Reviews for Phoenix Rising
Yeager Jack chapter 67 . 10/4
update dong... bulukan nih nungguin kakak ini update... biarin aja gak ngerti juga. yang penting update aja... aku ngerti kok fict nya... lagi #Mager buat ngetranslet coment nya... jadi ya gini aja... update dong~~ update dongg~~~ dari jaman pakoang gak update2... pengen pake banget baca lanjutannya... update soon ya Author-san semangat...
Monse.happy chapter 67 . 10/3
Es hermoso. Leí todos los capítulos de un tirón, me encanto la trama, pero entre en una gran depresión cuando vi que la última actualización es en 2014, tengo fe en que lo vas a continuar aunque sea 2017 xD (me emocione cuando Sai dijo que Sasuke y Naruto eran pareja xdxdxd instinto fujoshi) me inquieta lo que trama Sakura (siempre la cagá nunca me cayo bien, es una perra egoísta) me alegra que no dedicaras el fin en una relación de pareja, estuvo bien que la centraras en relación padre e hijo. Porfa Porfa porfiwiss please continúa la historia, necesita un digno final. Eres una gran escritora ( me leí todo en inglés, es un logro)
JShoran chapter 67 . 9/26
please update
nekolovesyou chapter 67 . 9/26
plz update i love it
agusevilla99 chapter 67 . 9/18
Will you write new chapters of this story?
Nvx chapter 1 . 9/16
Please continue the story... it is a great story..
sophiaclare.thorn chapter 67 . 9/17
I cried a lot... Why stop? You're a good writer, PLEASE FINISH THIS WHAAAAAAAWHAAAAA
nekolovesyou chapter 14 . 9/17
loveee it
natsuverx chapter 1 . 9/17
Please continue the story.. i hate sakura he will hurt the feelings of naruto and sasuke if she meddle in their father and son relationship.

If ever in the time gap will sasuke meet boruto and himawari his brother and sister?
bmidd111 chapter 67 . 9/7
Are you going to continue this story? if you do, make sure you have Sasuke awaken the Rinnegan when his eyes are recovered, I'm pretty sure that's what's happening now, but because the Chakra wasn't awakened properly, Sasuke went blind, since the energy was building up in his eyes. Since he has Indra's Chakra inside him, and now Naruto's from the adoption, he should be able to awaken the Rinnegan. And have Hagoromo visit Naruto and Sasuke to explain everything like he did in the Manga and Anime, but a little more simplistic since Sasuke is only 7 right now, since he needs to know about his new eyes and how he got them. Also, I can't help but feel like the Crystal tapped into Indra's hatred of Asura for Naruto and Sasuke's fight before. Okay, thank you.
Sailor Solaris2 chapter 22 . 8/26
I'm adopted, so I can say how it works a bit. Both myths are just that, myths. Though not related by blood, I inherited a lot from my adoptive parents. I also didn't try and run away when I found out. Plus, my parents, siblings, and I love each other very much. To us, blood does not a family make. Love makes a family. That's what we believe, anyways. Sometimes, however, people do react as the myths say. They just have a different way of seeing it, though.
hopeful chapter 67 . 8/24
This is the best story I have ever read, I'm still hoping after all these years that it's gonna be continued...please please please!
Morning Songbird chapter 1 . 8/16
doesn't Speak have blue hair Sora*, sorry
Guest chapter 33 . 8/12
As a brazilian, I can say you translated that proverb very well.
LaughingWombat chapter 67 . 7/29
I can understand where Sakura is coming from. She's doing the exact same thing Naruto did in the beginning; rejecting what happened and trying to find a cure. For Sakura she knows there is a potential cure because of Kabuto and with her expertise she thinks she can use it as a launching pad and go further. I'm not sure she can be swayed to change until she actually hurts Sasuke. I am glad Kakashi and Sasuke are getting along better. I do love this story and I reread it often. I realize you won't be coming back to it but thank you for writing what you have. I really enjoy the world you built for us.
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