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SamanthaApollo chapter 15 . 10/26
PLEASE FINISH THIS! It's amazing and I want to know what happens next!
Daughter.of.Astraea.AM chapter 15 . 10/26
This is one of the best stories ever! Don't stop please! I don't really like Au's from the Marauders and Lily, but omg, I'm in love with this one!
Padfoots-Wand chapter 6 . 10/10
I just want to say this fanfic reminds me of the story The Heartbreakers in which triplets meet a famous boy band, one girl has cancer which is the over excited sister and the other sister is trying to get her something for her birthday along with their brother so she meets the lead singer at Starbucks and so it commences. like yo I love this shit
Annabeth Dionne Granger chapter 1 . 10/6
No matter what, please update. People here are dying just to know the end. Please don't let your fans suffer. Its been very long you haven't update and you can write a little by little even you are busy. I'm also busy and I never give up reading you FANTASTIC fanfiction even it has so many chapters and I usually read one shots. Please update we all here are begging you. Thanks for reading and I hope your life is better than before and the time you have to yourself is also longer.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/3
I'm begging you to update. I know it's been a year and you're probably busy but this is one of the best written and most well thought out fics I have ever read (and I read a lot of fics). This story, and the people who read and loved it, deserve an ending that's as great as the rest of it, so please, please, please finish this story
SuraWaldelfe chapter 15 . 9/7
So now I've re-read this brilliant story, I would just really like to see an update? This is just the total cliffhanger here and I'm just dying to know more!
I saw at some point that you wrote this story is supposed to be about 20 chapters long, so you're already 3/4 through...
I'm just really, really dying for an update as this is one of my favorite stories!
Em chapter 15 . 8/24
Please, please, please, PLEASE update! I'm really enjoying your story and really don't want it to end uncompleted. It really is an amazing story, book worthy, I'd say. So, please update!
Uncletomalex chapter 15 . 8/11
Hey ! I discovered your story this week, after reading the fifteen chapters... I feel like giving my two cents.
I like the plot and I would definitely enjoy knowing more about the big bad, I guess it'll become crucial in the next chapters. This will end in an ugly way I'm sure because Voldie seems like a huge psycho (so close to canon )
To be honest, I nearly left a the first chapter because... WAIT FOR IT... BIG REVELATION : I don't like your Lily! It's not your way of writing her, it's her freaking terrible personnality: she is so "I am super sarcastic, smart and talented and I don't need your love (when actually I need it VERY MUCH)". She seems fixated on hoping to see Petunia being ridiculed (or Twiggie, love the nickname) especiallly during the many games they played, really she has a huge problem against her sister and I don't know where it is from but it needs to change.
James is a sweet boy, totally believable who act very classy. He may be too great but I guess it's just a matter of opinion because he never did things over the top (but I like my James a little more dickish or mischevious please ).
Petunia scared me as a character at first. She seemed to be here to be the very bad antithesis of Lily. You let her breath and show more of her and it helped because she is now a sympathic character. Let's just hope her creepy obsession of James is finally over because it was the worst part of her.
Sirius... ah Sirius. I like him, he's fun and totally the way I imagine canon teenage Sirius in HP. The moment when he's bickering with Petunia are some of your best lines. Can I hope something for these two? A friendship? A make out? A wedding?
Remus and Peter... I would like to know more about them. I know they have something plot-wise but they are often left on the background so I feel like missing some important part of their personality.
Overall a great story, I am looking foward the next chapters (soon I hope )
jilyforever chapter 15 . 8/9
Hey Seven Scribbles, I love this story but I really need to know if you're ever going to update! I absolutely adore the concept and no other AU has ever got me so drawn into a story ever before, and trust me I spend a lot of time on this site. But please, please, please PLEASE from the bottom of my intense shipper heart, come back! Make this story live again, delve into the world and please give me the answers I am so desperately craving. Because you have created something truly magical here, even when you aren't writing about Hogwarts and I think a talent like that is pretty impressive, so i think this story deserves to get a conclusion.
But hey, you're the authors, so you obviously know better then I do (i promise im not trying to make you feel guilty) I just want you to know how great this story is. I don't even know if you're going to see this, but hey, might as well make someone feel good about their work right? (At least, I hope this made you feel good).
Anyways, Peace and Pout Jilyforever Out
mmmoo08 chapter 15 . 8/5
I really hope you update soon . this is a really good story.
greenamazon chapter 15 . 8/4
Aww... I wanna know what happens... Are you guys gonna update? (And sorry if you already said something on you profile, I haven't checked it...) P.S. - I love this story. So I hope that you do update.
thebluecray0n chapter 15 . 8/1
I was just rereading my favorite bits and some parts I forgot. I can't believe this last got updated in October! It does not feel like it was nearly a year. The humor and characterization in this story has really stayed with me all this time. I'm an agented writer now, so I'm always going back to writing I love and admire. And I guess with Cursed Child I'm in an HP mood. Anyway, still love this story, your work, and will be waiting for the James/Lily reunion ;) and the new turn the story has taken.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/25
please update for the love of all things holy
NinjaKitten chapter 12 . 7/20
Wow. Petunia is suddenly deep and awesome and Sirius is and absolute git... has the world turned upside down? And Longs (or Jily, or Lames, however you prefer) has finally happened! We've all been holding our breath and crossing our fingers for this moment, and now it's here! Yay!

Anyway, even though you are lousy updaters, you are wonderful, amazing writers and we love you. Also, don't let the readers call the shots here. You are the almighty Writers, so just remind them that without you, there would BE no story. That being said, we would much appreciate it if you updated.

Luv ya!

ANON chapter 15 . 7/20
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