Reviews for Phoenix Rising
hmgnb chapter 67 . 5/28
it was awesome hope you update it soon..
honeyque228 chapter 67 . 5/26
Wow awesome chapters and Sakura is being a real pain , so hope she gets wahts coming to her.
Looking forward to the next chapter please! lol
zain chapter 65 . 5/21
Great concept u truly are good at writing and creative why don't u try to write a book about something ur interested in as for being naruto being father of sasuke is really creative but sex part that was no for me I didn't read that chapter as mentioned of sex I knew it was betwn N and S apart from that naruto needs a girl I think ur busy in life so last but least from reading ur fanfic I realized ur girl by the way can u review naruto gaiden manga
Bychancehappened chapter 67 . 5/12
I've read this whole thrice and I love each and every word of it you even made me cry! Please complete this story please please...looking forward for your update.
Guest chapter 67 . 5/9
I know it's a bit bold of me to ask this but PLEASE... do NOT do a sasuxsaku fanfic. It would RUIN one of my favorite stories in the WHOLE DAMED WORLD!PLease, please, please... You can do anything else for all I care. Naruxsaku; Kakaxsake... I mean saku... Pretty please anything but. It's so conforting to see sasuke pure again...
Miakotsu band of Seven chapter 67 . 5/7
its good keep going
rhaiven lavine chapter 67 . 5/7
oh no! i hope sakura won't do anything to harm sasuke and that soon, she may be able to accept the fact that the present child sasuke is different.
This chapter is definitely worth the wait!
Guest chapter 67 . 4/27
Tbh I really hope Sakura doesn't do or say anything stupid. I always hated her lol. Overall , this story amazing and it sucks that you haven't updated in so long.
Mary Silverlake chapter 1 . 4/26
good like
honeyque chapter 67 . 4/25
Whats sakura going to do next? I can't wait to find out! Love the story to pieces :)
27Tsu18Kyou chapter 67 . 4/23
Please update soon! I've been following this story for what seems like ages! It would be really nice to know what pinky does behind daddy naru's back and his reaction.
tontonte chapter 67 . 4/19
Cliffhangers?! Please update again soon! Sasuke is actually so cute as a kid!
FandomNutter chapter 30 . 4/18
Once again, I just want to point out a mistake you made with the Kanji/Hiragana-to-Romanji translations. The Kanji for "Ore" is actually "俺". The Kanji you have up at the moment is "watashi".

Hope that helped, and sorry for being such a nit-picker.
FandomNutter chapter 11 . 4/18
The Hiragana acually says "Ido Shinaide Kudasai" (literally "please don't go"). You forgot to Romanise the Kudasai.
ctdiaz chapter 67 . 4/3
I thinks Sakura make something crazy jutsu to make Sasuke remind back. She's totally insane. I hope you make more adventure story. I waits for next chapter.
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