Reviews for Petals on a Rose
KriKri chapter 57 . 1/8
Hey I know that these reviews are pretty pointless but I wanted to tell you that throughout these one shots I've been there and idk if you do ever use anymore anyways
But still I wanted you to feel even though this is years later that I've been here and blah blah blah

So in this specific chapter to be completely honest I didn't really like it but to be fair it had really good description it just didn't suit my taste. It may differ to yours which is why you obviously wrote it

I'm gonna look at your other fics (hopefully your more recent ones, but who knows) and I hope to review for you soon!

Thanks so much for giving me something to read at night

KriKri xoxox
KriKri chapter 56 . 1/8
Aww this chapter was so sweet I loved it
Omg there's only 1 chapter left now :,(
Oh well I'd better get reading

KriKri xoxox
KriKri chapter 54 . 1/7
Mmk this is gonna sound weird but I really like the ending where you say she screams
Idk why though
I told u I'm weird
This chapter is so sad tho
But it was a bit confusing when u talked about the days u lost me there
Oh and I hadn't said this but happy new yeat xox
Tysm for the sleepless nights
KriKri xoxox
KriKri chapter 52 . 1/7
Hey I'm back

I was gonna rant about how you said that the ending would be happy but then I re read what u said and u said that u were gonna proceed to write it so apologies for my thoughts

And bloody hell that was a good chapter(and obvs so were ur previous ones that I didn't get a chance to review

Tysm for my sleepless nights
KriKri xoxox
KriKri chapter 47 . 1/5
Hi omg this chapter was so SWEET!
I almost actually said "awwwww" at the end :')
Anyway less about me more about you
What happened?
Are you ok?
What am I saying it's been like 5 years u should be ok now right? Right?


Thanks for this chapter it was very sweet and I'm really tired but I really wanna read so if these reviews sound drunk you now know why

Lots of love
KriKri xox
KriKri chapter 46 . 1/5
First of all apologies for not reviewing your last chapter and lemme tell u why
Basically I read these chapters and fanfic in general at night in bed when I'm meant to be sleeping and someone was near my bedroom door so if I type then you can hear the little tap taps of the keyboard and I'd get caught and my device will be taken away from me then I can't read your fics :(
Therefore I'm gonna apologise in advance in case I don't review for every single chapter and instead only review every so often
That way it's a win win situation: I get to read your fics and you get reviews! :)

And btw this chapter was so good but so sad too omg why do u do this to me :,(

Lots of love and reviews
KriKri xox
KriKri chapter 44 . 1/5
Hey it's me again, that one who reviews a million years after it was posted

Wow omg that chapter left me in tears, I could tell it was really heartfelt and meaningful to you
It was really well written, and I'm not just saying that as I am all for constructive criticism but I honestly couldn't think of any improvements so well done :)

I hope you're doing well
KriKri xxx
KriKri chapter 43 . 1/4
Omg allya
That was so good
But why do you have to make loads of ur fics so saaddd :'(

Tysm again,
KriKri xoxox

Ps I really need to go to sleep now else I'm gonna fall asleep with my phone on my face then I get into big trouble tomorrow so I can't read more fics till tomorrow xxx
KriKri chapter 42 . 1/4
Hiya allya
Omg that sounds so cheesy
This chapter was really good it was really cool because I've never used 2 different tenses together like that I thought it would read weirdly but I was obviously proved wrong by no other than u

Tysm once again,
KriKri xx
KriKri chapter 41 . 1/4
Honestly these one shots are so so so creative and well written but spme of 'em are tragedies and on a couple you actually make me cry, no lies! I know this is like a million years later than when you originally wrote these, but I thought you might like to read this review!

Thanks for the sleepless nights due to reading your fics,
KriKri xx

Ps I ship rose n scorpius so much it's sad
Tysm and can't wait to keep reading xxx
bright places chapter 50 . 8/4/2015
This this this. I wish there was a happy ending in one of these. Love it still but I feel like sobbing.
bright places chapter 51 . 8/4/2015
T. T
bright places chapter 52 . 8/4/2015
Wahhhhh. The scorose tragedies you write... Just tears.

I feel weird because I'm reading the oneshots backwards XD
bright places chapter 53 . 8/4/2015
This is oddly endearing. :)
bright places chapter 54 . 8/4/2015
Touching. I like whimsical wisdom by you use
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