Reviews for Light Up The Sky
greekgeek chapter 35 . 4/14
Wow best story since ... Since ever!
Katie chapter 26 . 2/22
This story is great and I really really like it, but that scene I actually cried, I mean I knew you wouldn't kill Harry like that, but all the same thinking someone would do that to a child is disgusting. But Lily got her revenge on him in the end and I can only hope the same fate occurs for Bella. Is it awful that I hope when she dies its really painful? Can not wait to keep reading
eliza-00 chapter 34 . 2/1
Ewunya chapter 35 . 1/11
Awwh, I love your Harry and this story is so great! Just lovely!
njchrispatrick chapter 5 . 1/7
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please keep updating! Good story but no more chapters?! Agh! If you need story ideas I am happy to oblidge.
Agent L. Seyfried chapter 17 . 11/24/2013
This story is stil brilliant, but I want to add something: the tunnel wasn't there until Harry's 7th year.
Agent L. Seyfried chapter 1 . 11/24/2013
I love storys like this and I am very grateful that you write one. If you know other storys with Azkaban, dark Harry, orphan Harry and tortured Harry please tell me. Thank you.
Mackenzied3333 chapter 35 . 11/21/2013
please upload
doodlesonlinedpaper chapter 24 . 11/18/2013
Tonks: I'm a Hufflepuff! We're good at finding things!
James: I'm sure...

OMIGOD, just cracking up. That was hysterical.
dumledip44 chapter 33 . 10/17/2013
Please don't give up! It's been almost a year and a half since you posted, and I refuse to give up hope! Out of all of your stories, Light Up the Sky is without doubt, my favorite, and it is also my favorite fanfic's I have ever read (and I've read A LOT of fanfiction). If you read this, just know that I am praying every day for a new chapter! 3
Guest chapter 32 . 10/10/2013
A very potter musical references!
Guest chapter 35 . 9/15/2013
please continue i really love this story, and i would love it if james and remus saw harry in his high tate, and he starts telling them about his time with the death eaters, but he dosent no he is doing it.. Please carry on xx
Shakira chapter 35 . 9/12/2013
My friend introduced me to this story an I love it! I hope you update soon! Don't give up!
HorsesRuby chapter 15 . 9/10/2013
in the last chapter you described apparation as a tug on the navel and spinning, but thats when you use a portkey. When you apparate its like being squeezed through a tube
HorsesRuby chapter 13 . 9/10/2013
This is awesome, you write so well
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