Reviews for Yoke of Weakness
SmallInsect chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
I loved this when I first read it on devi. I still love it now. A haunting lttle glimpse into an alternate possibility for Li (and frankly, we needed to start being more creative about such things.)

I never noticed the possible correlation between Li's powers and those of a Knight, but it's easy to see the possible links. The nature of her abilities DO suggest something more than one particular kind of genepool (not that interspecies works that way but whether this IS itnerspecies is a different matter entirely.)

""We know you a halfbreed," the Regent said; "born of a male of your kind corrupting our women, as you do; it is rarely the other way, through the abhorrent practices of your females. Most of you are born sickly, a punishment for consorting with inferiors.""

Is it okay for me to feel freaked out and semi disgusted? This story makes me rather not like the Knights very much. Which should probably concern me because hello? heroes side of the fight here? Nothing is ever uncomplicated, though, and this is a fully believable take based on everything we've seen so far.