Reviews for In Lieu of Retrospection
shelley2711 chapter 9 . 1/8/2016
What a great story from start to end, loved the case and the interrogations and character interaction, excellent!
jamming chapter 9 . 7/8/2011
Wonderful fic, really enjoyed reading it :)

You handled the case really well, I was never bored and that sometimes happens even with the show. You had the characters down perfectly, the little glimpes you gave us of Rigbsy, Cho and Van Pelt were lovely. (And I also liked the fact that you didn't make Kristina into a bad person like the better part of the fandom tends to do.)

I loved the ending. So subtle, so sweet without being corny.

"Can't you go annoy someone else?"


Just so THEM.
Syd15 chapter 9 . 3/24/2011
I read this one a couple of days back and between classes so I couldn't make notes on what I liked about each chapter so this won't be like the others reviews I've been leaving but I did wanted to say that I love it.

The case was interesting, it was so funny seeing how all suspects had an alibi, so friking funny :)

And the father being gay? I sooooo wasn't expecting that LOL

Gotta say that Kyla was a little selfish going away like that just because her father wasn't her biological father... I mean love has to count for something, right?

And obviously, there's the whole Jane/Lisbon bits, I really enjoyed them. I love that they are getting closer day by day.
lil smiles chapter 9 . 12/11/2010
Here we are, the end. Sequel, sequel, sequel! XD

It felt so eerie reading this knowing Kristina's fate since the time you finished writing this. At least he got closure in the Yana-verse.

And I'm so so happy with the Jane/Lisbon coffee shop moment. It started with them and it ended with them. Both, just a smidgen closer to each other without crossing that line yet.

Thank you again for the giftie! *happy sigh* So satisfying even the second time around!
lil smiles chapter 8 . 12/11/2010
Case closed! *applauds*

One day Jane’s elaborate plan will not work and another lawsuit will be filed but until then, bravo Jane for another woman acquiescing to his charm. I don’t blame Mariel. I would be a blubbering mess too.

The end of the chapter killed me.

Quote: [Jane laughs heartily before sidling up to her.

"I wouldn't dare dream of coming in between you and your Singapore noodles, Lisbon."

He whispers playfully in her ear before walking away. His warm breath seems to linger in the air around her, and Lisbon stands, gazing into the direction where Jane disappeared long after he's gone.]

I’m surprised Lisbon’s legs work after that! She must really love those noodles…

Noooo, only one chapter left… *pouts*
lil smiles chapter 7 . 12/11/2010
Part VII has quite possibly my favourite CBI HQ/bullpen team brainstorm scene. You write them all like the well oiled machine they are. Why aren’t you writing for them again?

Lisbon needs to stop telling Jane to behave… Resistance is futile XD

And why is it that lawyers for rich people are so skeezy… I mean super skeezy… *shudders* Love the name Coburn though. And the Jane/Lisbon tag team. Even if he tries to undermind her, Lisbon held her own.

Quote: [Go, Lisbon.]

I rest my case.

Quote: ["Well, I did a little research on you. You're from a wealthy political family back east. Finished Phillip Exeter Academy, then Harvard University and Stanford Business school; you were practically groomed for the political spotlight, Mr. Cregg. I assume your parents were both extremely conservative and politically driven, probably belonged to a country club or two. Your mother must have been opinionated and oppressive. In short, she would have never allowed you to name your daughter Kyla; lovely name that it is."]

Jane is a fricking rockstar. If Lisbon doesn’t want to have his babies, I will gladly take one for the team :P Though he didn’t get the boyfriend angle right away, at least not from the outset. Jane is human!

Quote: ["What's got you in such a chipper mood? We're back to square one, here."

"Nothing really, except that I know who killed Kyla Cregg."]

And I stand corrected.
lil smiles chapter 6 . 12/11/2010
Okay, I will be the first to complain about Part 6… Complain that it’s so short! *ahahahaha… cough cough* Wow, I’m so lame…

Quote: ["Thanks for not going over there and causing a ruckus." She says quietly after a few moments and Jane's smile falters just slightly, barely a chink in his armor but Lisbon notices.

"I'm only doing what you asked." He counters; an innocent shrug of his shoulder, a hint of an impish smile on his face.]

He thinks she’s gorgeous… He wants to kiss her… He wants to hug her… *ahem* Sorry, I might have watched Miss Congeniality one too many times. But that was honestly the first thing that came to mind when I read this XD

Agent Michael Levitt… Almost forgot about him. I miss Bosco so much. Levitt makes me miss him even more! I hate how Bosco has practically been swept under the rug so to speak in cannon. Glad you’ve rectified that situation. I’m still desperately hoping for it to happen sometime this season.

Quote: [He says before walking her out, his touch barely perceptible yet warm on the small of her back.]

Maybe it’s just me, but when a guy does this, I find it so incredibly intimate. I love the subtleties in their relationship.


Lisbon’s crack about Jane’s beloved Citroen *gigglesmort*

Now I’m craving hot buttered popcorn… Yeesh Yana. I might gain five pounds after reading this!

Quote: [Jane is a flirt.]

Understatement of the century! But we all know he only truly flirts with Lisbon and nobody else ;)

Quote: [Jane looks at her unfamiliarly for a moment, before smiling and leaning across her to open the passenger door. The movement brings him impossibly closer, and when Jane looks at her, she can see the speckles of green in his irises.]

*melts into a puddle*

Moar, moar!
lil smiles chapter 5 . 12/10/2010
wouldn’t let me review Part 4 again so I’m doing an in depth review alongside with Part 5 so expect an uber long one here!

Welcome to another episode of the Rigsby and Cho Show! Starring Wayne Rigsby and Kimball Cho *wild applause*

Loved the awkward conversation about Elise. *snorkels* Jane Austen…

Quote: ["We've got really great vending machines, and its close by. You'll be back for geometry." Rigsby adds, laughing a little nervously after realizing that his effort to lighten the mood may not be that appropriate.

The adolescent stands for a moment, before peering back at Rigsby, squinting against the sun, lip curving just a little, "Its college, dude. Geometry was like 10th grade."]

Even the second time around that part still cracks me up… Oh Rigsbear…

Quote: [Lisbon stands in resolve for a few moments, stubbornly not budging to instruct Cho as Jane suggested out of pure principle.]

It’s just so Lisbon to hold out a little before caving. And the smile from Jane made me smile.

Quote: ["Paranoid woman," He adds a bit dramatically, referring to Lisbon, but Van Pelt just shakes her head in response, sincerely hoping she won't need to call her boss with news that Jane manipulated her into another one of his crackpot plans.]

I feel bad for Van Pelt, I really do. I can see Lisbon having a perverse sense of fun, sticking Jane to her side.

I’d also be remiss to not point out how kick ass Lisbon is when she’s interviewing the Creggs part deux. And love seeing Lisbon and Cho doing when they do the best. The banter between them is wonderful. Adding more Lisbon and Cho to the long list of requests for the second half of Season 3.

Part V!

Rigsby, scone, I now pronounce you man and tasty treat. You may eat your pastry. *hee* It’s a good thing I baked some yesterday, because now I’m craving a scone.

I snorted out loud at the fact Jane used the Internet… The show makes it out as though they’re all computer illiterate except for Van Pelt. Good for him taking the initiative!

And you end it with Jane and Lisbon banter, so love.
lil smiles chapter 3 . 12/10/2010
Okay, I'm back... Will try to squeeze in two chapters before going to the first Christmas party of the season.

Quote: ["Even though you're more of a Snow White, I'm tempted to say 'good morning, Sleeping Beauty.'"]

Lisbon is Snow White. Jane is Sleeping Beauty ;) Even if Lisbon does snore *tee hee*

Quote:[However, the way Jane looks at her, so unguarded and hopeful, ensures that any agreement to his suggestion will evaporate from her mind. She knows that regardless of her personal misgivings, Jane is exposing a deeper part of himself willingly, without force.]

What a lovely revelation. I’m hoping that Jane will eventually get to this point on the show. And I love how they just jump back into their banter so effortlessly.

The questioning of the Creggs had the perfect amount of tension and balanced well with Jane’s abrasive questioning. It’s very clear how much he dislikes the privileged having lived his past life as one of them.

And when is Lisbon going to learn that Jane will never let her in on a plan until the very last second ;) Smart girl that Van Pelt, I would have hung up myself.

Chappie four...
lil smiles chapter 2 . 12/10/2010
Rigsby clearly does not get enough credit. Lovely to see our favourite arson expert flex his observational skills.

Would I be eligible to join the Velvet Kittens? Sounds like they have a lot of fun! Although my dancing skills leave a lot to be desired... XD

It's also great to see Jane and Van Pelt working clues off of one another. I find that she like Rigsby does not get enough credit.

Quote: ["Well by the looks of this place, the backstage is very small, yet Kyla had her own dressing room. That probably means she was a) sleeping with the choreographer, which I doubt because the man is so obviously homosexual, or b) she was the lead dancer, which almost always breeds animosity within a group, especially one consisting of a majority of young women."]

Yep, Jane’s good. Real good. Sounds exactly like how he would say something in canon.

The work in of the Black Ducati made me think of the one Tim Kang owns... Wish I had one... Mmm, Ducati... And Mr. Potato Head! I have one of those! It’s a hockey Mr. Potato Head, complete with jersey and hock stick!

*yawns* Unlike Jane and Lisbon I'm going to sleep. But will be back at it tomorrow to continue with fresh eyes!
lil smiles chapter 1 . 12/10/2010
Had a crappy day, so I thought I’d re-read this as a pick-me up. It’s working!

Quote: ["Why are you getting so defensive, hmm? Is it because by my admission I've narrowed down your dating pool to clairvoyants, presumed mind readers, and women who claim they channel the dead?"]

Hazah! I love it when Lisbon gets one on Jane. Makes me all giddy inside!

Quote: ["A date, dear? When was the last time you were accompanied by a person of the opposite sex to a social function, dinner, film, or mini golf?"]

Mini golf! Mini golf! Mini golf! Did the chanting make you want to write a “sequel” of sorts? Yes? :P

Quote: ["Maskowitz from the 3rd floor. The older guy from payroll, not the one who still likes Van Pelt, but the other distinguished-looking one, what's his name? I can never remember. Oh, the weekend security guard, Carl, he practically salivates in your presence. And what about the waiter from that Mexican place you like four blocks from the office, did you even realize he broke two plates Monday night, because he was too busy staring at you?"]

BWAHAHAHAHA... So many men, so little time...

Quote: ["You just dangle the promise of a fun-filled evening in front of me, but you don't deliver, do you?"]

Double hazah!

It’s strange how the second time you read something you notice completely different facets to a story. That’s what so great about your writing. You can find something new to be excited about! On ward to Chapter 2...
blondieland chapter 9 . 9/2/2010
Awww, such a sweet perfect ending 3

Sorry for the late review, I was on a trip! But I'm so glad to be back and find this, and another story of you watiting for me :D

I loved that he went to see Kristina, so he could have a better understanding of everything. And how you managed the subtle but important change in their relationship, flawless :)

Can't wait to see the sequel! (THIS HAVE TO HAVE A SEQUEL,OKAY? :D)

Polly83 chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
Very interesting start. Gotta go
Streak of the Sun chapter 9 . 8/30/2010
Sorry I'm late reviewing! I was up at my cottage and there's no WiFi there. Amazing job on this! Sad it's over. :(
Muzzy-Olorea chapter 9 . 8/26/2010
I loved how the case played out. It's always the one you don't suspect! ;)

Wow, you made me like Kristina Frye for the first time ever! I can imagine Jane going to her in a situation like this and their non-conversation taking place like that.

Oh this line:

"That's probably why he hadn't seen this coming. He couldn't possibly have predicted that while he'd been so focused on executing his plans of vengeance against Red John, someone could slip so deeply past his defenses that he would be rendered powerless in the aftermath."

Love it! Sums up Jane/Lisbon perfectly and that's exactly how I think Jane would consider it as well. Great ending. This fic showed progression of their relationship without having them rushing into anything! This is why you're my favourite writer!
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