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Guest chapter 65 . 7/24
Ahh Jack is a great dad
Guest chapter 49 . 7/23
"Are you screwing Jack yet ?" Haha best line ever
Guest chapter 48 . 7/23
Cutest chapter ever.I loved how Juliet worried about Jack
Guest chapter 24 . 7/23
Juliet really annoyed me in this 's saying our son and she's saying no my did nothing but support her,he just wants to be part of the baby's life and Juliet wants to raise him 's not us the father father of the baby of course he deserves to know some ON JULIET
lostoceanic chapter 19 . 7/23
Juliet should tell Jack about the deserves to know.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/22
This chapter is full of season 5 Jack/Juliet scenes.I ship Jate but Juliet is cool too and this story is so good
Guest chapter 2 . 7/22
I love the scene "no my dad taught how to drink " and "I don't think you're stupid Jack ,I think you're stubborn" .I don't ship Jack and Juliet but I love the chemistry between them.
lorenamag chapter 85 . 6/9
So, my dear author! I always come back here to see if there was any update and nothing...
Please, please come back!
Yours are my all time favorites James/Juliet fanfics.
I need an ending to this wonderful fiction, so come back ok!
Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done here :)

I already reviewed on chapter 87 so I had to put it here.
emi chapter 87 . 2/22
Being new to the Lost fandom, I really enjoyed reading this!
I totally loved Jate from the Pilot, but I even enjoyed Jacket interactions a lot. I didn't think Jack and Juliet could have really worked together because there weren't mutual feelings, just like between Kate and Sawyer. They had the chemistry, the connection, the similarities etc but the thing they're missing was the spark, the love. They couldn't love each other in the right way, I think you potrayed their relationship so well.

If in the show the characters only had talked to each other, they would have saved themselves a mess of pain. Jack used Juliet in the same way Kate used Sawyer. That's why Jack & Kate were always seen as the bad guys, and Juliet & Sawyer being the sloppy seconds were seen as the poor little ones who had to be protected. But I think Jate was a very deeper romance. I ever could sense real tension and real feelings between Jack & Kate, their relationship so emotionally charged was ever felt more real than the other ones.
About Suliet, it's too bad that we didn't see enough, we just saw their sad goodbye but not the build-up and I honestly didn't like the way Sawyer treated Juliet that day.
At the end the ones who had to take matters in our own hands were Jack and Juliet willing to risk everything for love (you can say that I'm still in shock about the Incident). In such complicated shows some inconsistencies in characters writing are still common, but sometimes I couldn't understand their motivations.

I think your writing is incredibly good and flawless, you did a great work! Our beloved doctors did their journey together and I really enjoyed it. I felt for all the characters and I'm looking forward to see where this takes us, hoping that they will find the ones who they've been looking for since forever, the ones who can complete them.
I guess that what's going to happen will be very touching, I'm a sucker for Jack/Christian relationship and I can't wait to see Jack & Kate reunited again.
Thanks for writing! Kudos
cmeo chapter 87 . 2/17
Oh goodness where do I begin?! So it has taken me a long two weeks to get this bad boy read. I'm very new to the fandom, but absolutely in love with Jacket so I thought I'd give this a shot. Man oh man did I pick a doozy haha. First of all, let me say your writing is phenomenal. You have a gift. I mean a true talent. Every time one of them felt slighted by the ither, I felt it, too. I meant deep in my gut felt it. It's difficult sometimes to convey that kind of emotion as a writer so thank you for tackling that. You've made these characters more than three dimensional and I think that has been my favorite thing about this journey. When I started this, I genuinely thought it was going to end with them FINALLY being happy together despite getting divorced on the show (well in the sideways but you know what I mean). The entire time I binge watched Lost (spoiler free which is a huge task for me I must admit) I was rooting for them to stay together, and then Sawyer came along and to this day I am not a fan. Was he good for her? In my opinion, at the time yes he was, but I'll never get over her and Jack not being end-game lol. I know you're taking this story in the direction of Suliet and I'll admit I cried pretty hard when they split up, even if it was both their faults, and especially when they went in to meet with the lawyers. Whew I lost it haha, but you've done exceptionally well by this story and the fact that you've continued it so long is amazing. Most authors I know would have given up by now because the show has long since been off the air. I know she was punishing Jack by not telling him what his father said at that AA meeting, but I truly hope you stick that in somewhere (along with maybe the actual origin of the watch lol) just so he knows his father was always such an asshole. Anyway, I think this is long enough, but thank you for taking us on this adventure and I look forward to the next (and final) chapter/s!
Guest chapter 87 . 1/19
I really enjoyed reading this,thank you! I loved Jack and Juliet,they were the bravest people,the strongest characters in the show. They stared death in the face and were just afraid to die alone,but they were not alone at the end,but loved and at peace. I really cried a lot over these two.
As a woman,I'm supposed to understand Juliet more but I can't empathize with her. I'm on Jack's side here. He's always the one struggling with himself to do right,never getting anything for himself. He really deserves better... They are obviously not supposed to be together as partners,but I love their friendship,and you portrayed their relationship so well,their chemistry,their issues...brilliant work!
I can't wait for next update,hoping to see Kate and Claire soon!
lostie chapter 87 . 11/30/2016
Excellent work, well-structured and consistent with the sideways.
Rachel is a character very well-written.
Young Juliet is weird but brilliant.
Jack is a very complex guy, it's hard to capture his intensity and his vulnerability.
Their relationship was a real roller coaster, even painful at the end. Finally they are "happily" divorced and peaceful.
Without the Island, without their former experiences, they were different people but were the same anyway. Beautiful and imperfect people not supposed to be together.
In Lost they had a great connection,and mutual respect and trust. They had feelings for each other, but Jack was obviously in love with Kate. So good thing they never consummated their attraction. Jack would have regretted it, just like Kate had regretted the cage-sex. The skate fiasco was enough.
The sideways gave closure to their connection very nicely.

We know that no one had the happy ending in the real life, but all of them had the happy ending in the afterlife.
I hope that in this AU they'll find their happy ending. Remembering their real life and maybe having another chance.
I hope that Jack had the chance to say goodbye to his daddy. Their relationship always touches me deeply.
The Edward's "redemption" was really a nice touch.
About David, your version is incredibly good. The first story where he's coherently the Juliet's kid.
Visually he was definitely the son of Jack & Kate. Their delicate features, their colors, their mannerisms, with the Christian's eyes.
I'd ever considered him the Kate's son who Jack never met. He suddendly disappeared from the sideways just because Kate would have "moved on" pregnant, like Sun had to "move on" pregnant because Jin never met his daughter.
David and Jack have in common the fear of possibly failing and the emotional insecurity. They just need to know they love each other.
Thank you for writing!
I'm looking forward to reading more...
makealist chapter 87 . 11/28/2016
Uhm. Ignore my last.

I loved it as always. You know, I had to read a few times the Sept 10 entry. Bc it ended with no clue as to what Rachel's deal was. Like, she hadn't had a run-in with any "other timeline" people, and I couldn't figure out what her deal was. Finally I was like "Look at the date." Duh.

This would be a beautiful character portrait of Juliet even if it didn't include all the call backs to the timeline we know and love. Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 87 . 11/28/2016
I couldn't log in, pardon the 'anonymous' review. Loved it as alwa
sandyba chapter 87 . 11/28/2016
Finally caught uo ;) You're really a brilliant writer!
This story had great moments and I'm glad you're updating!
I can't wait for the remembering scenes and the emotional reunions. Especially Jack & Kate and Juliet & Rachel.
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