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C chapter 21 . 3/20/2015
I'm loving this fanfic! It seems it's been a while since you've last updated the story, so I would assume you've lost interest, but if you do happen to pick it back up, I just want to leave this here.

If you do decide to continue the story, please don't let Abby discover the truth. xD

I really ship Abby x Henry (I don't care how illogical it is) and this scenario would really be the only way it would work. If Abby discovers the truth, as we saw in the actual show, she would never be able to move past it. If along your storyline, Abby never finds out, then she could fall in love with Henry. Of course, that would mean Henry got away with everything...but reading this fanfic just makes me like him more, so I don't mind too much. I promise I'm not crazy, haha.

Onto the story you have fabulously written thus far: amazing. It's really amazing how you got into Henry's head, it all flows perfectly. As another person commented, though, there should be enough of Wakefield's remains that they could do a DNA test on Abby to find out the truth. If Abby really wants proof that she's not Wakefield's daughter, that would be the legitimate way of doing so. Not trying to find Wakefield's real child.

Speaking of which, the whole obsession Abby has with finding Wakefield's real child really makes me mad. I feel Henry's frustration, although not for all of the same reasons. We know that Henry is Wakefield's real child, but Abby doesn't know that and what if Henry wasn't Wakefield's child? As far as Abby knows, it's just some guy out there and she even said that she suspects he may not know about his parentage. So here's this guy, likely happily living with his adoptive family possibly not even knowing he's adopted. Then he gets a call that reveals he's not only adopted, but that he has a half-sister that wants to meet him. His world would either crumble as he realizes he's been lied to his whole life or maybe he'd take it alright if he's always suspected he was adopted. He agrees to meet her and then what? "Hey my name is Abby, we shared the same mother and your father was a psycho serial killer that killed like 50 people including our mother"? To me, Abby is being incredibly selfish by searching for her half-brother. And for what? So that a) she can have a brother, and b) she can have someone to point her finger at when people refer to Wakefield's child, so they stop looking at her. She would ruin a potentially innocent person's life for her own selfish reasons. And no doubt she'd expect him to bond with her as siblings. He'd be horrified and want nothing to do with her, and I couldn't blame him! I would hope that Henry would point this out and she'd finally realize that given the circumstances, she can never know her half-brother. Not without possibly ruining his life.

This is where the DNA test thing would be perfect. She could prove she's not Wakefield's child without revealing who the real child is. Most people already suspect that Wakefield could have been delusional, insisting that Sarah had his child because of his crazy obsession. If they found out Abby wasn't his child, they'd likely just assume he was truly delusional. And Abby would be better just letting them believe that.

As for the "How do we know it wasn't Ben?" twist, that's brilliant. I'd imagine that Henry will want to jump on that option and will kick himself for not having thought of it earlier. They'd have to be careful about it, though, because Shea hopes he might be her only (closest) living relative. If she found out they were possibly accusing him of being Wakefield's accomplice, she would likely raise Hell. Although it'd be a bit of Karma for what they made Abby go through. It probably won't work, though, because with their luck, it would end up that Shea was at the birth or something. I know that something probably won't add up, though. UNLESS, they just suggest that Ben was psycho and when Wakefield saw him (in his delusion that he had a child), insisted that it must be Ben because they were alike. Then when/if they do find Ben's body, they can assume that Ben tried to break the father/son fantasy Wakefield built up and then Wakefield turned on him or something.

I just want it to work out so Abby falls for Henry and they have their "happily ever after". lol. Love the fanfic, even if you don't continue it.

(Sorry for the long review! D:)
Cake Eyes chapter 21 . 5/24/2014
Are you still here? If you are, I was wondering if you could continue writing this at some point? This story is so good and you write so well that it would be a shame if it never got finished.
StrawberryObsession chapter 21 . 4/6/2013
Alright, so seeing as it has been nearly a year since you last posted a chapter on this story, would you be so kind to commemorate this brilliantly-written piece with a new chapter? I mean, you ended the most chapter with such a shocking statement, surely you aren't planning on leaving your readers hanging on the edge, right?
Paulina1995 chapter 21 . 7/21/2012
Any chances of an update? I'd love to see how the Ben thing worked out for Henry.
Rainstorm55 chapter 21 . 4/28/2012
"This wasn't Harper's Island and he couldn't solve her problems with violence."

Oh Abby, "sweetie" :-). if only you knew.

Well look at Mina, all in a snit, like Joan from "Mad Men" would say! It's a good thjing Henry didn't overhear that conversation or her lifespan might magically shorten. Mina doesn't know how lucky she is!

Very cool twist re. Abby's hypothesis that Ben was helping Wakefield. Afer all, how could she possibly know different? Besides, it's to bad the show didn't make much mention of Ben after the little scamp Madison ripped the name tag off his gift/swag bag at the Candlewick.

I also love the way you;ve weaved Abby's backstory into her giving madison advice about being sent away. I can actually see the whole scene happening that way.

Aww, now I have to wait for another installment! Pout/hint! Ha - I adore this tale and am always delighted when you update.
Sepsis chapter 21 . 4/27/2012
"Finding tampons in the bathroom after a rummage through the cupboards had made her breathe a sigh of relief and belatedly remember to thank Henry for thinking of her when he last went shopping"

Haha, Henry probably thought of everything, because it is Abby.. But oh, okay, it makes sense that he forgot that and she used Trishs. XD I can understand that Abby doesnt want to use her stuff, though. :(

I really loved what she told Madison here! It was very private but she was in the same situation as Madison, who could understand her better? She really said the right thing to her, that was wonderful! :)
Rainstorm55 chapter 20 . 4/14/2012
I am supremely impressed with your attention to detail. Henry certainly needs to have all his bases covered, and your staggering knowledge of the story really makes his deviousness crystal-clear. It's very Christie-like!

I greedily savour all your updates and deeply hope for more soon. :)
Sepsis chapter 20 . 4/10/2012
"The place looked more comfortable immediately with Abby in it, colours enriching around her body."

As creepy as he can be, he can be so adorable sometimes, too! :)

And hes lucky that the others want to forget about Wakefield, too. ;)
Amber chapter 19 . 2/29/2012
Oh wow this story is really detailed and everybody is in-character. I especially like the chapters focused on Henry because there is just something very subtle and wrong underneath the surface there that I think you captured well.

I'm a big fan of your Captivity series and they led me to this. Too bad you probably won't write more for this fandom.
sajo127 chapter 19 . 1/17/2012
oooooh i hope abby finds out! enjoying this very much; please keep writing :)
Sepsis chapter 19 . 12/25/2011
Yay, another chapter. :)

I liked how Henry behaved here in this chapter.. How he acted after Abby asked him if the killing felt good. Well, maybe it wasnt really acted because he didnt really want to kill his father but then withall the tears and everything? That sounded very realistic! (Just as realistic as that it needs some time to find Abbys brother and what the woman said to Abby.)

He enjoys all the time he can spend with Abby and shes thinking about her annoying him, haha.. ;)

And then she is aksing him about what he would do if it was his sister, haha..

I hope you had a nice christmas, too, thanks.. ;)
Rainstorm55 chapter 19 . 12/23/2011
"Here's the secret everyone died for. My parents, my friends, everyone Henry loved."

No, Abby - not everyone. Smirk.

I wonder if Henry went down to the main admin wing while Abby was with Petra to do some meddling, or if he's going to do some record-wrangling over the Internet. Can't wait to find out.

Henry doesn't appear to be mad with Mina; maybe she'll live to see another expose. :)

"No, Abby, it doesn't feel good killing anyone in any way."

Oh, Henry, I know you found it hard to kill Trish, but I think you fib.

This was an unexpected Christmas treat and I can't wait to read more soon.
vampiress0012 chapter 19 . 12/23/2011
I was lookin' through my fav stories when I saw yours. I decided to take a gander at the update date and was SO shocked when I saw that is was today. I swear I sat there for ten minutes rechecking the date. Thank you for updating and I can't wait for another chapter.
Rebeckah chapter 18 . 10/3/2011
Love it! Please, continue. I hope page 18 isn't the ending of your story. Because that would really suck, you just leaving us hanging like that.
Anonymous chapter 16 . 7/22/2011
Why the he'll haven't the police or Abby herself gone for a DNA test or something? It's the most plausible reaction to all this. Throw science in thier faces- "tolja I wasn't Wakefield's daughter!"

Wonderful story, otherwise. Keep writing~
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