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Guest chapter 86 . 10/1
I really enjoyed this fic,very well-written.
I've ever found the connection between Jack and Juliet beautiful and meaningful.
They trusted each other and caring each other deeply,and I'm sure that Juliet loved Jack.
They were very alike,honest,loyal,hard-working.
But they never could "work" together,they didn't belong together,just like Sawyer and Kate who never belonged together despite the deep connection.
I love these couples and I just want to see them happy and peaceful... (Suliet and Jate,of course)
In this story you portrayed Jack and Juliet,and all the characters,so well and your style was so vivid and effortless that I really want to thank you.
Keep writing please!
Guest chapter 86 . 9/10
Jack and Juliet were the best character of the show. Honest,caring,vulnerable and strong.
Their deaths were so unfair and tragic. They had to give up on all their dreams of life and family and sad :(
I enjoyed this fic a lot,your style was great!
I hope that you're able to continue soon.
Thank you ;)
hanna chapter 86 . 9/2
This was amazingly written,you're a great writer!
I'm a Jack's fan and I really loved your story,although you write more from Juliet's did an excellent work!
Thanks for sharing this :)
please keep going on!
alphughes123 chapter 86 . 8/25
Great story! Can't wait to find out how it all ends!
Guest chapter 86 . 7/26
love it! can't wait for next chapter
alebam86 chapter 1 . 6/6
Jack is a sweetheart with his son,I love him.
A brilliant idea this use of the FlashSideways so much criticised by some fan.
All of characters had to heal the wounds of their lifes,had to accept their failures,had to test their feelings...Especially Juliet and Jack who died too much young:(
I like your style. I like the POV of Juliet,a character often neglected,and I love the POV of Jack,my favorite character.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/2
Rachel and Juliet are the sweetest sisters.
I love Jack,so stubborn,caring 's so lovely.
Jack and Juliet have a lot of things in common and a great sexual chemistry (in the show too),but she always feels herself like the Other Woman,and Jack always means to be with Kate.
Jack is hot,unselfish and smart,Sawyer is hot but he's selfish and silly sometimes. Anyway the rivalry between the two Lost's Alpha males bears the best moments in the show.
Guest chapter 56 . 5/31
Juliet was never my favorite character,but you can portray her weird personality very good.
I always loved Jack,I emphatized with him right from the start.
Jack is an amazing character,so restless,self-motivated,unselfish. I love his insecurities,his fear of failure,his distress,his complex of inferiority,his endless commitment.
I love Jack with David,he tries so hard to be a good daddy.
The connection between Jack and Juliet is so real:they don't work together as pair but their bond is sweet and precious.
Lia Lost
lorenamag chapter 86 . 5/11
I just loved re-reading this wonderufl story. It made miss even more Juliet, I just love her and the way you made her in this sideways, it was great. You are a very gifted writer and I am so, so happy that you are updating this story and intend to finish it, finally, lol.
About the last 2 chapters, I loved this new Juliet, partiing, confused (more). But I wanto to see her encounter with James, please get there and go foward ;) There are so few new sotries aboyt Juliet, and even fewer good ones.
Thank you!
makealist chapter 86 . 4/12
"Shake it Out” is on my “Running” playlist. #notfunfact

I enjoyed these chapters so much. Have you re-watched the show lately? Your ability to weave in scenes from the show, especially when they are in this new context is fabulous. I find myself playing “find the real scene” as I read along. Having not watched any in about 5 years, I am not so great at this game, and love it when the scenes sneak up on me.

“Bad” Juliet is great, mostly because she’s not that bad. Yes, she wants to be, but never lets herself cross the line. Then beats herself up for it. And, ah! The watch and Jack’s suspicion and then the “what’s his name” scene (replay of his scene with Sarah . . . that’s definitely one that snuck up on me!)

“They’ve been married eight years, one week, and two days.” Totally my head canon that Juliet counts days when she is stuck in a situation that is only-partly-against her will. Or actual canon, I guess, . . . she did that with The Others, yes?

Your Christian is great. Suitably creepy and pathetic and asshole-y. Poor Jack growing up with that man.

I miss James.
lparrilla chapter 86 . 4/11
I always squeal every time you update and then I get the lovely surprise that it's two chapters?! These chapters were hard to read but in the best way possible. Juliet Behaving Badly especially. Then again I absolutely love the line "I'm leaving you for me". Was it an intentional parallel to "You came back here for you"? Anyway, great chapters I enjoyed them thoroughly!
lorenamag chapter 6 . 4/8
I am currently rereading this fiction and I am savoring every little bit o f it. And what a great surpriise to realise that you are actually updating it after so long! Thank you very much for finally giving this wonderful story an ending. But I am stuck here on chapter 6 and it will take at least a week to get there, lol!
emerson023 chapter 86 . 4/7
I love this story. You capture the characters so well and vividly. But, man, this is painful. I love them both so much and I want to hug and tell them, that it will get better.
eyeon chapter 86 . 4/7
So many questions. What was that about Degroot poisoning her? Or Jack's dreams (of her falling into the well?) Does Christian know about the timelines like Michele did? Is that all with Goodwin? I hope so because I can't like him in any timeline. Will we ever find out if Rachel has Julian? I miss Niall, by the way. This is so very well written. More please
Guest chapter 86 . 4/7
Yipes! That whole thing with Christian was creepy but great. And I love how it's all come down. The car, Christian falling off the wagon, Juliet still trying to shelter Jack from what he doesn't need to know. All perfectly done! And two chapters in one day instead of waiting months (no guilt on you or anything!). Can't wait for another update!
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