Reviews for Geniuses of Hard Work
Captain Rookie chapter 1 . 5/4
Really good story.
Love the character development. LeeXAyame is a refreshing pairing.
Totally awesome. Keep it up !
Nobody chapter 34 . 4/13
Simply amazing, a wonderful story.
I loved every chapter when reading this amazing story.
crossfire922 chapter 24 . 4/9
This story has been awesome so far... Except this fight just now... He gushes out an ocean of water and then stops using water techniques... Doh...
Guest chapter 34 . 3/22
Best I've read in awhile keep it up (:
hotxhotguy chapter 17 . 3/18
hotxhotguy chapter 15 . 3/18
Man, I wished Kabuto died as well.
hotxhotguy chapter 13 . 3/18
I'm kinda disappointed. I hoped that Kakashi's team was a big failure, I'm still upset at him for choosing Sasuke and ignoring his other students.
Kshail chapter 2 . 3/14
Gonna give Kakashi some benefit of the doubt here and say that he knows of his failings as a teacher and wanted Naruto to have a good teacher because of being Minato's son. On that note it'd be easier for him to relate his lessons to geniuses because Kakashi is one as well.
Random Stranger chapter 2 . 2/21
This is a fun story with a lot of good moments in it. Nothing wrong with Lee x Ayame at all. The story states she is 17. Her wiki states she is 17-18 during part 1 anyways.
crusade chapter 2 . 2/15
great story but lee x ayame... really...
worst fucking pairing,everytime there is a pairing with ayame and its someone at narutos age, its dumb, its like them daring narutos older sister, thats pretty much what she is to him, so if she should have been with anyone it shouls have been iruka or someone like him... i really hate it when people make pairings like this, ruins some of the expirience of reading the story, beside she is like 20 now...
and lee is 13...
crazy1person2you3been4warned chapter 34 . 2/10
Amazing. Utterly amazing. I'm speechless.
popp-ed corn chapter 34 . 2/6
Awesome sause you should make a sequel
popp-ed corn chapter 25 . 2/5
loll my favorite part was when haku saidI could say that I almost killed them on their first mission!" LOLL
popp-ed corn chapter 6 . 2/3
v ft of my life of
Guest chapter 9 . 1/20
Why is it 40% of story's have kyubi as an asshole (yours) another 40% as a female bitch in heat, and only 20% an actual interesting character?
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