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DebbieCDC chapter 7 . 4/13/2011
I am SO sorry it has taken me like forever to read this chappie & comment...RL shitz gets in the way sometimes :-(

I thought it was a great chapter, transitional or not, because I think B's really starting to connect with her "new" self and connecting with E on a new level. That jealousy business shows just how much she's starting to care about him on an emotional level, and realizing that SHE can hurt HIM emotionally was a wake up call to her.

I thought the hairbrushing thing was very sweet, not what you'd expect from E, at least up to this point.

So meeting the family - and E's stress at the thought of seeing them is evident. It's going to be interesting how this plays out.

I am more intrigued than ever with thise story! Again, sorry it took me so long to do this read and comment...I hate it when RL interferes with my FF time!
lips-like-morphinee chapter 7 . 4/12/2011
Fantastic chapter

Please update soon
lips-like-morphinee chapter 5 . 4/12/2011
I fell in love with this and I'm really happy with the way it goes.

It is really different from anything than i have ever read.

And your writing skills are amazing.

Please update soon
Capricorn75 chapter 7 . 4/10/2011
Sigh...oh ffnet, why such a bitch? I've tried to review the last 2 or 3 chapters and it won't let me...but now it finally let me in to this one? Makes no sense at all.

Anyway, I am, sadly, all caught up now and will be anxiously awaiting the next chapter. I'm so glad that Ctorrado rec'd this story on ADF!

Oh, and are you on Twitter? I need to follow you if I'm not already.
Capricorn75 chapter 4 . 4/10/2011
I'm really enjoying this story. My heart was breaking for Edward this chapter. I'd love it even more if FFNET WOULD GET IT'S SHITE TOGETHER AND LET ME REVIEW EVERY CHAPTER WITHOUT GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE!

Carry on.
crazymama chapter 7 . 4/9/2011
Just read the first 7 chapters. Intriguing twist on things. I'm enjoying it. Can't help worrying what's going on in Edward's mind right now though.
Capricorn75 chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
Found this story via a rec on ADF. I can't wait to read more and see where they go from here :-)
Strawberry Bells chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
dr3 chapter 2 . 3/30/2011
This story is so unbelievably HOT. Just melts the brain. Just leaves you breathless. OMG.
csp4 chapter 7 . 3/22/2011
Very well written! I actually got to use some tissue reading this story. Glad they are communicating at least a little. I can't blame Bella for getting all angsty when she came down from her 1st bloodlust & found she had riped off someones head & sucked the blood out of the stump::)) Also glad this is fiction & not the newpaper::)) LOL
csp4 chapter 6 . 3/22/2011
It occurred to me before I got too far into this chapter that Edward is as lost & confused as Bella. I still believe it's his responsibility to take care of & teach her, but he really doesn't know how to do much more than what concerns only himself. Maybe his 'family' can help:)
csp4 chapter 5 . 3/21/2011
I've noticed that Bella's been finding out her vampire attributes all on her own. Obviously, Edward would make a nasty parent. Altho he sure sounds like a parent the way he talks to her:( What a putz!

Edward is exhausting! Even with his beauty, if he was human, it would be best to stay away from him. Very high maintenance. And my guess is...lots of baggage.
cg39 chapter 7 . 3/21/2011
This is a very, very well written story. I was addicted at chapter 1 and just had to devour it all in one sitting (which I rarely do just because of lack of time). I wanted something a little different but still with nods to canon, and this story has not disappointed. And you deserve WAYYYYYYYY more reviews. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us ;-)
csp4 chapter 2 . 3/21/2011
"yep, it was official—Bella Swan was a sex addict" LOL LOL

So much beyond belief had happen & she didn't know his name::))

Poor Bella:( Edward asks her what was wrong...Dah!
Renee Aubin chapter 7 . 3/21/2011
Great window into how they are slowly learning to communicate with each other. Interesting twist that Bella’s human expressiveness has now morphed into this static perfection, almost as if she’s been botoxed. That gives us an additional clue why she has found it so hard to read Edward.

I’m enjoying your exploration of Bella’s continued adjustment to her own strength – and temper. And how she’s learning about what it means to be a vampire, little things like not being able to cut your hair. Clever thought that you couldn’t use a brush until all the tangles are already out. Leading to that sigh-worthy grooming session where Edward de-snarls her.

‘In my defense, he had closed the door behind him…’ Cute. And ‘Mortification…smile. Fair trade.’ Loved that you fit in “Was it just there to tease me?"

Great snarky response to his demand that she tell him what she’s thinking. And then he talks to her like she’s a toddler – “you’re going to have to use your words” – no wonder she gets pissed. “Punish me? Are you serious?” Good girl! But then uh oh, he's figured out that if he provokes her enough to make her mad, she'll let slip what she's actually thinking about.

“They're my thoughts, and I'm allowed to keep them private if I want to." "No."

“What?” is right! But then she finds out he can’t tolerate any uncertainty about what she’s feeling, after the way she’s shut him out of literal life-and-death decisions before. Terrific writing, particularly his speech when he confronts her. Gut-wrenching, especially “How many times did you kiss me, touch me, give...all the while intending to…" Gulp.

I love when she thinks through how all that must have felt to him. ‘I remembered the way he looked sinking in on himself, letting me go.’ Shudder. But he so quickly goes back to his “blank cover of a closed book” face – too quickly, so that she begins to question what’s under that expression. It’s almost like she’s made the classic human mistake of comparing her own insides to other people’s outsides.

‘How many times was I going to hurt him before I finally realized that I could?’ Terrific.

‘I wasn't used to this kind of easy affection from him…’ Aww. So, Bella, notice how this happened so you can do it again!

I love how she continues arguing with him about “why should I have to ask”. But then … ‘He would get his way, because he always did.’ He is so pleased when she finally does simply ask what she wants to know, that he tells her more about himself than she ever expected. (Nice use of the “seventeen…a while” bit, by the way.)

"What I would give to be inside of your head right now. I keep thinking it will get less frustrating, but it just gets worse and worse." Poor Edward.

And then she finally admits: “I never thought I was the only one, but I wanted to be the only one who matters.” So hard for her to say.

“Ow—damn it, Isabella, just sit still and let me explain, all right?" Nice little reminder of her newborn strength.

Wow, I never noticed that parallel before about the gang rape that nearly killed Rosalie, and what Edward saved Bella from in Port Angeles. SM sure does think that men are scary.

[re Esme] ‘My breath caught at the soft expression that flickered for just a moment across Edward's face... It was beyond ridiculous to feel resentful that he had never looked at me like that.’ It seems like she’s slowly gaining more control.

Hmm, interesting puzzle. Why is Edward so conflicted about his family, and is he really still hesitant to go see them? (Also spooky to be reminded that he has red eyes. Oh, well, maybe there’s my answer.) But if he's seeking comfort from Bella, maybe he's afraid of what might happen when they meet, that his family could somehow threaten their fragile connection.

‘My beautiful boy should never, ever hurt. So I let him push me and pull me, let him have what he wanted and take what he needed, because it was the only comfort I knew how to give.’ Lovely.
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