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Allumk45 chapter 14 . 8/9
Well now I have finished this fanfic. Gotta say I really like your writing style. And I liked the character development. I haven't read the original story, but anyway I really enjoyed this one. And yeah I noticed you wanted to focus on the two main characters and in my opinion that was really good. And I love the fact that this happened in "real world". I hope that if you ever want to continue this series then you will do so. And yeah I will check out your other stories. I wish you the best of luck with anything you are currently doing.

With kind regards, Allumk45.

(PS thank lopyne for getting me into fanficiction with his story. I have been missing out on so much.)
N1nt3nd0 chapter 1 . 8/8
Holy crap! I've only read the first few lines of this story and I instantly became hooked! And Lucario is in my top 5 favourite Pokemon, so it was like a dream come true. A really descriptive story, and I'll have to keep reading more of it!
Guest chapter 7 . 8/1
Recurring side characters is not a bad thing, if they keep tiny roles. Makes the world feel alive.
xxXLucario420Xxx chapter 14 . 6/7
please carry on making this story its
ilovepokemonse chapter 14 . 6/6
Please finish this Story thx if not well fck u.
AceTrainerAndrew chapter 14 . 6/3
I love this story can't wait till the next chapter
Guest chapter 14 . 5/24
ChrisCLX chapter 1 . 4/10
I remember reading this story way back when in 2010 when it was the original copy. Seems like you have come a long way in your writing skills, as well as adding in much more detail of the overall game and dialogue. This is just for the first chapter, but I can imagine the rest will be a great read. I'll be sure to post any reviews in the following chapters. Overall, a massive increase in detail and the general storyboard has built up more meat on its bones as far as content. Great first chapter!
Knightwalker chapter 14 . 3/30
I love this story! I only started reading this two days ago and, sadly, I'm caught up...

Please update soon! This such a great story!
donavon broome chapter 14 . 3/16
please tell me your still writing this i want to know what happens please
shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 14 . 3/18
Shiny- I am wondering something? What do you guys do when I am not here?.

Lucy- Well, mostly I train with the others.

Shiny- So that's it? You train with the others and get frisky with Trikenator?

Lucy- Yeah, mostly I... Em... How do you know that?

Shiny- I know all the couples here, the lucario with the sceptile, the aggron with the mightyena, the azumarill with the graveler, the skarmory with the torkoal.

Lucy- Ok, I get the point! But how did you find out? Don't you like, put privacy over all?

Shiny- It’s hard not to notice when you guys leave eggs on my fucking bed... Pun intended.

Lucy- Hehe... Well, what do you do when you are alone?

Shiny- Jerk off.

Lucy- You just do the same we do you asshole!

Shiny- No because it’s my bed you shithead!

(One long argument later).

Lucy- I'm telling him!

(Trikenator, the sceptile, tried to stop her).

Lucy- You gardevoir!


Shiny- Holy shit Night Cobra! You scared the shit outa me!

(The rayquaza stared at the lucario with a menacing look).

Shiny- Ok, what did say? I didn't hear shit.

Lucy- I think I'll just stay quiet... Anyway, I think we'll just go somewhere else... Bye.

Shiny- They blame me, but it was gamefreak who started all the pokemons with humans shit, pseh! As if I didn't know already about the gardevoir No I didn't, oh god why? I just thought we were close friends... I need a drink to forget this shit.

Lucy- You knew!

Shiny- Of course I did not. Do you guys think I am oblivious to any kind of seduction? Because I am.

Lucy- you know about the pillow?

Shiny- "Internal screaming"...

(Shiny called somebody on his phone).

Shiny- Irish, do you know a fast way to forget things in real life?... You wanker, that's alcoholism!... Yeah, you are right on that, it does the trick after all.

Lucy- That means no.

Shiny- I am really considering that I might just beat that homeless for some booze, or Jordan's father. No I am no buying shit! Every time I buy alcohol it vanishes before I can get some ice! Get your own!
donavon broome chapter 3 . 3/14
hey do u plan to add new chapters i want to know what happens after chapter 14 please.
shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 13 . 3/16
Shiny- HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Absolutely haram! Hahahaha! Oh god! I can't feel my sides.

Lucy- I don't get it what is this Isis thing you talk about?

Shiny- Hahaha! This is better than that tine Irish invited his Muslim classmate and he ordered a metapizza! That shit is almost all pork! He ended with just chicken and mushrooms! Hahahaha!

Irish- I ate for free, he was happy, we all won!

Lucy- In the name of Arceus, what is all of this about?

Shiny- Hehe... Remember that time you blew up 3 building blocks with one of your spheres?

Lucy- For the last time, I only wanted to destroy the one with the mafia! I didn't meant to destroy those flats!

Shiny- Well, pretty much the same, you were lucky nobody lived there yet right?

Lucy- Fuck you!

Shiny- Hahaha! This is even better than that time I asked a terrorist for his phone to make a call! I just left him there with no way to activate that bomb hahaha!

Irish- Hahaha! That was the shit! He...he... Where do you think he is now?

Shiny- I dunno, in some jail getting rapped by neonazis... Do you want to get a durum? I fancy one now.

Irish- The ones from that man from Turkey? I never get his name right.

Shiny- Hell yeah! I don't know what he does but he sure does give taste to the food. I think he was something like Qalec? He was for real when he told us to call him by his surname, Lee, his name is impossible to us.

Irish- Can we get a side of chips?

Shiny- mmmm!... My mouth dreams of those flavours already.

Irish- He is a really nice guy, he even learnt your name.

Shiny- Figures, I buy like twice a week, but he has a charismatic personality regardless of how he welcomes us.

Irish- So, are you waiting for something?

Shiny- Yeah I am asking if anyone wants something.

Irish- I bet Dante wants a turkish pizza.

Shiny- Does he ever eat something else?

Irish- I don't care, why don't we head there and wait for their answer as we get our order?

Shiny- You just want me to pay for you right?

Irish- Please?

Shiny- Even in a fucking videogame man, a. Fucking. Videogame!
shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 12 . 3/16
Shiny- Nothing... Well I don't know what I expected.

Lucy- Why are you poking your biceps?

Shiny- To see if I can touch something that isn't bone.

Lucy- It can't be that bad! Let me... Wow, you really don't have anything below that skin.

Shiny- I think I only have muscles on my legs.

Lucy- No wonder you can vanish whenever you are in trouble.

Shiny- Anyway, I think only a few pokemons can actually be ripped.

Lucy- Hey, I am stong.

Shiny- You still don't have a six pack, unlike some people here.

Lucy- Oh shut your mouth! The only squared thing on your chest is the chocolate you ate. How can you stay fit with that diet? It makes no sense! If I had your diet I would be a snorlax!

Shiny- Oh it is really simple, it’s a mistery! Just like how you were in such a low level when you evolved. You were like level 12? How can you evolve into Lucario that early?

Lucy- I guess that even if she was a bitch, My past trainer was good.

Shiny- I'd say it was the user who controlled her... Anyway, you were saying how destructive an aura sphere could be.

Lucy- Oh right! He is totally going to blow up something huge with that.

Shiny- Well, I think he only does a small one the first time.

Lucy- That still can be pretty devastating.

Shiny- Nah.

Lucy- It is I tell you!

Shiny- No it's not!

Lucy- Wanna see how I prove you wrong? "grins".

Shiny- Don't, you, dare.

Lucy- Admit I am right

Shiny- No.

Lucy- I am gonna do it!

Shiny- No.

Lucy- 1!

Shiny- I warn you!

Lucy- 2!

Shiny- Stop!

Lucy- Last chance!

Shiny- Donatelo use embers!

(The lucario blasted Shiny, then the torkoal burnt the lucario while the other pokemons watched from the distance, an absol asked a sceptile if they were at it again, the sceptile asked if he had a premonition, the absol nodded. One thing leads to to other and in no time the place was a battlefield until Edgar showed up).

Edgar- What the fuck is going on here?!

Shiny- Er... Training?

Edgar- By punching your gardevoir?

Shiny- Her name is Sensum and... Em...

Edgar- You just picked another fight with the lucario right?

Shiny- Yes.
shiny-the-golden-magikarp chapter 11 . 3/2
Shiny- I have to admit, this Chris taught his lucario pretty well, I can't even get any of mine to serve themselves anything from the fridge.

Lucy- Nobody wants to get close to something that burst flames out of the nowhere!

Shiny- It’s not only the stovetop! You guys can't even use the frying machine, or the hot dog, not even the fucking microwave!

Lucy- I don't reach most of the things in the fridge! You keep all the meat cooked or not, at the top!

Shiny-... I really forget that most of you guys are super small, just like Mojon.

Lucy- Why did you even give him that nickname?

Shiny- You see... I usually bump my foot with him because I can't see him, the thing is that I always shouted "Mierda", at some point he would come whenever I said that, so I gave him the nickname Mojon so he wouldn't show up when I cursed.

Lucy- That is why you named your pokemon with the spanish word for turd?

Shiny- Yep...don't look at me like that! I could really give you names if I wanted.

Lucy- My nickname comes from when you used to call me "Lucyfur" behind my back...

Shiny- We were enemies at that time... That still doesn't give you an excuse to panic whenever you see fire.

Lucy- Because you are a pyromaniac! I don't know how you haven't burnt the house down yet.

(What Lucy meant for pyromaniac).

(Long time ago).

Lucy- What are you doing?

Shiny- I am going to cook steaks on a stone, I think those of you who eat meat are going to love this.

Lucy- And what about the ones who don't?

Shiny- I bought salad and fruits as usual... Ohoho! Look at the embers! They are starting to lit up again! Once we get the logs to burn, we can move on to placing the stone.

Lucy- Why is the fire making small explosions?

Shiny- It isn't exploding, that is merely the combustion starting to react with the increase of oxigen.


(Tiny embers blasted from the chimney).

Lucy- "Loud yelp".

(Back to the present).

Shiny- Pffffffft! Hahahaha!

Lucy- What's so funny?

Shiny- I just started remember something. At least she isn't like Mojon, he literally eats rocks sometimes.


Lucy- I think Night Cobra just caught a bird.

Shiny- Come on! It's the same shit every day!

(Shiny walked outside and called his shiny Rayquaza, we know how confusing that sounds).

Shiny- Come here, what are you eating? NO! Don't close your mouth! I see you are still munching it! DON'T STOP BITTING AND PRETEND IT ISN'T THERE! DON'T SWALLOW IT! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!


Shiny- Fuck.

Lucy- The fun part is that all the pokemons think exactly the same when they see him eating.
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