Reviews for Phoenix Rising
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 55 . 1/11
Naruto must be dreaming about Team 7 going on missions. Especially because Kushina and Minato are alive. And Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai are very close. Kakashi isn't called a genius for no reason!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 54 . 1/11
Wow. Sasuke's kekkei is light. Pretty awesome!
Finally Kurama appears again. He hasn't been mentioned in the entire story so far, except when Sasuke was stealing Naruto's chakra. So Shikamaru gave Kakashi a clue, that's for sure. Kakashi IS going to go to Unmei.
And Sasuke had blue eyes!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 50 . 1/11
This is really heartbreaking! Sasuke finally knows the truth but...he needs to save Naruto! You can do it Sasuke!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 49 . 1/11
Oh Damn O_O
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 48 . 1/11
Sasuke DOES turn everything into a mess.
Whatever age he is.
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 47 . 1/11
Poor Riku. Shigeru needs to look at his son for once. This is like Fukaku and Sasuke. Tsk tsk.
Naruto still loves you Sasuke! This is one of my favorite chapters!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 46 . 1/11
The Kusanagi rightfully belongs to Sasuke. But now Kakashi is really suspicious :/
Great chapter!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 45 . 1/11
Riku is going to be a BIG problem. I know Riku has a bad childhood but he doesn't have to be evil! Riku reminds me of Sasuke when he was 12. God,Sasuke is jealous of himself :)
Love this story chapter 67 . 1/10
Please please please can you update fast please it's sooo good!
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 43 . 1/9
That was you in the dream Sasuke! Sanada and her Ten Braves are mentioned in the manga Gate 7 by CLAMP. They are important in Gate 7 :)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 42 . 1/9
He now knows the truth of his eyes. And he's jealous of Naruto's friends! He must love Naruto really much ;)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 40 . 1/9
I'm glad Sasuke learned more about Naruto and Shinobi :)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 39 . 1/9
Great :D
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 38 . 1/9
I started to think it was Akane in the middle of the chapter and I was right! I felt like it had to be some one that has already been introduced in the story. I started to bring down my suspicion of Kaito being the killer because he wrapped his arms around Akane. Not much proof but for me, it was. And cool;Sasuke got his Sharingan! It's time for him to train already :)
Sailor Saturn fan chapter 37 . 1/9
Poor Shinya. I suspect that Kaito is the killer but I need proof. Maybe it was somebody from the elementary school. I can't wait to find out!
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