Reviews for Of Friends and Foes
Dotchi13 chapter 10 . 2/23/2014
I feel... sad.
For Hinata-Chan...
For everyone... Except Hiroshi and Hiashi, I hope they die...
*Sobs into Zetsu's Akatsuki cloak as his black side comforts me, white side crying with me and holding me close*
Black Zetsu: *Glares to you* Make everything better or I'll eat you.
chabeliss16 chapter 10 . 11/14/2013
I KisaHina I love em haha.
Well mayne Hinata can eventuallu be comfortable around all akatsuki member and then friend with konan "in place of" tenten. She could train with them and such. :-):-D;-)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/18/2013
Finish it please.
Sasyoura chapter 10 . 8/26/2012
well uhm I know that it was neccessary (woah did't write that word for a long time o_O) for the story that Kisame was defeatet by Hinata. But he is actually smarter and has better Reflexes than that was going on in or on this Tree ._.
anyway good story
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 10 . 7/10/2011
Bumblebeecamaro38 chapter 10 . 7/9/2011
Poor Hinata, she thinks she's alone. T-T

I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Bumblebeecamaro38 chapter 9 . 6/13/2011
Oh boy Hinata sounds angry, I can't wait to see what happens next! :D
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 9 . 6/10/2011
love it
in your dreams as well chapter 8 . 5/17/2011
Nice lol hmmm hina must join akatsuke
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 8 . 5/17/2011
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 7 . 5/12/2011
in your dreams as well chapter 7 . 5/12/2011
Short but hopefully nxt chp is longer
in your dreams as well chapter 6 . 5/4/2011
Awe your brother has a crush on a blind girl is sooo cute how old r they anyway? Lol lub this story rlly good plz update
Lucy Ash Hawthorne chapter 6 . 5/3/2011
Onileo chapter 5 . 4/30/2011
I think your pacing for the story is great, you don't really need to go any faster. I liked the scene with Hanabi; you're giving away the terms of the agreement without actually coming out and saying it, I enjoy that sort of cleverness. I also liked Hinata's ice jutsu; I had something similar (though not exactly the same) thought up for Kisame in one of my stories. Though she is shy and skittish in Part 1 of Naruto, I really don't think she would scare so easily when she is older. And though your characters are a little ooc, the only one I have any issues with is Itachi. I could see him telling someone to shut the hell up if he were very irritated, but I just don't see him calling people idiots. It would be beneath him, lol.
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