Reviews for Can I Ask You Something?
Cath Cuddy chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
It's direct! I like it. You should write more ;)
kro93 chapter 1 . 10/13/2010
please continue..i really like it
beingKitKat chapter 1 . 7/10/2010
Cal is surely dense. ROFL
UseYourWords chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Not crap at all. Very cute!

hotforteacher chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
I liked it! I wonder myself if he would ever get there?
VictoryShallBeMine chapter 1 . 7/2/2010
Interesting. Haven't read anything like it. Keep writing.
RedHotLover chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
Ha Ha Ha. Not crap at all. Simple... just simple. I liked it.
StepFurther chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
i LIKED it! really! simply cute;)
LolaRedMuse chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
is not crap at all but it does seem a little...unfinished to me...sorry, is like... when the plot should have been getting started, it ended.

it is way 2 short even for 1 shot, but it does look like a pretty good beginning of something...a light/fun spirited, romantic fanfic...maybe?
jojo140 chapter 1 . 7/1/2010
I like it. It's not like the other stories I've read before. Very well written. Hope you write more like this.