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Guest chapter 15 . 9/30
I've read this all but just want to get some ideas out. Even though Usagi's not my favorite I feel like she should be the one who saves the day. Sorta like, she gets to transform into sailor moon eventually but it's not until the final battle that she allows herself to become princess sailor moon. When she transforms she fights with the bad guys and defeats them them but not before they realize how powerful she really is. But before she allows serenity to take control she talks to her and they decide not to use her overly destructive powers which causes the fight to go on longer(even if the bad guys can't land a hit on her). I don't know , something like that, but I still think Usagi should save the day, or world, being as this is Sailor Moon and all.
P.s. my fav is Rei
p.p.s this isa good story, just wish you'd update more often
Raina2009 chapter 25 . 2/1
Hey there! I have to re-read the entire thing to catch back up to what's happening but omg I love this story! Continue please! I know you're busy but you're one of my favorite author! I absolutely love this and wishing they would make it into a live action . Keep up the good work!
Don't know Don't care 38 chapter 25 . 8/19/2014
I recently stumbled into the world of PGSM, and after reading your story, I'm glad I did. My first thought was simply "wow". I LOVE what you've contributed to this site as a writer.

Though not grammatically perfect, what really draws me to this story is the amount of heart and dedication you've put into it. You do an excellent job of keeping the intricacies of plot interesting, whilst fleshing it out enough to give the reader a satisfying amount of details without overdoing it. Whilst I'm anxious to see the Reinako finally happen, I'm glad you kept their relationship plausible and appreciate the amount of care you've put into developing their characters together.

I can't promise I'll stick with you to the end of this story, but I sincerely hope you finish this fic, even if it takes another five years. I'm happy that you take time to prioritize plausible and effective writing instead of just pumping out chapters without much thought. This is an amazing piece, and I feel truly honoured to have been able to read the first 25 chapters of your story. Best of luck for the rest of your work!


PS: As someone who was born and raised in Canada, I hope you're enjoying your studies here! :)
Anon chapter 25 . 8/10/2014
Really like this story! Hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 25 . 8/9/2014
This is really good! Love the action going on! Please update soon!
Raina2009 chapter 25 . 7/22/2014
Fantastic chapter I am so happy since I've been following this story for like ever now. Thank you for the taking the time to write the story!
Rochelle Kuchiki chapter 25 . 7/21/2014
Wooo! I read now the new chapter!
and I'm anxious to know how the story goes.
plis continue this one! i really like it!
Atashi Desu chapter 25 . 7/17/2014
Gaaaah I can't believe it's taken me so long to review this! I am a terrible person!

Anyway... AHHH THE FEELS, THE FEELS! Seriously, I think this is my favourite chapter yet... so much good! I literally squeeled when I read the last bit in the fire room where Minako kissed Rei (I know, it wasn't the most romantic situation, or even romantic intentions, but still... IT WAS A KISS!). I am fangirling SO HARD over this one!

I also wanna slap Zoicite, just a little! I mean, as a story it does make it so much better: more depth and more interesting-ness (no, that's not a word, but I'm too tired to think of the word it should be...), but as a diehard Rei/Mina shipper: grrrrr, no, you cannot try to date Minako, Zoi! She belongs to Rei! hahaha.

Seriously, though, great job! This story is just getting better and better every chapter! Can't wait for the next one! _

Side note as to worries over slowness of romance development: I actually really like the "slow" development; it's REAL. I know full well that, as much as I may WANT it to, Rei and Minako will not happen instantaneously (especially since you're not having them fall in love because they remember Mars/Venus being in love, which btw thank you for that! I hate stories that do that!). There will be a long period of realization/adjustment for them (though mostly for Rei, I think), and they will also be distracted somewhat by Mio's new threat. That being said, I will gladly give an arm and a leg for some Reinako one-shots from you, hahaha! I'll definitely be devouring those when they pop up!
I am the Queen of Fire chapter 25 . 7/1/2014
Gah! Minako and Zoisite on a date?! No! No, no, no! You're going to the wrong way! Turn back! Turn back now, before I start to PM you with threats and curses! Ugh! (LOL)

It's taking so long for Rei and Minako to be together... Please don't let her get involved with Zoisite, because it would only delay it even more. And just what do you mean with MESSY?! I'm warning you, I can't take it anymore. You're torturing me!

Bad, bad author! You should be punished in the name of Mars!

But seriously now... Minako hasn't shown any signs of interest in Zoisite before, at least not beyond friendship. If she falls for him so easily, then I guess her feelings for Rei aren't as strong as I thought they were. Although... making Rei jealous is an interesting plot. Just don't torture her... nor me!

I was wondering if Rei remembered EVERYTHING, including their relationship in their past lives, or if her memories only revolve around the end of the Silver Millennium.

And wow... the first one-shot will be dedicated to me?! You're spoiling me! But I hope you're not trying to deviate my attention from THIS story, so you can pair Minako up with Zoisite! LOL! In any case, just so you know, I'm keeping an eye on you! :)
hotkillerz chapter 25 . 6/30/2014
*Gasp*a update! God i hope we have some reianko soon and realy zoe and mina ack...
Atashi Desu chapter 24 . 6/11/2014
I love this chapter, I seriously do! _ So much happened (much of which I've been anxiously waiting for since the beginning, haha!) and it was super fun to read. I especially loved the dream-sequences-turning-to-nightmare-sequences and the bit at the end with Shachou and what a pain he is as a patient (and, of course, the teasing of Minako from Rei and Artemis!).

Can't wait to read more! You've done such a great job, and I never fail to enjoy your work (even reading it the second time around this time, it had me hooked, haha!).
I am the Queen of Fire chapter 24 . 6/9/2014
Reinako! Yeees! I'm so looking forward to read about their relationship! Come to me, chapter 25!

Minako x Shiroi?! He seems to have a crush on her or something, but please let it be unrequited! I can't take it anymore... I *need* Reinako as soon as possible! Anxiety may kill, you know? And you wouldn't want to kill such a lovely reader, would you? *eyelashes batting*

It was nice talking to you, too! I hope we can do it more often!

By the way, great chapter! And speaking about chapters... next one will be on soon, right? :D
I am the Queen of Fire chapter 23 . 6/4/2014
What I'm going to say doesn't have to do with your story itself, but more to my personal taste: I love romance, so I was slightly disappointed to find so little of it after so many long chapters. In your defense, you did point it out that this would be full of action, and although I don't care about fighting scenes, I've decided to read it anyway. (Again, my lack of interest in the whole "fighting evil" thing doesn't have to do with your writing! Your story is actually pretty good; I'm the odd one, who actually gets bored with action. LOL)

I'm looking forward to see more Rei/Minako romance. I know it will come eventually, right? So I'm follow your story from now on. :)

Lastly, let me congratulate for your hard work. It's amazing how your writing skills have improved throughout the chapters. And I know how hard it is to write such a long story, complete in character and full of details, especially if you're not a native English speaker.

Keep up the great work and if you feel like adding a little more romance, you'll make me very very happy! :)
Gemna chapter 23 . 5/30/2014
Hooray an update! Guh, their dreams... Heart nearly broke over Rei and Mako's!
Atashi Desu chapter 23 . 5/25/2014
Eeeee a new chapter! I stared in shock at the computer screen for a moment when I got this alert, haha! I was so happy and wasn't expecting it at all!

Anyway, onto the review: Great chapter! A lot happened and I'm super excited for the continuation. I love the little glimpses into their "fantasy worlds". Makoto's made me go "aww", with her dream of her parents...

I only noticed a few little errors (saying "recover the tambourines for your girls." instead of "you girls" as it should have been, for instance), and none of them were bad enough for me to really whine about them. And you definitely do a lot better with those than I remember you doing in the first chapters! Great improvement!

As always, I loved this chapter and this story is so intriguing and great. I anxiously await your next chapter! :D
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