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ivy2772 chapter 1 . 3/5/2012
CapriciousUke chapter 2 . 10/8/2011
. / . A-Amazing...
CapriciousUke chapter 1 . 10/8/2011
A Dark Secret chapter 2 . 6/3/2011
Awesomeness. I was overdue for some sweet yuri and this was the best I've seen so far. Actually, I think the only other Yuri I've seen was manga, besides shemales.
AnimeNutsy chapter 2 . 8/13/2010
I've never been as into yuri as I am into yaoi. I think guys like yuri more than girls. But, anything from YenGirl is awesome, so I give it a thumbs up! -
Pink Bead Girl chapter 2 . 7/26/2010
Taking my first step into totally unexplored territory I set out, curiously and with mild trepidation yet eagerly awaiting the journey.

"Y-you again!" Hitomi gasped, trying to sound indignant..."

Hmmm, most unconvincing Hitomi dear, we know you showered and primped and waited, little catnap not withstanding.

I love your description of Seiren,lean and trim, beautiful pale skin and predatory. I feel that touch of ice, that ethereal quality within her. I like the way Seiren reads Hitomi so accurately when the young girl makes that desultory attempt at escape and Seiren reacts so quickly "caging Hitomi in between four lean limbs". The use of the word "caging" reinforces that somehow feral aspect of this relationship.

"Seiren's slender fingers ripped almost lazily through the heaving buttoned pyjama top below her, shredding chiffon, popping buttons..."

The words "ripped" and "lazily" in one phrase is a clever touch. 'Ripped' is so violent and 'lazily' is so insouciant, they are opposites and make the rending of Hitomi's garment so much more shocking. Secondly love the chiffon pyjamas, gorgeous.

When fears that the room-mate will wake up are proven to be groundless I am relieved also. I was wondering how that was going to work and of course Seiren would have no difficulties there using her vampiric powers.

When reading of the harsh, painful "kisses" between Hitomi and Seiren I feel a bit sad for them really. Kissing is the epitome of romance and here we are thoroughly reminded that there is so no romance, no love, just sex.

"More than once Hitomi had rebelliously toyed with the idea of biting Seiren's tongue..."

"There was something about Seiren that made Hitomi incredibly wary...something dangerous that lay just under the surface of that cool calm, neutral face..."

The very idea of Hitomi biting Seiren, ye Gods! that would have unleashed the whirlwind! She doesn't know how close to the brink of disaster she came, good thing she felt that other-worldliness of her winter's chill lover.

Strange how opposites attract, even here. Lean,trim and stoic,ultra intelligent Seiren tempted by luscious D sized breasts, padded curves and a perceived immaturity of intellect. Beautifully contrasted Yen.

"Hitomi's weak protests turned to moans of delight and her traitorous hands moved to the back of Seiren's head, cradling it to her breast instead."

"...times like this Seiren was especially careful to maintain a tight control over her vampire urges..."

They both fight their own demons here. Hitomi with her underlying want and need of something she perceives to be wrong and dirty and Seiren, even in the midst of allowing herself to be a sexual being, still has to have iron control of that sexuality lest it allow her blood lust to surface. Even something as basic and simple as fulfilling the urges of the flesh is so difficult for both of them. Well presented Yen, it gives the whole thing so much depth, takes it way out of the mere superficiality of "hot".

I like how Seiren, even though annoyed by Hitomi's futile attempts at modesty, is so careful to erase the vampiric red from her eyes before looking at the girl. Such iron control. I really feel the strain of what a tight-laced existence Seiren must operate in. I do feel sorry for her in some ways.

"What are you afraid of?" she asked curiously with a frown. "I'm offering you nothing but pleasure..."

I like this show of true puzzlement by Seiren. She is only offering pleasure but again we realise that no matter how she dissembles, Hitomi feels a subtle something,a danger. Well written, subtle and with finesse.

Hitomi naked and trembling with Seiren still in her silk lingerie rubbing against her so intimately is a truly erotic picture. This dear Yen is turning out to be very, very sultry indeed.

The vivid and sensual descriptions of Seiren anointing Hitomi's reluctantly willing flesh with her exquisitely skilled lips and tongue is a beautiful blend of the shocking and the subtle. So good, so Yen. Once again that touch of feralness in Seiren's nature as she exults in the beauty of Hitomi's "essence" as she laps at her and how it is so attractive especially now in her fertile time. Nothing polite here, just honest and raw sexual gratification. Alluring in it's 'in your face' blunt beauty.

I almost feel sorry for Seiren when next she is faced with Hitomi's pseudo protests and girlish screams to the extent she has to gag her with her own sleeping garment but it is a bit shocking too, adding that subtle bondage element. Fits beautifully with that faint sense of cruelty that runs rampant through the story. I really feel sorry for Seiren when you show that she's got thirty minutes to satisfy her cravings and has to be back on duty, washed and purged of any sign of her amorous tryst. Another indicator of her repressed life.

The action ramps up with Seiren licking her own fingers, my imagination goes into overdrive here, waiting to see what will happen. So those fingers go to give pleasure by penetration which is expected and logical and then totally oh-my-god in my mind when accompanied by "a gentle squelching sound". This passion is so realistic and resonates in my mind as a truthful, real thing. No polite euphemisms, it's real,visceral, organic and messy, like real life, real sex. I love it's raw honesty, it arouses the mind and makes no apologies. Here is the interaction by two beings, both having needs and wants and are just trying to fulfill them in the best way they know how. I really like this aspect, this touch of reality.

And then,another surprise awaits me as the third finger invades Hitomi's "other entrance". It went 'there'. Mmmm, taken totally unawares here, sensory overload for a moment. I can't begin to imagine the whirlwind enveloping Hitomi, the movements of wet strong fingers, in and out, twicely for want of a better word *mind a bit boggled here, mouth is dry too* Seiren's agile tongue lapping as well and still no relief for Hitomi. Aaagh. Oh Yen, what a powerful description, so compelling and forceful leaving no inkling of doubt about what Hitomi's traitorous body is making her feel. Stunning visual of Seiren withdrawing those fingers coated in Hitomi's response and so wantonly licking her own digits clean and making sure Hitomi watched. Sharp,stimulating,superb.

Then the incredibleness of Seiren's agility as she is fully engaged with her fingers still inside Hitomi, she leans and anoints a nipple with a lick and pulls the gag away with her teeth,so exotic,so showing the lean athleticism of Seiren's body. Not to mention the further tease of that gag and the way it is removed. * Again I marvel over the loveliness of chiffon pyjamas,so soft and slinky. This time a much more arousing choice than silk.*

Then you write so masterfully the way Hitomi, exhausted from struggle and sobbing, delirious from desire and release denied is made to beg for it. So superbly showcasing Seiren's vampiric nature, cool, tightly coiled and silkily with further erotic torture orgasm is granted. Oh Yen I love the way you bring our focus onto and sharply finger and the breathless drawn out description of how it finally grants release to Hitomi from her torments.

I adore the way that orgasm is all about blood for Seiren. The way it gathers, rushes,spreads and fulfills. So exquisite. The way Seiren revels in it and also in the final slick product of it, is so animalistic, so feline.

"She could almost swear that when it came to Hitomi at least, her essence was sweeter than blood."


Then back to practicalities. Hitomi reluctantly ripped from her "sea of orgasmic pleasure" to return the favour for Seiren.

I wonder at the position Seiren chooses as she straddles Hitomi's face, forsaking the comfort of the soft bed against her back.

"Hurry up, I don't have all night."

Poor girl once again, pleasure compressed into such a small space of time.

"...and Hitomi found her nose buried in soft silvery fluff..."

Oh so good a picture. Yen you did what most lemon writers are afraid of here, you mentioned body hair and made her so much more compelling and erotic, real.

"Lick me. Quickly now..."

Always the hurry, poor girl.

Now I see why the angle, she's close to wall and Hitomi can't see her face as she finally comes close to her moment of release, eyes on the clock again! I love how Seiren finally allows herself to be who she eyes...fangs...vampire. Bliss at last, so long awaited, white knuckled on the headboard.

They part. Finishing as it started,no romance but expectation none the less. Each is lost in her own reverie. Hitomi thoughtful,strangely touched with a hint of wanting to please her chilly lover. Seiren thinking practical thoughts of cleaning up and back to duty.

"...arrangement was perfect as it point in wishing for more..."

A chink in the armour, perhaps there is more to wish for after all.

Well done Yen, it was one glorious ride through your imagination. Exciting, erotic and bittersweet. Wonderful writing,so descriptive,so moving,so entrancing,alive on the screen.

Thoroughly satisfied as ever, dear Yen, I read on.
Pink Bead Girl chapter 1 . 7/25/2010
Wow, that was a walk on the wild side, Yen my dear. I read it and I immediately read it again, the hair on the back of my neck standing on end. My first overall impression is wow. just wow. So different. So not a romance indeed. You I never thought much about what would be inside Seiren's mind other than Kaname and his welfare. Realistically though of course she would have needs like anyone else and probably no chance of a romance really because of her duties and devotion to her prince. So that logically leaves physical release but gosh Yen, I never thought of her like this. She comes across so predatory, so ice cool with a touch of cruelty. A sleek elegant cat stalking her foolish little mouse.

I can't tell you how much I liked this. It just blew me away, it was something so, so different than the usual VK universe. I am glad you selected Seiren because I can't imagine most of the other VK women in this role. So selecting Seiren you made the perfect move, as you always do dear Yen, and chose the most enigmatic one.

You piqued my interest straight away with having her actually search for someone as the Night Class enters through the Moon Dorm gates. I thought to myself she's looking for someone? Seiren? Then I am instantly wanting to know who? Why? Then

"With a lapse of her customary control,...for the briefest of seconds..."

The fact that she actually forgets her duty, even for a second, is amazing,'s...a...girl!...she's interested in. Now that is what I call a surprise! Hitomi, no less. Well.

"Still, she was blessed with one single redeeming factor."

I am still coping with the fact that this a just a physical relationship, nothing more. Having been so used to the most glorious of pinkblushed-swoon-me-off-my-feet romances from you, the knowledge that this is about feeding the demands of the flesh, never mind the soul, is delightfully, strangely toe-curlingly attractive. *she said, blushing like a paeony rose*

"She did however, give a mental the almost visible miasma of perspiration laced teenage human female hormones that clogged the thankfully cool evening air."

What a fabulous desription. Firstly miasma, what a great word, showing that all that unbridled teenage lust is hanging overhead like a fog, like something you have to wade through. Secondly, I like the way Seiren is dismissive of the nobles' reaction to it yet she herself is looking for her own little slice of it.

Grateful for the chance for my senses to cool down as Seiren reverts back to what she does best, warily watching the interaction of Kaname and the lesser beings.

"Mindless,useless creatures! Good for only the crimson liquid flowing in their veins..."

Beautiful summing up of Seiren's feelings of the whole human race. I really like this.

"Not that Seiren cared about what was between the girl's ears. She was only interested in the rest of her - to put it crudely, from the neck down."

Gosh, to quote Dorothy here: 'Oh my, we aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto...' Just in case anyone missed it you really reinforce the point here so well, satisfying the flesh, viscerally, lip-bitingly so is the reason we are here.

The inner musings that Seiren flickers through her mind as she catalogues Hitomi's attractions are so, so wonderfully, bluntly put.

When Hitomi catches sight of Seiren,

"...those intense pale violet eyes..."

"The serene lips tilted just a little in the barest of smirks..."

and blushes so strongly when she does feel that chilly, predatory eye upon her, I too feel that feral gaze that tells without a single word what is to come. I love that mixed reaction Hitomi has: goosebumps and fear while her body betrays her inner unconscious thoughts with "a most inconvenient dampness in her most intimate place". A frisson of chilly delight runs through my own veins.

I feel that sleek smug satisfaction as Seiren walks on, having wreaked havoc in Hitomi's mind. I too look with anticipation to Friday night's festivities.

Thankyou Yen, superbly done as ever.
Lenko chapter 2 . 7/14/2010
*nods* i could see Seiren as a lesbian...not my personal cup of tea, but as always, you wrote it well ;D
Paradoxismminant chapter 2 . 7/13/2010
Good job XD.

{gives a big thumbs up} ought to do this more, ahaha.
animaven chapter 2 . 7/13/2010
What can I say - this is hot. Even though there is plenty of sex, Seiren has this cold vampire aloofness, holding back what would be human emotion. And Hitomi holds in her emotions (stuffing your mouth with PJs helps) together they make beautiful music. Still, there is a chill around Seiren, she is definitely a vampire.
laskjd chapter 2 . 7/12/2010


I think I'm in need of a shower now.

I wish I could think of more to say then just 'wow', but... my mind is a little bit blank right now XD
Ms. Anonna chapter 2 . 7/12/2010
Huh, well this was really interesting and left me wanting more! Seriously I would have loved to see more about Seiren and Hitomi. But, since there's no love or anything, and no drama since she doesn't know about the vampires... well it was perfect where it ended. And really great lemon X).
Vine Sliver chapter 2 . 7/12/2010
Wow. Excuse me for a moment, I have to take a cold shower. I don't know what you were so worried about. I'm writing a story with two female characters and if I could write a lemon half as good as this one I would be pleased. I liked your characterization of Hitomi. It really was a case of the mind saying no but the body saying yes. And of course the indignation and shame only added to the whole affair. This was a really good two shot. I attentively wait for more of your stories. Except for yaoi ones. I'm sure they're well written but it just isn't my thing.

Vine Sliver
BeautifulSimplicity chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
Ah, it seems like it will be lovely~ You should continue to write it

Looking forward to the rest of the story.
Wafarasu chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
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