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Onokiyo chapter 15 . 6/21
That fan drawing was really cute and symbolic. Uchiha and Uzumaki merged huh? Naruto and Sasuke really make a great parent and child pair.
Onokiyo chapter 12 . 6/21
Karin knows doesn't she? I bet she sensed his chakra even though it became baby-sized.
Truth seeker45 chapter 67 . 6/20
Amazing! Well done, indeed. Even though Sasuke was regressed to child and Naruto taking the role of a parent, you still manage to allow them to have their personalities. Not a dramatic change but slowly but surely, their changing. It would be annoying to read about the characters having a sudden change of personality with Mary-sue power ups. It's good their moving at their own pace. But then again, this is fanfiction...

Sakura having those emotions swirling in her head is understandable but in a certain point of view, childish. I'm not much a fan of her but even I know that emotions like hers shouldn't control her. Her mind and heart had registered the Sasuke from before. Not the child Sasuke. Of course it would be heartbreaking but it shouldn't cloud her judgment. I, too would be devastated if my loved one suddenly turned into someone I don't know. From what I have seen, Sakura is mature but an extent. She could not let go of her childhood crush. Forcing herself to think that they could change him back. The past could not be undone. She should realize the consequences if he returns to his old self. Hatred and anger would arise if that happens. She should understand others point of view...

Woah! So deep... I feel like an old man even though I'm a girl. Anyway, don't stop writing. Not forcing or anything. I understand that studying to be a doctor is exhausting. My sister is a doctor and she had to every minute to study. In the end, it was worth it. Just don't forget your readers. I know, I sound too serious and sappy. I become like that sometimes.

Yours sincerely,
Truth seeker45
Guest chapter 67 . 6/19
Oh my, I love this story so much! I don't remember if I ever left a review before...Uhm anyway I came to re-read your fic because well, I miss little Sasuke and Daddy Naruto.
You know, I understand Sakura's feeling. I would be mad at Naruto if I were in her place, because she was left out for so long. But I'm scared by how she can even consider applying dangerous jutsu on little Sasuke. She's so much on denial about Sasuke's death it isn't even funny. I mean, If Itachi hadn't put this jutsu in Naruto, Sasuke would have seriously be gone forever (Naruto would have really killed him). Even if she could bring the old Sasuke back, he would be immediately executed. So, what's the point? She needs to let go the feelings she has for Sasuke and give the kid the chance he deserves.
where-is-my-tennant chapter 67 . 6/17
Wow, it took me 4 days but I finally got to chapter 67, and it ends with a cliffie! You are a wonderful writer and I hope you continue to write this awesome story! I'll be checking back soon!
ZisinLove chapter 67 . 6/16
wow. a new chapter! i (and your Naruto) had expected that Sakura will insist her belief in this story. can't wait for the next one!
Chast4 chapter 35 . 6/6
I'm a naruhina fan and I like some naruino stories but yeah that is how hinata would react...
Laudi14 chapter 67 . 6/2
Omg that was intense but I understand Sakura in a way Naruto would of done the same if he was in her position nice chapter hope you update soon
april8824 chapter 67 . 5/30
Hey...been long time for u to update this fic... will like what next. gonna happen as they. r back in konoha
Belle chapter 67 . 5/29
I wonder what will happen next. Can't wait for the next update!
hmgnb chapter 67 . 5/28
it was awesome hope you update it soon..
honeyque228 chapter 67 . 5/26
Wow awesome chapters and Sakura is being a real pain , so hope she gets wahts coming to her.
Looking forward to the next chapter please! lol
zain chapter 65 . 5/21
Great concept u truly are good at writing and creative why don't u try to write a book about something ur interested in as for being naruto being father of sasuke is really creative but sex part that was no for me I didn't read that chapter as mentioned of sex I knew it was betwn N and S apart from that naruto needs a girl I think ur busy in life so last but least from reading ur fanfic I realized ur girl by the way can u review naruto gaiden manga
Bychancehappened chapter 67 . 5/12
I've read this whole thrice and I love each and every word of it you even made me cry! Please complete this story please please...looking forward for your update.
Guest chapter 67 . 5/9
I know it's a bit bold of me to ask this but PLEASE... do NOT do a sasuxsaku fanfic. It would RUIN one of my favorite stories in the WHOLE DAMED WORLD!PLease, please, please... You can do anything else for all I care. Naruxsaku; Kakaxsake... I mean saku... Pretty please anything but. It's so conforting to see sasuke pure again...
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