Reviews for Geniuses of Hard Work
Kyouzou chapter 9 . 8/13/2010
Well done, great plot, nice development, grammar's not half bad. Now your biggest mistake, Gai's name. It is not Might Guy but Maito Gai, don't believe me look it up. The dubbing on CN screws things up.
WarKnyte chapter 9 . 8/13/2010
that was a great twist to the canon story. excellent adaptation, I really enjoyed it.
Jossle chapter 9 . 8/13/2010
You my friend, are made of sheer epic win...


I mean guy going around tearing Zabuza to shreds hulk style made my day and not to mention the bout between Haku and lee was extraordinary on itself, long live nekketsus ninjas!

although i must say, i am little confuse as to why keep both Zabuza and Haku alive? what do you plan to do with them?
jing chapter 9 . 8/13/2010
ohh wow!can't wait for the next chap..
Gunbladez19 chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
same here man guy can kick ass when he wants to and man update faster plz
Benji McGorry chapter 8 . 8/12/2010
Wow, Love Your Story :D

Not to be a nitpick or anything... but there is an exploding clone jutsu called Bunshin Daibakuha that Itachi knows.

Anyways, keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to more chapters.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
Awesome chapter, the only thing I think that could have made it better is if Naruto had recovered in time to see Hinata about to die and yanked chakra from the fox to save her. Hinata demolishing Gato's goons and then killing him was pure awesome, well done. Plus, showing how awesome Haku and Lee can be made me cheer.
hinatafan711 chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
this chapter is definetly one of my favorites so far and absolutly love of zabuza and haku lived! As for what they will do? Im guessing they might come back to the village because i dont think guy would let them just go off by themselves somewhere. also hinata just killed like 50 men so her dads gonna hear about that right? which means he might teach her some new totaly kick butt hyuuga moves? maybe? If zabuza does come back to the village he should teach hinata how to use a big sword. i dont know why but i like the idea of little hinata-chan with a humongo sword...i just do! lol please update soon!
Uzumaki Ricky chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
almostinsane chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
Great chapter! I loved Naruto's team's reaction to his "death". I'm sure he'd be pleased. I'm also glad that Haku survived. Now, Hinata just needs to learn about Naruto's tenant. Thanks for writing this. God bless!
Silver Warrior chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
excellent battles. Lee really tore Haku up there. And go Hinata, she kicked ass!
TL chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
Pissed off Guy? Sure he scared a badass like Zabuza but Hinata in full out revinge mode? Now THAT is scary.

Keep up the good work. Though I do hope that Hinata doesn't do anything stuped once she finds out about the fox... or that Lee doesn't get in trubble if he tells her.
Weasel Fu chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
I really liked the changes to cannon that you made and am looking forward to seeing how those changes will effect the future plot.
Leaf Ranger chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
Oh wow... major twist. Usually, it's Hinata who get's senboned, triggering the Kyuubi chakra. Of course, without this, you do realize the seal is still intact, and there fore, Naruto can't actually use it's chakra the way he does when he get's pissed? Naruto going beserk caused the seal to weaken, which allowed the red eyes and extreme power boost.

Of course, this is easily rectified at a later point in your fanfic.

Excellent chapter. Cna't wait to see how Hinata reacts. Maybe that, in combination of Naruto's recent 'death', will cause her to finally admit her true feelings to him in person.

Plus, she still ahs to get over the fact that she killed several people.
Rhomulus chapter 9 . 8/12/2010
That was a great chapter. Teh fight scenes were long but not stretched. Action was good.
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