Reviews for No Excuses
Yikari chapter 1 . 4/12/2015
Just because it has been Jossed, doesn't mean it stops making sense. I mean, when I watched a full playthrough of all MM and MMX games in a row last time, I definitely got a sense of /something/ going down in between them, if creation of reploids supposedly wasn't possible at all before X came along.

(My personal headcanon is that a mini ice age happened because of an increase in volanic activity humanity wasn't ready for and a whole bunch of people were forced to choose between trying to adapt to the situation where they were or trying to kill their way closer to the equator.)

I've seen a dude on youtube (Lorerunner channel) lay out his Megaman story idea in one of his recent videos. In there he proposes using the way US came out of WWII with stronger economy than it had before as a template for why mass production of robots was a thing from an in-universe perspective (tldr: there was a bunch of infrastructure and people left after a recent war that had to go somewhere after military production was stopped, ergo they all had to be repurposed to produce and sell something to somewhere else to keep everybody employed).

IMHO, it still doesn't cover why so human-like robots in both thought process and architecture had to be pumped out in such numbers regardless of everything though.

I could see the need for emergency rescue (being able to come off as at least a human in full eniromental suit via body language and voice could have some serious benefits there) and law enforcement (being able to have a face expression on top of the above could help to de-escalate a situation before violence broke out) use, but everything else?

Or was somebody simply trying to make money out of it all? Seems silly, but it's not like people didn't start wars to benefit off of them before.
Ysavvryl chapter 1 . 6/26/2010
I have to agree with you on that Cataclysm rant...

Anyhow, nice little psychological interlude here. You're clearly thinking this through and getting into character. One thing that messes up this conversation, though, is some slippage of quotation marks that starts around the time X says he doesn't regret killing this time. Whether its an actual mistake or just an effect, it's hard to tell after this what's said or unsaid, and sometimes even who's talking. It is a nice effect for showing the emotional turmoil.

Now that I look back at it, it can be understood with careful reading, it's just a hard passage to get through.

Great job!
Jadeite Meteoros chapter 1 . 6/25/2010
I believe the term, er, "one huge idiot ball" accurately describes the humanity of the Mega Man series as a whole, for those very reasons you described. The sentence given to Doctor Weil seems to fall much more under the "stupid" category than the "evil" one. I simply do not know who thought that to be a good idea.

Ah, it's good to see you write a story for the Mega Man universe again. I knew this story must have been written by you before I even saw the author name, as I have learned to recognize your style of writing. Your concepts and writing style tend to very quite dark and bizarre, and no one else can match you there, it would seem. Fortunately, one of my more hidden interests has been dark and bizarre literature (and I do not mean "bizarre" as a derogatory term, rather I simply cannot find an apt word to describe it- it is like being encased in a psychedelic mindset, and it is truly quite interesting to read).

I look forward to seeing where you will go with this. :)