Reviews for The King's Law
Guest chapter 1 . 4/13
I like this story but I don't agree with your perspective of C46. If you can't see the value of breaking the law to defend yourself or others, you're not good, you're obedient.
Ms Marshmallow-chan chapter 4 . 2/21
I loved the fact that you gave a closure to this story...This was a really good fic...
m chapter 4 . 8/1/2016
I have to say, although I was disappointed that the whole fic wasn't written to completion, I am extremely glad that you posted what you had in mind for what was supposed to happen. Although it may be pointless to tell you, I wish that other authors who are capable of doing such a thing, would. Regardless of that, I think that a majority of the relationship and development between Isshin and Ichigo was already written. From what I interpreted from your overview, maybe a little more interaction would have been seen at the execution stage and maybe when they got back to the human world - so, I think most of what you wanted to explore in writing was accomplished.
Krulla Chief chapter 4 . 7/11/2015
So basically, only Mayuri was at Ichigo and Isshin's execution?
Selenay Of Antioch chapter 4 . 1/6/2015
Thank you for holding out as long as you did. I totally understand what you're foonf through. This was a great story, and an interesting plot. I hope i get to see one out you're books published someday! I'll read it!
animelover1993 chapter 4 . 5/20/2014
Honestly, thank you. At least you gave us an insight on how you thought on ending it instead of abandoning it.
Though, I would think of fanfic as writing practice. Also a chance to play with already fairly fleshed out characters and a base to work off of.
You're an amazing writer and I wish you luck.
Eria chapter 4 . 5/18/2014
Good luck on your original writing endeavors! I, too, am about to start switching gears. Have a whole original world already planned but have a couple of fanfics to finish before then. Hah. Totally get the guilt thing. Finish and publish and maybe it'll get popular enough that I'll see it in my mom's indie bookstore! Can't wait. :D
jcampbellohten chapter 4 . 5/17/2014
I'm torn: I want to give a heartfelt groan that literally one of if not the best-written story I've ever read on here is being cut so short (a monster, really? It's three chapters of (to me) satisfying length, but I guess by word count, or if the remaining plot was going to take a long time...), but at the same time I don't want you to feel guilty over doing what's best for you. I'm sad to see this dead, but I can't be mad at you and no one can fault you for putting making your living/following your dream over fulfilling the leisure time reading desires of others. Also, at least you told us what happens instead of just leaving it hanging halfway through.
Direct me to your original work when it gets published, please. (Hopefully including a goofy character like Isshin—but who of course isn't Isshin, because that would be illegal—because you've done hands-down the best characterization of Isshin I've ever read, and not exploiting that talent would be a waste, in my humble opinion.) Down the road, if you no longer have to choose one over the other: you said in the beginning you were writing this to explore the little-explored relationship between Ichigo and Isshin, so I don't see why Soul Society being more firmly in favor of Ichigo than when you started should make a difference. Anyway, good luck with taking your pro writing professional!
jcampbellohten chapter 1 . 2/12/2014
You wrote goofy Isshin wonderfully. I had a blast reading him. In particular I lol'd at "My delinquent hollow son," and I lmao'd at the parts about Rukia. I also like the part about the special tone of voice, that was powerful.

Yes, you made the Central 46 Council understandable. I'm glad you're taking the position you are instead of having them just be immovable old beaurocrats, a position which is made abundantly clear in the "We're doing all we can for you Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth" passage.

I look forward to reading the rest of this!
echoing song chapter 3 . 7/21/2013
Interesting story. I like the father son interaction that you put in. Um... Are you going to continue this story?
namelis chapter 3 . 4/18/2013
the biggest problem i see with this entire story is that as i understand the workings of the bleach world all souls contain within them a hollowed soul that fact that ichigo is still ichigo shows that while the seal that keeps his soul from becoming hollowed is gone or at the vary least cracked he is still a full soul therefore the only argument needed to be made to the 46 is that they have misinterpreted the law as his soul is not hallowed it is merely cracked and executing him for his potential to become a hollow means that every soul must be executed the same including all of them but other then that i find this interesting so if you write more il read more
Shirayukiz chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
Oh my gosh, this is SUCH an awesome fanfic! I can't wait to see what happens next! I really hope you haven't discontinued this and update soon! :D
FashionablyHospitable chapter 3 . 1/21/2013

You end it HERE?
IchigoMoonCutter chapter 1 . 10/12/2012
Please continue this. This is one of the best storylines I've ever read.
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 3 . 9/25/2012
Well, you have an interesting story here. I'd love to see the end of it. :D I became interested because I'm writing a similar story in the fact that Isshin gets taken in to the Soul Society and has to be rescued. I like your take on it and would like to see more. :)
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