Reviews for Fools Rush In
Tiquismiquis chapter 1 . 2/10/2014
Okay so this piece though. I was going to write the exact same fic. I have parts of it written (but now I'll never finish it because you did it better). Especially Eliwood letting Ninian go because he already proposed to Fiora, which he only did because he was so miserable and couldn't stand the thought of his life alone after that.

I absolutely love how you portray Fiora throughout this. She really doesn't strike me as the "free" type (especially compared to Lyn or Florina), but here I read it more like she's a very free person but always had to buckle down because her life was so hard. It's ironic that marrying Eliwood and becoming a lady, who could have everything she ever wanted, only shifts the balance too hard in the other direction and makes things worse for her. She was relatable, too, which I never really find in her (she's always too cold).

Things that were perfect: Fiora "priding herself" on being in the "middle ground", the stable dudes not caring for her pegasus properly, "a grown man crying," Lyn in general. And then all the little details, like Eliwood having freckles and the material of the doorpost and the women counting the pieces of cake.

I think I have two critiques, but honestly this was so well-written (as an old piece too AHHHHH HOW) that it's pretty much just my two cents and not real critique. The first is that I think Eliwood chooses an odd topic to be harsh about, at the end. I don't disagree with the harshness itself; stress does terrible things to people and he's the sort of character who would take on more stress just to make things easier for others. But Fiora and Lyn were both clearly in a conflict of social class, and that's something Eliwood feels very strongly about, so I couldn't believe him siding against her. I think the same situation (her not being friendly enough) would have produced the same result from him, and Lyn shouldn't have been a part of it. Almost like she totally faded from existence once she abdicated. The other thing is the deal with Lyn's hunger. You ended a scene on that note, and it felt very powerful for some reason, but it is never brought back and I'm left very unsure of what I was supposed to draw from that. (Hunger for...freedom? That's so obvious in Lyn that we don't need a metaphor about cake.) Also the KentxLyn fan in me is dying to know if he knocked her up and they had to run away because of that. Now there's an idea. (An implausible one but WHATEVER.) BUT honestly at this point I'd believe that 1) you made Eliwood that cold on purpose to show how he's hardened as a person from his idealistic lil' war self and 2) I'm too dumb to understand the hunger thing.

Anyway. Despite this being a shameless rip-off of my idea (I AM KIDDING), and despite not liking this pairing at all, I REALLY enjoyed this. I can see why it got put on your list.
Elficiel chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
I love this story! You've pointed within it out some points I've never thought about before, it described very realistically Fiora's trials to get Eliwood, and then to cope with a noble's life; if Fiora would have to be with him, I can't imagine another situation but this one you've presented to us.

Looks like the usual 'And they lived happily ever after' doesn't really works here... And that's what makes this story even more fascinating!
SpeedDemon315 chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
Again, another fine piece of writing. I like the complexity you have in Fiora and Eliwood's relationship. I get the notion that Fiora feels like she's breathing underwater and the life she now has to live is slowly suffocating her, killing her on the inside. It's shame Eliwood has yet to notice her inner turmoil or suffering Fiora is going through (even though she doesn't want to worry him about it). As you show, they rushed into this relationship/marriage and now, they're almost strangers to each other.

wolfraven80 chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
I have to admit that I don't remember much at all about Fiora except that she's Florina's sister but I did really enjoy your portrayal of her. I was a little confused by the time-jumping especially regarding Ninian - I was sort of thinking 'Wait did she already go through the gate? No wait she'd dead? Did she stay dead? Huh? Oh wait no...' but again that may be to my less accurate memory of the game.

This one part about Eliwood bothered me though:

"She did not know what to say. What could she say? 'That does not mean that I should have to listen to them talk disrespectfully about her just because they do not like her.'

'We are adults, yes?' He didn't even pause in his writing. 'Let us make an effort to act as such.'

He's a bit of an ass there, isn't he? That seems so unlike what I remember of him. He seemed so tender-hearted the way I recall him. The idea of him taking sides with a bunch of gossping ninnies is hard for me to imagine.

Really, though, I quite liked the piece. I thought your depiction of Fiora was superb. You depict her dilemma so well! The bits with her elderly pegasus were especially poignant and I loved how she stood up for Lyn. And Lyn... what a dear, even with such a short scene. And I'm just going to assume she ran off with Kent so they can have a little family together in peace. ;D

You do really great characters pieces. You really do!
EthelBertie chapter 1 . 7/4/2010
What I like most about this story is how realistic it is.

Your portrayal of Fiora is, as always, wonderful. I like how, despite how uptight she is, she loves her freedom and being free. I suppose the fact that she rides a flying horse all over the world as a mercenary is a testament to how much she loves the freedom. I liked the way the scenes with her pegasus and her castle life really hit it home and leaves no doubt in the matter that she was truly uncomfortable there, nevermind how much she cares for Eliwood.

The relationship between Fiora and Lyndis was a delight to read. Lyn stuffing her face was a delight to read.

Eliwood felt very human to me. From his innocent kindness to Fiora to his grief about Ninian to his rash proposal to Fiora. And it was very human of Fiora to accept. I couldn't really imagine him ending up with anyone but Ninian, but if he were to, I have a feeling it would really go like this.

I also really like the transitions between the past (courtship...kinda) and the future (result). Although, funny thing is that although it's listed as a romance, it doesn't really feel romantic in any way, just kinda sad.

This was a great job with an underused pairing. I'm looking forward to what else you're gonna write.
Caellach Tiger Eye chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
You do have a point, I suppose. While I personally ship Eliwood/Fiora (yes, I'm a freak, so shoot me for it), I'm unsure whetherpoor Fiora would be comfortable in upper-class society, While she has a strong sense of duty, she's also a knight, not a lady - I can't imagine her being happy with the rules and restrictions placed on her gender. And a good way to measure her up against Ninian - she would be second-best always (assuming a romantic bond forms between Eliwood and Ninian at all). Dawww, I feel so sorry for her insecurities and tenseness.

It was interesting, to say the least, that she and Lyn were contrasted so well. The characters hardly interacted but, seeing as Florina's Lyn's friend, Fiora and Lyn would be well-acquainted (at least during the war effort), and have a few striking similarities. I think Lyn's decision to leave represents what Fiora wants, but that her sense of duty and honour prevents her from doing so - meaning she's stuck in a loving, but at times uneasy, union. With all those nobles whispering behind her back ... while Lycia DOES seem more egalitarian than, say, Etruria (seen to be rather corrupt in FE6), it still has a long ways to go. People can rise in the social hierarchy, but that doesn't mean they'll earn the respect of the peerage. Fiora and Lyn would get it bad in different ways - Lyn is a noblewoman by birth, but she is half-Sacaen, and her habits aren't traditional; Fiora would have better habits, but her birth is eve lower, being a mercenary from the frozen land of Ilia. Damn, does life suck - you can kill an insane necromancer trying to destroy the world for pointless power, but at home you'll always be subject to staring, and pointing, and people judging you thanks to their petty prejudices.

And of course, the title - works really well. Fiora wondering whether she was too eager to marry Eliwood and what it has cost her. I do wonder, though, whether it's really that, or just the fact that she DOES think things through too much, that makes her unhappy. Being a deeply-thinking person myself, I find it hard to attain true contentment in life, which I guess is why I can relate. There are just too many ups AND downs to her decision, aren't there? She'll be happy one day about marrying Eliwood, but the next, will bemoan the lack of freedom marriage to a Marquess gives her. She'll curse that pregnancy restricts her, but will love having a child. ... She just can't win.

Lovely, thoughtful piece that I enjoyed reading despite its moodiness. Look forward to another interesting one.

Flying Banana Dinosaur chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
I always saw their relationship like this. I thought that, yeah, it'd work out, but neither Fiora nor Eliwood would be especially happy. But bawww. This was really sad and introspective. I really like how it played out - it was short, but it felt longer because of how you encompassed the different times of Fiora's life.
Trevor X chapter 1 . 6/29/2010
I'm a little rushed for time at the moment, so I'll have to leave a better review at another time. This is just here to let you know that I've read it (or am reading it). Okay?

I'll make sure to leave better feedback when I get the chance.

Trev X
Xirysa chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
I've just remembered how woefully behind I am on writing my entry for this. GEE THANKS.

...Oh well. It's alright-I forgive you. C:

[Beauty, perhaps. They lacked it, as she did, and maybe they thought that they could touch the beautiful blue sky if only they weren't rooted quite so firmly into place.

The tips of her fingers brushed against the oak of the doorframe above her.] Such a sad, beautiful line. Loved it.

[But tears gathered in her eyes and slowly spilled over, probably because she had never been able to stand the sight of a grown man weeping.] Again, a very nice line. I don't know why (and maybe it's just me) but lines like this are the ones that just... strike the reader straight in the heart, you know? In a good way, I mean. A perfect blend of emotions.

But if you wanted to know exactly what those emotions are, I'm afraid I couldn't tell you myself. Sorry to be made of failsauce.

...Alright, I've just reached the end of this. And honestly, I just want to ask you: how do you do it? This was quite-aww, who am I kidding? This was really, really good.

I've been reading your stuff and commenting on it for a little over two years now-maybe more. And wow. This was really great. I mean, I know you're into introspect as much as I am but this. Dude. This has really gone beyond anything of yours I've ever read.

Perhaps this is just me, but this is exactly what I pictured EliwoodFiora to be, even though I don't really ship it. The characterization of Fiora was beautiful and even though Eliwood's all "HAYGURL LET'S GET HITCHED!" and whatnot, it still worked wonderfully. If anything, it made him seem more... Human?

Anyhoo, given Ninian's impact on Eliwood, I've always thought that any other relationship he would have with any other woman would turn out somewhat like this. Just... Wow.

Keep it up, dear. This was really, really, really great. And I'm not just saying it, either. C:

kittykatloren chapter 1 . 6/28/2010
An interesting take on Eliwood and Fiora. It's quite a random pairing really, but you shape it very realistically. I love the interactions between Fiora and Lyn - I can definitely imagine Fiora feeling envious of Lyn's eventual freedom. The tone of the whole piece is very calming and introspective, and I like that - too often pairing fics are far too much about the fluff and less about the individual characters.

Anyway great piece! I'm working on finishing mine for the challenge too. Still having trouble figuring out LJ fomatting...

- Kitty