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Guest chapter 18 . 3/24/2015
The devil went down to Georgia!
Asya55 chapter 28 . 2/5/2011
I'm out speechless, and thats damn rare, I'm never speechless.. But that was the effect of that ep on me, I saw it once and it made me cry my heart out, since it started till it ended, and dude, it was my bday eve lol. But man, the twists and adds you made to it well, its made it Epic-Awesomeness like I always say, and I knew you'd kill Payton, you are evil Megan, you're :'( he was my fave angel, and shhh, maybe more than Cas sometimes! *Broken heart* Lets start with the review, its gonna be long I warn lol, after all it was a long chapter ;)

The Megan/Dean was terrific and the whole thing was to be honest, the idea of saying good bye was always a pain, I'm not good in those, and I can imagine how its hard to say goodbye for someone you might not see again, like Sam, they knew at the back of their minds he will not return again, either way, Lucifer takes over, or Sam do it, he will end up dead and what makes it even worse, that he is in hell :( My Sammy :'(

Back to Megan and Dean, I loved their little moment together, dude, I love them together just like my own stories :) more to Eve/Dean, my Eve not that evil one who I'm glad you killed her, but man, I knew Lucifer won't save her, he is the devil after all, bad ass, giant a-hole devil! Though, I really felt for Eve, she was in love with him, and you nailed that part, I felt sorry for them, mostly for her, he stabbed her in the back letting her die, for what, for revenge, total jerk... She is an evil bitch but I felt bad for her. I'm soft lol

Payton :( ahhhhhh, poor guy, he died, please bring him back *Puppy eyes* god I knew it, I'm so sad for him, just like I was for Sam's death, poor Pay :( *Cries*

And that part after Lucifer took over, when Megan was was crying while Dean in her arms, and talking about loss, God, that killed me, in the ep I was already sobbing and it broke my heart again, that was brilliant *Thumps up* dude you rocked it, my fave/saddest parts, that and Payton's death and suffering :'(

Dude that was really awesome and I CAN NOT wait to read the sequel, 'One Year' sounds awesome *Excited face* you're awesome and your stories are awesome, and dude, you gotta post ASAP! :D lol. Sending all my love to you and this story, my fave of all! :D

*I bet that was the longest review I've ever wrote lol ;) *
Asya55 chapter 27 . 2/3/2011
Hello! Before we start, sorry for taking so long, a whole day to read, I must have broke a record or stg lol

AND thank you SO much for the dedication dude :') You're awesome *LOVE* Getting all chick flicky here, but really thank you! :)

Its no surprise that I loved the chapter, and the few twists thats out of the actual ep. Lets start with Payton, DO NOT kill him please, I really have a thing for that guy, angel or not, I think I'm in love lol, felt so bad for him and how he was trying to pull himself together and be story - really feeling his misery now. I hope he will survive, I'm not optimistic about that though :( Poor Pay, you are so gonna kill him :( lol

Crowley, I love that guy, but I totally understand how he gets on Megan's nerves, and taking Bobby's soul, he is a total douche bag, we all know that...

Loved the Megan/Dean moments, there was not much to be said, all they know that they love each other and even if its the end of the world they will stick together and be there, they are awesome together, and since the last chapter is up, I'm worried...

I was Nooooooooo when Megan was bitten, but thank god for you being kind and that she survived *woohooo* I forgot that she was immune, but yay! 1 Megan 0 Croatoan , Team Megan! lol

Dude, loved the chapter and I'm so looking forward to read the final -first thing in the morning I promise :) and dying to know what you've planned :D and a little worried too hehe, awesome chapter, and I'm sure the final will be EPIC! ;)
sam riggs chapter 28 . 2/3/2011
omg that was great, i cried at the end ,im glad to hear that there will be another story i would hate for it to end. I loved the video sam did at the end tugged at my heart strings as it did when i watched the episode i dont think your ending could of gotten any better amazing ending truly x
loki little minx chapter 27 . 1/30/2011
Omg that chapter had me in the edge of my seat it was very well written well done yeah Megan is immuine to the virus god Crowley is such a smart ass lol please update soon and I'm still hoping you will countinue this into season 6 :)
Asya55 chapter 26 . 1/24/2011
Woohoo, got time to read, finally, everyone went to bed and the beauty of silence, better than music lol. Now with the review, being a pro and stuff hehe

That chapter kicked ass, I loved the ep and yeah, I'm so gonna watch it right after I close here, and Crowley, he is an annoying SOB, and I love him, really! Megan and Sam talk, it was sweet, and emotional, adding her in that scene was great, being there and talking to Sam, and telling him that she will help him, though he is stupid, it was like she is his older sister, which she is now, so diff than when they first met, now they are way closer and he talked to her even before Dean, yeah she over heard and all, but he talked to her, and she was there for him, I really loved that scene, and the whole 'dont give me the puppy eyes' 'its the only ones I've' it cracked me. And the hell hounds, oh god! Nice touch Megan can see them, freaky, poor girl having such an image in her mind for a stinky hell hound, but still its kinda cool. I thought for a split second she will lash out and be a wolf, but whew, she didnt..

Loved the chapter dude, as always, and you're so not pushing about the reviews, your story rocks and you deserve your credit, and its way better than lots and lots of crappy bad no plot stories, which are much and they only keep writing/reviewing for the smut, w/e, not our deal, but you totally deserve your reviews, and sure you'll get them and go on with the story, coz its rocks, and I'd not survive without them lol ;)
BlueEyedPisces chapter 26 . 1/24/2011
Lovers In League Against Satan, Haha I Love Crowley.
loki little minx chapter 26 . 1/24/2011
oh hell yeah you should continue this into season six really loved the last two chapters awesome job cant believe that megan is a werewolf again eve is such a bitch hope you can update soon dying here for the next chapter:)
Asya55 chapter 25 . 1/21/2011
A warning before I start reviewing, its 6.09am and any typo, is not my personal responsibility lol, just couldnt help but to read this before I go to bed, had to, call me crazy, its cool! :D

That was a kick ass chapter, this is really going so freaking good. Let's start with Pay, my fave angel, and seriously, I've a thing for that guy lol, how he talked to Megan about getting her in the way to meet with Sam and Dean and be with them, wow, that was so clever- from you not him ;P- and how things would have been if she was alone and the guys are alone, and woah, Lucie would have won the war already coz of her/Eve, that was a good moment, to see him talking to her, but poor guy, I really feel bad for him, he is all over the place now, and its not getting better. Cas is missing too, and Gave is boph, gone, so its on Pay now, and the guys of course, till Cas shows up...

As for Dean, he pissed me and broke my heart at the same time, him and Megan are always like that, fighting and fighting and god, if they just talk, like seriously, both of them are stubborn, takes one to see one, thanks :D so, advice, talk guys, and they kinda did it, and hopefully they will stay that way. The moment when he told her she cost him a brother, I was :O no he didnt say that! Too hard for all of them, and can't blame them but I hope they will stick together, and Megan won't die, again, you like to kill her *Puppy eyes* I know your weakness lol, dont kill her peawse! ;)

You got my review Boss, I'm a sucker for this story, you know that, and I demand my S6! ;) GREAT JOBBBBBBBBB!
Asya55 chapter 24 . 1/8/2011
Okay, wow, this was rock and roll dude, this chapter was perfect, it kept me on edge, I'm in love with your story, and you know that, but seriously, I'm loving it even more, and I might cry if it came to end :(

Eve, I don't know how many times I said that, but yeah, Eve is a total bitch, I want to fry her extra crispy, dude, she is worse than Lucifer himself, GRR, and she triggered Megan's wolf side again :( BITCH!

Dean is kinda stupid, when he thought Megan and Sam would kiss, come on, they are like bro and sis, and none of them would do that, but yeah, Dean *Eye roll*

Sam, poor Sammy, he got into a heavy weight smack-down, like the WWE or stg, poor him, I wish I can help him ;) lol

Adam, poor guy, I knew when you brought him back you had stg in mind, I kept reading and saying, aha, this is gonna flip now, its never that easy... And I was right, as usual lol, jk.

I'm SO looking forward to see how you gonna work the final, with Megan like that, and what is going to happen with her wold side, and Dean and Sam and Payton and all! Dude, I'm on edge here.

Seriously dude, you nailed this, and here is it again, I'm in love with your story and its my n1 fave too.

P.S: If you think Sam is hot, oooh, wait till you see Season 6. God help us all! ;)
loki little minx chapter 24 . 1/8/2011
really loved the last couple of chapters hun your doing such an amazing job on it i hope you going to continue this in to season 6 wow eve was such a bitch at least micheal showed her who boss really dying here for the next chapter please please update soon cant wait for more hun :)ps thanks for the shout out hun i used to be know as sammysexslave
sam riggs chapter 24 . 1/7/2011
wow just wow that was f ing amazing
Asya55 chapter 23 . 1/4/2011
LOL, your A/N made me giggle, but oh, not sure about the loving you think :P jk ;)

About the chap itself, Son of a... that Eve is a bitch, I said it once and here, I said it again, OH MY GOD, how, not now, I don't know if Dean said yes or not yet, but hell Megan, not now, and duh, dont take a word from a bitch, esp like this Eve sneak, I don't hate you, I understand now what you mean in the "is that a twist enough for you" :( lol

I won't say what I've in mind, know why, COZ I DONT HAVE ANYTHING IN MIND! Lol, dude, better not keeping me like that for long.

And yeah, of course I loved the chapter ;D
Asya55 chapter 22 . 1/3/2011
First of, Eve is a total bitch, god, made me wanna slap her HARD, she is just UGH, I hate her, she is worse than Lucifer himself.

I felt SO bad for Megan, it broke my heart, how she feels and what happened with her and Dean, I understand but she was just being herself, and ran, again, its just her.

I hope they will stick together, looks like you're planning something dude *Glares* can't wait to know what will happen.

P.S: you should hate Lisa :'( lol
Sammysexslave chapter 21 . 12/8/2010
Really loved them last few chapters your doing such an amazing job on this story can't believe she lost the baby it was so sad please update real soon dyin to see what you have planned this is such an amazing story:)
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