Reviews for Watching
Neko-chan -Silvered Tongue chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
This was adorably, sweetly, fluffily adorable. ;_; *hearts*
Broken.Bells chapter 1 . 8/24/2010
Oooooh nice. This was wonderful.
CupcakeGoodness101 chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
This is such a perfect of Katara and Aang. _
KageOkami-Kogo chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Lol that was awesome :D great job!
moi chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
Ahhh! So super cute. i loved it.
lover-of-stories97 chapter 1 . 6/30/2010
i really liked this one-shot its just wat i would imagine would happend after a year and i know this is a one shot but i would really really like if u made a chapter story or continued this one.i think u have talent and i think u can and should write more
Pinkgurl14 chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
Amazing. Very well written. _
Ayala Atreides chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
Aww, very sweet!
Rast chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
I really like this. It's short and sweet, they're in character the whole time, and I like the emotional current running through it. You did a good job of stretching out a little tension, and the interaction between them was very satisfying.
Ultimate Ending chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
Aww, this was so cute :) 'nuf said, but anyway good job. I just love fluff. Always brings a smile to my face :D
CalleighB chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
I enjoyed the story and the way you wrote it. Very nicely done!
Messa chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
soo cute, your a great writer :)
me chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
Cute! It's awesome!
milktart lover chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
Such a lovely story. i can see them doing that! i love Aang's reason for watching katara, all teenage boys mind work like that! its realy awsome! good job!