Reviews for Infection of Reach
guest chapter 1 . 8/12/2016
I know this is old but I couldn't stop laughing looking at the reviews. Clearly there's a reason why you're receiving such blowback from the reviewers. Your responses are downright childish and what's even more hilarious is how you're trying to look like you have supporters when quagmire and kira are proxies of yourself. Seriously, grow a pair and accept the fact that not everyone will blindly praise your story, especially when this one is frankly very inadequate in substance. Also, if you can't distinguish between constructive criticism and "flaming", you probably shouldn't be in this site, or even live in the real world. I don't want to call you an idiot, but are. Lastly, I highly doubt you are in the armed forces. Stolen valor is pretty disgraceful so there's more reason you don't deserve any respect. Have a nice day.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/22/2014
You're a useless cunt Huehuehuehue
U.s.b chapter 2 . 7/22/2014
i had some problms with reading this ff. Your sentences are choppy, as if something is missing. If you would corect this it could be a good Story, could be is the word.
The Hidden Sith chapter 2 . 9/28/2011
Alright, you are probably the most immature author I've seen short of LachyZilla. Those anonymous reviewers? Yeah, they are you-any half intelligent howler monkey could figure this out. Making it seem as though you have supporters just makes you look even more immature and an over-reactionist.

Your writing abilities are nearly non-existent, lopped off or tape worm sentences, incorrect tenses and poor grammar makes this two-chapter story a real stinker to deal with. You ignore every piece of constructive criticism that you receive. As in a typical troll fashion you subsequently label these people as mustache-twirling villains that are out to get you. This is just wrong, if somebody says your grammar sucks, run a grammar check on your computer, don't freak out and bite their head off.

Now, you'll receive this and spaz out, giving me a charicature of a proto-hitler on you profile and just overall over react to me pointing out how blanatly immature you are. I dont care and won't hang on unstring waiting for you to respond.

-Best Regards,

Handepsilon chapter 2 . 4/9/2011
Good one! Never played Halo, but I can give 2 thumbs up for this.
Subverter chapter 2 . 10/27/2010
Wow man, shut the fuck up. You're just jealous 'cause Lightsource is an awesome author and you don't have an account or the nutsacks to write a story.

You claim he writes like a 12 year old? 'Scuse me Mr. Tough guy, you don't even know what a 12 year old WRITES like.

You say his stories are horrible? Judging from your review's chapter, you didn't even read them you failed lunatic. Read a story 'fore you talk shit about it.

You say 'good' stories have description so you can picture 'in your head what's going on'...either you are completely retarded or just don't know what you're writing.

Who cares if they "walked" through the room and "killed the enemy". Jorge obviously has to because of his Machine Gun and armor which slows him down.

"Seriously have you even taken high school English?"...hmm, good question. OH WAIT, let's turn that around. Have YOU even taken Sex Education.

As for you Lightsource, great story. Don't let these fanfiction terrorists keep you down, especially this idiot. If this is his attempt to start up another flame war, it has failed completely.
Wow man chapter 1 . 10/26/2010
I just read your stories and I want to say you write like I wrote when I was 12 years old. Even though Im not very good at writing I just want to say this stuff is pretty horrible a good story has description so you can picture in your head whats going on. NOT They walked through the room and killed the enemy.

Seriously have you even taken high school English?
MonKiCEO chapter 1 . 10/23/2010
Ok. Not bad. Just, you know, a-bit-more-than-some mistakes. And by that, I mean there're a lot of mistakes. Most of them tense mistakes. You keep switching tenses between sentences. On the plus side, it has paragraphs, it's (somewhat) readable, and it's (probably) certainly better than (and I'm judging from the reviews here) 'Random Life'. I do recommend a good beta reader.

In short, it's an ok plot. The flood comes to Reach. It doesn't follow cannon, but, hey, it's fanfiction.

In short, gudjawb. Get a beta reader, flame wars are entertaining (it was quite an amusing read, the flame war) and kthbai.

annoyed reader chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
i suck at writing so lighthouse you r better than me and to be quite frank why cant every1 shut th up and get over it it ing fan fic on a website made for fan fics some good stories some bad im on no ones side here read content u enjoy not absolutely hate wow common sense
Sim citizen chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Good story, just several correction you need to do.

One, you keep changing verb tenses in the story, this is just one example

"They had fought to the landing pad. A Zealot is seen standing behind a Banshee."

To be correct, you would first need to introduce who 'they' are since it's a new paragraph.

You would also have to change 'a zealot is seen' to past.

So it would look like

"The spartans had fought to the landing pad. They saw a Zealot standing behind a Banshee."

See? now it's correct. By solving these mistakes yourself, you don't need to start a flame war.

Also, a plasma repeater is just a heavy plasma rifle
Subverter chapter 1 . 8/7/2010
Mediator, don't forget the individuals.

Flamers: Anakya Superion, vrntby - Cheddar cheese, AceFrehley101(later 102, then 103), breaking ground, Captain Mainwaring(anonymous), kr142616, QuestionMark2401, TheLastHuman

Defenders: Lightsource, KiraMust - eye(anonymous), 841(anonymous

That's really unfair, seven of you are authors and you gang up only one author, and it's even unfair how those anoymous reviewers are his only backup. Seriously, focus more on writing fanfictions than going around flaming stories.
G.Quagmire841 chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
XD, I've never heard of GoogleMotherfuckingDocs. How are they?
KiraMust - eye chapter 1 . 7/27/2010
QuestionMark2401 says:

"If you can't take the time to buy Word, or download a new browser, or even use GoogleMotherfuckingDocs, then you obviously don't care about your writing. And if you don't care, why should we?"

I was on the floor in laughter when I read that. You flamers may have good insults, but they are fucking hilarious.
The Internet Mediator chapter 1 . 7/24/2010
Event: Internet Flame War

Began: June 28, 2010

End: July 2, 2010

Location: Story 6086244,



Commanders: Lightsource

Military Forces: Various anonymous users


Commanders: AceFrehley101/102/103, kr142616

Military Forces: Many other authors

Outcome: Flame War ended, Defenders take victory.
roflcopter1o1 chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
Now, I'm just gonna say these few things:

I would agree with you people on the reviews about the text, but all of you launching an attack on one little story and it's author all at once is just not fair.

Also, leave his characters alone. If you don't like the way how he put out his characters, then don't review about them then.

Why would he "attack" his first reviewer. For his side, his first FEW reviewers attacked him, then some anonymous reviewers came along. You guys think he's sockpuppetting, but he's not. If he would sockpuppet, then one of you would too!

I know 841 from Halopedia, and he's no sockpuppet of anyone(want the truth, goto Halopedia and find out!). I also know Lightsource' bro, ATP2555, through Youtube. And yeah, people started week-long arguements with him, and he called me in to help him out.

Also, him "blaming" his Safari isn't "blaming" at all. I've done this stuff before on Safari, and sure it messed up.

If you give him things to know, then make it nicer and not meaner. If you're mean to someone, then said someone will have to be mean to you.

And enough with the offensive phrases(mainly TheLastHuman, Captain Mainwaring, and AceFrehley103), it's just a story. Fighting about a story's plot, characters, etc. isn't gonna help.

Thank god, the guerilla war is over(hopefully permanently.)!

In other words, well done story. But, try to use other icons than dash ones so people can see them.
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