Reviews for Postmortem
SoulsandSwords chapter 10 . 4/11/2016
Now THIS is what could have gotten the ball rolling! It certainly has now! :D Perhaps if you want to continue this story, you can go back and combine some chapters so that this point comes earlier in the story and not all the way to chapter ten.

I love that we get to see the time progression of how long it takes to reanimate and what happens to the brain. Though, me being me, I'd try to go for some scientific accuracy even though it IS a fantasy sci-fi. Accuracy can actually HELP with your creativity.

(i.e., there's surface decay, black purification, dry decay, etc.) in a human body's natural decomposition process.

...Sorry, you want a review. Not a science lesson. xD It seems that this zombification is an actual 'disease' rather than they died and then they returned. Comatose, then loss of rationality and morality. They function on instinct: Hunt, kill, eat.

I like!
SoulsandSwords chapter 5 . 4/11/2016
While reading this, I looked up 'postmortem' and realized it's a cool word for 'autopsy!' The examination of dead bodies to see what killed them if it wasn't a natural cause... Though you probably knew that. xD

I feel like these could all be much longer chapters, combining each one you post with some others, that is. As I've been reading, I start to get interested, but then it just ends. Then by the next chapter, I'm not as absorbed, if that makes sense.

Though, I'm sure you've improved greatly since 2010. xD

This is a very Walking Dead-esque story, but it works out great. I like the democracy going on with the group; all these stories have characters competing for power, but it seems like they're all just following the survival method and looking out for each other (though SOME just want to look out for themselves).

Still, I wish we could have gone more in depth with these characters so that I get to know them a little bit better. Though, I'm only on chapter five, but character development is important to include as the story unfolds.

Moving on!
SoulsandSwords chapter 2 . 4/11/2016
Hello! :D I can see this story has been on long hiatus as most of mine have, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored!

I may be fandom-blind (if this IS a fandom and not just general mythology). So ignore me if I get anything wrong.

I review this along with chapter one since both are short (they could have easily been one chapter or a long prologue). Post-apocalyptic Walking-Dead esque? Though society still seems well-rounded and it would seem bumping into zombies is just a norm.

Any human civilization would be in denial and try to live their lives normally should such be happening, and I believe your main character is realistic so far. Can't say so much for plot yet since I've just begun. I'll try to review every other chapter if not every chapter so that you get decent-quality feedback. :)

Some nitpicks: All numbers below 100 are spelled out, and there were a few capitalization and grammar errors.

(Whose there) should be (Who's there). Whose is possessive, while who's is 'who is.'

Whose is that? and Who's that? are how they'd be used, for example :)

Take care!
Benjamin Zaldana aka BreadP chapter 11 . 10/8/2010
its very good even though it seems like its missing parts idk if u didnt put them in and you need to check your spelling .

but yea all and all very awsome. by the way hurry up and finish typing the rest i know you have like 10 pages to typeP