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snd chapter 67 . 4/17
I do hope you finish the stories you've started especially those that had reached a lot of chapters.
snd chapter 67 . 4/17
Naruto will be crushed if Sakura betrays him. Sasuke will be hurt but will have blue eyes so he can now claim to be Naruto's son.
Sakura needs to move on though that will only happen after she has done damage that will make even Naruto reluctant to trust her again especially around Sasuke.
Yolo chapter 67 . 4/16
So it's been bout 3 years or so before and update. Will you be updating soon? Or are you abandoning it? Honestly this is a great story well written. I really home you update soon and it would also be cool to answer sasuke,,wish a little if the from the surgery his eyes are blue would be cool and bleed to red when his eye skill activates.
Guest chapter 67 . 4/12
Punya firasat buruk ama sakura nih..
Semoga tak terjadi apa-apa sama sasu-chan...
Guest chapter 67 . 4/12
Apa mata sasuke akan jadi biru? Eoisode lalu kan dia berubah-ubah matanya tuh, karna carkra kyubi berikan jadi bisa ajakan..
EmalynnStone chapter 67 . 4/5
Ahhhh! I love this whole story so much! It's incredibly creative and incredibly well-done! Naruto as Sasuke's father... is so... 3 And I also love how you did Sasuke's character. I love how he stayed true to himself, but is also different. I also love how he regained/realized his past... and I have to admit, I love how he's growing into Uzumaki Sasuke. And I kind of really hate Sakura right now... why can't she just... not... UGH. I know she's being true to her character too, but SERIOUSLY. DOES SHE HAVE TO MESS WITH POOR SASUKE AND NARUTO!? I really, really hope you continue! :) :D
jinsoju chapter 11 . 4/1
Nika chapter 1 . 3/28
Please update! This story touched me deeply, and tought to be live the best even when everything worse. Please don't leave this story half way and fill it. Expect a lot of people waiting for your work that will shift their hearts. Thank you!
CrystalLover15 chapter 67 . 3/17
I love ur story I love how you wrote Sasuke's & Naruto's character the only downside is Sakura I'm neutral with her but when she becomes the villain I hate her anyway this is ur story so do what u want I just hopeu update and lessen Sakura's evilness (she's really selfish in here cuz if she really loves Sasuke she'll be happy that he's been given a clean slate afterall he's supposed to be dead if it weren't for that, if her reason for being angry is because naruto hid a secret its fine but if she's angry bcuz she wants to marry Sasuke that's bad for me cuz Sasuke was evil and does not love her so she didn't really lose a chance I mean adult Sasuke's worse here than in the manga so I dont know why shes angry that naruto doesnt want to change sasuke back) thats just my opinion and not every readers so I hope ur not offended I love everyone else kenji and his mother's story really tugs at my heart too I especially like the beginning when Sasuke was just a baby but even so I want to see this treasure finished so please update!
xComet4 chapter 67 . 3/12
NO THIS CLIFFHANGER! Loving this story can't wait for the next update(after you finish school obviously).
xComet4 chapter 14 . 3/11
I laughed so hard at this, the same thing happened to my brother with his kid and this reminded me of that moment, he was so embarrassed he didn't know what to say.
emillyn.figueiredo.5 chapter 67 . 3/4
Please continue the story she is excellent
darkmoon1995 chapter 67 . 2/26
please write more I love this story
Randommm chapter 12 . 2/18
Lol Sakura became ninety? XD
Redd chapter 67 . 2/12
Upload plz I can't wait to see the end of this fic
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