Reviews for He would say well done to the Boy with the Bread
mrs.boy.with.the.bread chapter 1 . 7/19/2010
really interesting idea and stuff

i think it is nice how peeta dies happy and is not taken by the capitol BUT i dont like how he died happy about a im torn

obviously im team peeta (if you didnt get it by my name) so i wanted him to survive...but im kinda team peeta as apposed to team gale but im not team peeta before katniss

the whole time reading HG i wanted katniss (and rue) to win and i would have wanted an ending like this if only one could live...

i think that this is maybe a bit out of character for katniss (she wouldnt want to have peeta give his life for her because then she would own him...and how do you pay back a dead person?)

but well written and heaps entertaining