong.

Also, nice going with the CnC lore, me like!

Godspeed and go forth, spreading the power of Kane!

Guest chapter 29 . 3/17
If u are going to bring GDI how about this to think about: Earth was in a state of civil war between GDI & UED and the UED pretended to be the representing government of earth in the koprulu sector to get resources needed to win the war against GDI won the war and the UED forces in the koprulu sector were the last of there forces though the expenditionary don't know that . If you consider this have Stukov talk about it and other surviving former UED people talk about it.
Patriota1993 chapter 29 . 8/31/2016
Kan-kunIt chapter 29 . 7/11/2016
Ah the avatars the fact i always scramble when they appeared with just the bare upgrades and now you make it even worse by giving them the incentive to charge and grab my units. If faced in Starcraft 2 it would be WTF then a huge oh shit moment and shouting OP IMBA. In C&C 3 Avatars with Shatterer sonic emitters, slingshot AA,Predator and even Mammoth tank railguns and cannons***********shivers***********
I've been wondering if you can have Raynor recover an adjutant or console containing all of Frank Klepacki's music and Kane recognizing it to be hilarious.
Justcncreader chapter 14 . 1/2/2016
Kane! Your bringing back the scrin, arent ya
Anyways awesome chapter hope you update soon
Thaqif chapter 6 . 8/9/2015
Why dont you try make a Command and Conquer and Shin Koihime Musou crossover? And try make it more fun to read and longer to enjoy.
Guest chapter 29 . 5/7/2015
This is fic have a good balance between action and character interaction

From what I see I think the Brotherhood seems to be using mostly C&C 3 era tech without the upgrades that in some respect make them superior to C&C 4 unit (enlightened with particle beam instead of cannon), but they also don't use C&C 4 tech on a regular scale since they still employ C&C 3 base and Militant in the defense of Bhekar Rho. So that gives me the impression that Kane want to throw away the old equipment before starting to use the new one.

Technology such as:

Energy shielding and more cloaking on vehicles (present and mass produced in offence and defence crawler and also Centurions hold energy shields that can bounce enemy attack back toward themselves and there are also energy walls everywhere)

Tiberium shell that corrode enemy armor and slow them down are used by at least Specter artillery and they need to deploy to fire in C&C4

Illusion (Tactical power in C&C4)

Reaper Cyborg are not slow firing, instead according to the Intel Database, they actually have superhuman reflexes and precision, in addition to their rate of fire and power,

"The Reaper's primary armament is a the Multiple Objective Laser System, or MOLS, a focused laser array linked directly to the unit's cybernetically enhanced cerebral cortex, allowing near the instantaneous acquisition and subsequently, destruction of multiple targets, even on a crowded battlefield. This system has proved especially effective against larger GDI combat vehicles, with the Reaper's ability to target multiple weak spots simultaneously allowing the unit to carve apart even the hardiest mammoth tank in a matter of seconds."

That is their tier 1 infantry.

Shouldn't militia be equipped like Devouts since Kane can already armed his followers with such in C&C 4.

Cyborgs have self repair on the molecular scale through nanites and Reaper Cyborg are reported in the Intel Database to be able to rise from the dead to their repair mechanism.

The flagship Jonah that I guess is an upgrade of Nod Leviathan should be using drones instead of normal aircraft.

Nod Incinerator Turret would be a good counter to Zerg rush since these turrets can cook them from the inside using micro waves and not only that they have also quite a long range (in game though) and large area of effect.

Shouldn't every Nod unit be equipped with stealth detection since they know that their enemy unlike GDI employ cloaking too?

Nod should be using Tiberium Control Network for free energy instead of having to mine them.

Basilisk Laser can bounce and automatically seek other unit (they target enemy in a precise manner unlike Prism tank beam)

Nod Venom should be using laser and rocket

Cloaking is not at all rare for the Brotherhood since they have at least use them for more than 70 years and Stealth tanks still confuse enemy fire if they drop their cloaks.

Nod defense in C&C 4 do not need external power source, if they cannot use that they can fall back to Tiberian Sun era laser turret that also don't need external power.

Nod confessors should use charged particle beam and cloak detection since engineers in C&C 4 have them and they are very cheap tier 1 unit.

Nod Scalpel is not present in the Nod against Protoss battle.

Crawler don't need Global Tunnel Network to operate, Nod can use Drop Pod delivery system like GDI or simply make them with burrowing equipment (Gideon's crawler can burrow and also have shield)

But it's okay, I don't care as long as the story is good.

And on what year did the Brotherhood get teleported to the Koprulu Sector, do they arrive just before the events of Starcraft game, before the Terran reach Koprulu Sector, or in 2077, since they to progress very little,which is unlike what we see in the RTS game.

Will there be Nod tech from Renegade, laser chaingun and automatic rocket launcher seems to be good addition to be add in there.
Citizen Kane chapter 29 . 4/22/2015
Where art thou!
Lord Asmodeus chapter 29 . 2/22/2015
Brotherhood of Nod. Truly they are wondrous. Kane is certainly charismatic, and the ideology of the Brotherhood is simply inspiring. Peace through power.

Enough so for me to wish the death of James Raynor for even calling the sacred Brotherhood 'Noddies'. The entire Raynor's Raiders should be flogged to death. Nova Squadron are simply a nuisance, especially the disgusting and vile Nova Terra, she should simply die. She has far too much plot armour, enough so that it makes it wholly uninteresting reading anything that concerns her. And well there is Gabriel Tosh who is a vermin that must be exterminated.

Strangely I founded Arcturus Mengsk, the one whom you demonised continuously to be my third favorite character (in order); Kane, The Commander and Arcturus Mengsk.

I do hope in the future the Brotherhood emerges supremely victorious. Otherwise it would be most disappointing, and it would have no point of differentiation from hundreds of other stories in which the apparent 'religious fanatics' lose.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14/2015
I guess this series is in hiatus. :(
Lone Gundam chapter 29 . 11/2/2014
Ok this fic is good, there is no disputing that. There's one fatal flaw; the is a C&C wankfest. I understand Kane had years to watch the Terrans and that makes sense, no one knew about the Scrin or their capabilities and that makes sense as well, Jim managed to get some Nod gear which helps a bit, but overall the C&C portion is kicking the SC portion in the balls repeatedly. If you decide to get back to this, plz have something to balance out this. Like you could have Kerrigan touch Tiberium and become a super Tiberium mutant and proceeds to convert the rest of the Swarm into Tib mutants, also taking control of the Scrin-controlled Zerg at the worst possible time and getting the Scrin numbers cut down even further. Even more importantly, have Kane make some fatal mistake down the road. I know it's scary to fight someone who is seemingly infallible, but even that becomes predictable and boring after a while.
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