Reviews for Thinking in Little Green Boxes
Cloudfire Of SunClan chapter 48 . 11/15
I've only understood bout half of this, but I love it. *cackles evilly while considering about 15 different plot lines*
Rowknan chapter 20 . 11/11
Ohh Harry is good at stealing things. Honestly at this point he could be a A-List villian with all the lackeys he's gathered.
Rowknan chapter 5 . 11/11
Gotta be honest for the longest time I thought you were serious about Harry's mutant power being hair regeneration.
Rossaldinho7 chapter 48 . 10/18
Does this story continue anywhere? I've read it about three times now, and really enjoyed it.
Zarbapha chapter 48 . 10/2
That oblivio just doesn't work right. And I think the killing curse can't bounce, or be stopped.
oddlight chapter 7 . 9/17
I got half way through chapter 7 before i laughed so hard i started crying.
Write on, you magnificent bastard you, write on.
afi123 chapter 48 . 9/16
God i loved this fic
afi123 chapter 25 . 9/16
I LOLed so hard
afi123 chapter 5 . 9/15
Tharl chapter 46 . 9/9
That's the best thing about mad scientists. "But of course. Why wouldn't you?" is perfectly valid for -everything-.
Tharl chapter 45 . 9/9
Hahahaha! Luna as Doom's apprentice! It's perfect, perfect I tell you.
Tharl chapter 12 . 9/9
Oh, oh. I've been laughing so hard I have tears and my sides hurt. But that last narrator while questing line was just perfect and I had to leave a review. So here it is: thank you for bringing this glorious crackfic into existence. It is fantastic!
Princess Asuna chapter 48 . 9/3
this was one hell of a funny ride!
bjorn aleswiller chapter 20 . 8/12
Green217 chapter 20 . 7/30
I... I have no words for what I just read.
I just don't.
(Glory to the Revolution)
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