Reviews for Landslide
Tiva4evaxxx chapter 1 . 8/30/2011

I should not have read it.

It's brilliant.

OrangePlasticGummyBear chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
That was so horribly sad, but a very well-written piece. I do love how you put it all together and the progression of the story focusing on the feelings of the rest of the team, especially Ziva.

Great work! I'm glad I ran across this.
petuniatc chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
Kleenex alert! Excellent story.

The only death fic I read like this McGee was dying of cancer and didn't live to see his and Abby's daughter.
polarpi chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Was finally able to sit and review this - what a wonderfully written story, definitely did a great job with this! Wasn't expecting the addition to the team at the end, but definitely loved it!
Seosh chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Oh my... so sad *grab tissues*... good job!
OutCold chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
I started typing a review and it got deleted. So now I’m doing it in a document. It went:



I hate the image of the team all sitting around, not wanting to say anything because that will make it all real. But I only hate it because I can see it so well, I guess.

And then when they do speak it’s all (somewhat obviously), denial, which is for some reason just incredibly sad.

And the picture of Abby sitting in the elevator crying and McGee outside not able to do anything and knowing she wants to be alone… :’(

Tony and Ziva in the hospital… oh god, with him muttering ‘how could this happen to me’ and everything… I’m pretty much a wreck right now. I didn’t know you had this kind of angst IN you, Izzy.

Her repeating to herself that he isn’t going to die when she knows better than any of them… I just feel so awful for her, and obviously Tony.

Also, clever touch, having read the whole thing, saying she’d have to cope with everything on her own. Clever, and heart wrenching.


I was holding my breath all through the first two paragraphs for some reason, they were just horribly sad. I’m glad Abby came to visit him, to cheer him up, and the thing with the card from the kids who were visiting her is sweet.

Of course then she has her breakdown, and while obviously I feel sorry for Abby, I feel even worse for Tony, that he’s the one with cancer and he has to cope with her anger. Her rant was incredibly IC though, it really shows how much pain she’s in.

I kind of like how you mention Palmer cutting himself off. His friendship with Tony is something I like in the show, and I know how much you love Palmer, so of course you include it, but I’m just saying I’m happy you did.

I’m glad Ziva broke down to Ducky and not Tony, though like she says, she wouldn’t do that to Tony. And the hint of a kind of comrade-ship between Abby and Ziva in how frustrated they are, and more inclined to show it than the others.


Ah, the lump in my throat just grows and grows. Gibbs saying he isn’t ‘boss’ at the moment… it’s just like another world, really shows what the cancer has done to the team and how it’s changed everything. I mean, even just so openly telling Tony he cares…

It kind of feels like Tony HAS to discuss the experimental treatment, I could be wrong, but I get the feeling he doesn’t want to share his doubts with Ziva, despite her being there all the time, and despite that she’ll know anyway.

*sad smile* at Tony sending Ziva out just so she gets some air.

And another look at what it’s done to the team - how Gibbs doesn’t even seem to mind that they aren’t getting cases, or good cases, because obviously it means they can spend more time with Tony.

I like all the signs of how Ziva is always there - the bag by the bed, how much of her book she’s read, everything. There’s real attention to detail in it all.


I love the comparatively exciting start to this section, how Abby’s rounding people up, well, McGee and Tony. And how in sync McGee and Abby are - when he gets there, he asks about exactly what she was freaking out about.

And the Palmer cute moment with the chocolate bar. That made me smile. And want chocolate.

The time passing is done very well, how they’re on the edge of their seats, then playing cards and everything and suddenly the baby’s born and Abby’s, as you once so eloquently put it, doing her Abby thing.

The description of Tony in the beanie and blankets is sad, obviously, but sad in a happy because he’s there to see his daughter anyway sort of way. I love how he’s looking at Ziva, and Abby talks to him. And Grace Renee is a very pretty name, I think it works. Just so you know.

But even through this happier section, that ending had me on the brink of tears. Everything about this fic is so cinematic, makes for SAD images in my head.


I like the brotherhood between Gibbs and Ducky in the first section here, having a drink together, discussing the important things in life (namely, death). And they do it practically without speaking, is the beautiful thing. A couple of sentences, a few looks, a toast to Grace… you get it across so perfectly, the way they understand each other and are leaning on each other.

Ziva’s flashback to when she told Tony she was pregnant is really lovely, despite the setting and everything. I just imagine this kind of moment of perfectness before it all went to fuck (to put it bluntly). Then her talking to Grace nearly had me in tears, the overwhelming emotions that you put across perfectly through your writing… especially the line about how she’s jealous of how soundly Grace sleeps.

Again, the details here, like her turning over the pillow or the star above Grace’s crib, are just wonderful, sure signs of the effort I know you put into this.

And as for the end.


Some nicknames are for a reason.

STLFAN chapter 1 . 7/3/2010
Nicely done. Very well written and very sad. Actually shed a tear of my own. Thank you for sharing
Ink On Paper chapter 1 . 7/3/2010
This was beautiful. Heart-wrenching, but beautiful.

And I am thankful that only the cat is witness to my tearing-up.

Lovely job, simply lovely.
n.c.i.s chapter 1 . 7/3/2010
wow. just, wow.
that last damn line though, beautiful. the whole damn thing was beautiful actually. but now i is sad. and even sadder that my computer is not with me...
anyways. amazing and so well written and you even included our little autopsy gremlin:D
thanks for the great read, as always.
tvaddictedgrandma chapter 1 . 7/3/2010

How to describe this... hmmm.

The words heart wrenching, depressing, and beautiful come to mind. This is not like your usual work. It's well written, but so awfully sad. (and I don't mean it's a bad sad. It's good, but very very sad.)

I loved the little breaks between different stages. I also, as usual, loved your detail. You have so much detail, and it makes it so much better. Lines like: "The baby was lying in the small crib, a sight of beauty, but Tony's eyes were on Ziva." made me want to cry.

And, then, in the end you got me, and I was tearing up.

Very, very lovely. I loved it. So good. Yes, it was sad, and yes you killed Tony, but it was nice.
Neko-Ochz chapter 1 . 7/3/2010
That was so sad ;-; But very well written