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Sammi 007 chapter 4 . 2/3/2013
Kenju chapter 4 . 1/28/2013
*rubs sleep from eyes* Oh boy, this is going to be a tough one. Canon Nazi side trying to take over but I will do my best.

First of all, there actually was a comic where this sort of happened. The Titans had their powers mixed up, either it was due to the Amulet of the Champion of Games or Mumbo…or it was both, I cant remember and I don’t want to go digging through the archives to find it. BUT that comic had something similar, but with very different results.

Robin got Starfire’s powers, and was almost completely incapable of using them for quite some time. Not because he doesn’t feel emotion, but because her powers require EXPRESSING emotion, outside of anger, annoyance, etc. He was able to get the hang of it though after Starfire hugged him and got a little weepy…not sure if he was having THAT much trouble or if her was just milking it.

Starfire in turn got Cyborg’s powers…err…she became Starborg at least. She was the least happy of the lot due to her fear of how others would view her. Odd thing though, and I loved every bit of it, she was one of the only two that didn’t need any help or explanation for how to use his abilities. She KNEW everything, every system and every gadget. This was nice evidence to throw at the people that keep thinking of her as being dumb or ditzy. Dumb people wouldn’t be able to fight without any difficulty in a robot/cyborg body they had never been given instructions on using.

Cyborg in turn got BB’s powers. Odd thing here was that he didn’t turn green, he only got BB’s powers, not Sarkutha (sp?) so he wasn’t green, he was black as the day he was born. Of the group he was the one who least wanted to fix the situation, happy with his old body back. BB only had to give him a few pointers on how to use his powers and he took to them pretty quick, MOSTLY. He was able to shift just fine, but wasn’t able to actually work up the rage needed to access BB’s more powerful and larger forms, like the T-Rex, Tiger or Lion. He used some others just fine, he just didn’t have the anger.

Then comes BB, who got Raven’s powers…which is where I have a few little…complaints. Nothing HUGE, just canon Nazi you know? BB flat out couldn’t use any of her powers. He didn’t know how to focus chakra to mold magic, he couldn’t remember the incantations to use spells, but most importantly, Raven’s Soul Self STILL holds a grudge against him, its been carrying it for years, and that one issue it took every opportunity and chance offered to screw BB over. From ‘turning off’ while they were flying over the ocean, to ‘opening’ when he tried to block an attack, the list goes on and on. Point is, Raven’s Umbrakinesis (any time you saw the black shadow) is not a power per say, it’s a living sentient being that Trigon bound to Raven that’s an extension of his soul/self/being. Raven can use it, unless Trigon turns it off. People keep thinking its just a power of hers, but its not, its alive, and boy does it remember.

Raven in turn got Robin’s martial arts knowledge…and she actually was far better with it than Robin, combined with her advanced knowledge of human biology she was extremely dangerous. Essentially she became Brave the entire issue.

Aside from that, the plot follows pretty close with your forte, BB having a connection to Raven’s past, and also something akin to a connection to godhood.

There is one thing I would like to draw attention however, something you touched on here that I honestly cant remember the last time I saw used.

BB’s acting ability.

Rita, or ‘Elasti-Girl’ was an actress before she became a hero, and she had quite a bit of experience/success in that role. After BB joined the Doom Patrol she was one of his teachers, and she taught him a great deal of acting to help with his role of Infiltrator for the team. Those lesions also happened to push him towards his childhood dream of being an actor, which he was for a short time.

Still back to my point, you did a beautiful job with this story in showing his acting abilities and skills, how he was able to fool so many people for so long and SO WELL! You made it believable and very close to his original comic incarnation in that scope, something I’ve only seen done…oh, two, maybe three times across this site since the show came out? I’d really love to see you expand on this skill and trait in other works, not having him as a ‘person of many layers’ or ‘deep emotional levels’ but simply as a guy whose a *very* convincing actor when he wants to be or needs to be. He can wear masks of emotion just as well as Robin when he actually cares or has reason, and you showed that PERFECTLY.

Keep up the good work, and keep your fics going. I know you have plenty of people say this, but that’s only because its true. You have skill, you’re good at writing, and your only going to keep improving the longer you keep writing. It seems like you’re still trying to find…I don’t know, its like you’re looking for the perfect combination for a fic and so you keep recycling certain parts. As you do this you also keep improving your skill. I cant wait for the day to come where you find just what you are looking for and what you want for a fic, because when that happens all those skills you’ve been developing over the years will come back and pay back in full.

See you around dude, I cant wait to see what you churn out next time!
Dracco chapter 1 . 12/10/2012
Is the story dead?
Guest chapter 4 . 11/3/2012
update! :D
PaulieJuice chapter 4 . 9/21/2012
DarkRapture chapter 4 . 8/26/2012
Sweet baby Jesus, I missed this story, among others. And I DEMAND that you continue this, since I'm going to be continuing my own story alongside finally putting some of my ideas into existence. And as always, BB is still a badass.
bubbajack chapter 4 . 5/13/2012
Dude I hope at some point you dust this and other fics off and get back to writing them again! I really wanna know what's gonna happen in this fic! Great job!
bubbajack chapter 3 . 5/13/2012
Wow I've become re-enthralled with this story after reading this chapter! So many unanswered questions and I better the answers are gonna be awesome to find out! BB being damned to hell could be caused by alot of things really. But him knowing about Rea and Trigon I can't even fathom a guess as to how he found that out. Epic job!
bubbajack chapter 2 . 5/13/2012
Well its obvious that the "Voices" BB was talking to were two of his emotions in his mindscape. Question is which two? I love it when you bring BB's version of Nevermore into play it is just so cool! Nice chap!
bubbajack chapter 1 . 5/13/2012
Wow I'm really slipping huh? Of course we both know this chapter was great that goes without saying, But damn am I having a hard time imagining a grey BB and green Raven for some reason.
Architect Ironturtle chapter 4 . 2/22/2012
This story is the one that got me hooked on fanfics. It's one of the best written I've ever read, with a fantastic plot full of excellent twists. When you get the time(preferably sooner rather than later) to finish this story, please do so. It's worth evey minute of effort.
Mine's bigger than yours chapter 4 . 11/21/2011
great story so far. update soon
Michele Zhivago chapter 3 . 10/22/2011
Wait a minute...Ha! I missed this the first time through. Beastboy is able to and always has been able to face down Trigon the Terrible? Where the HELL was this during the whole "The End" story arc?

So, BB is not just an inconsiderate jerk who was always annoyig Raven while she was trying to meditate and retain control of her emotions. Actually, even there he is much worse than an inconsiderate jerk if he is the omniscient being that you portray. He KNEW that his constant bad-joke telling, pranks and endless prattle was harming her. In any case, he potrayed himself purposefully, deceptively, as a vacuous ninny so if others-read others as Raven-treated him as such, whose fault is that? He has no basis for his spite and anger toward her now, does he? He brought it on himself! Considering his knowledge of what he was doing to her and the fact that he was fully capable of controlling himself and yet wants 'revenge' on her for a natural response to unwanted distractions, Beastboy qualifies as a Grade A A**hole.

Much, much worse, he could have stopped Trigon, himself but apparently decided that he would leave the uncertain fate of the world's billions in the hands of his suffering 'friends' AND SLADE? Let Cyborg and Starfire suffer, allow Raven to go to Hell, send Robin after her in the company of their worst human enemy while he pretended to struggle with his dark self?

He is not just a World-Class A**hole in your AU. He would have to be some sort of Universal one. I hate this Beastboy.
Reiko Provencher chapter 4 . 10/22/2011
So having checked out your other stories, you obviously have a certain predilection, (obsession), regarding Beastboy and that explains a lot but this story is just so AU that it has gone beyond OOC and entered the realm of the cartoonishly Mary Sue-or Canon Sue if you prefer-characterization of your protagonist.

Beastboy has PERFECT control of Raven's completely unfamiliar powers instantly, which are, by the way, controlled by maintaining a firm handle on the emotions, something Beastboy has never been very good at, but...the reason Raven does not have any control of Beastboy's powers is because they are unfamiliar to her?

Her first successful transformation is less than perfect and Beastboy's reasoning is that she just started whereas BB has been transforming for 10 years. O.K... how long has he been using her powers? How long had she been using her own powers herself? Probably longer than he had been using his own. She was BORN a Half-Demon. Beastboy became what he was as a child. To top it off, BB still retains some of his old powers in the reflexes, speed, strength and instincts of his previously animalistic nature shown in his ability to easily disarm Raven's attack as a Sabre-Toothed Tiger. Raven did not posses those abilities in general so BB did not receive them from her during the switch. Meanwhile, Raven apparently retains none of her old powers or abilities.

It seems as if you are working through some control issues and are using the Beastboy that you write about here and the dominant relationship he asserts in regard to Raven throughout the story as the template for the masterful, always in control, perfect person that you wish to be, (Doesn't everyone?), perhaps in regard to a certain person in your life or all people in general?

That is why I say that this story is Mary or Canon Sueish. Interesting but unless you obsess over dominance issues it is just not that compelling. A little unsettling, in fact, as BB seems to feel a great deal of spite and anger toward Raven. Again, are you projecting your own feelings or is this just completely OOC? Next time just say that you have no intention of staying true to the characters.
Michele Zhivago chapter 2 . 10/22/2011
You do realize that most animals are omnivores, right? In fact there are very few animals that WON'T resort to meat-eating if necessary. Almost all fish and reptiles eat flesh. Almost all birds, with the exception of Humming Birds, for example, eat flesh. Most insects eat flesh. Some mammals are herbivores but I still see no reason why their inability to eat meat would override the instincts of the much larger subset of omnivorous or carnivorous animals.

So, I don't understand why being able to shape-shift into any animal would preclude meat-eating. Makes no sense. The real Beastboy made a philosophical choice, the choice wasn't forced on him. It seems more likely that the animals 'within' him which are unable to eat plants would force him toward a meat-eating diet than force him away from it by. This is a human conceit which has little relation to animal instincts. Just saying. (If this was some weird convention constructed by the the original creators of Beastboy then so be it, but it still makes little sense.)
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