Reviews for Whispers In the Wind
Anonymous chapter 1 . 1/22/2014
*Sniff* So *sniff* emotional *sniff* and *hic* TOUCHING! *burts out crying.
That was very well written! It truly seems like something Moonheart/Lightfoot would say and feel.
music4evah chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
...Alright, in the beginning, I just loved this. I myself just finished book 4 maybe half an hour ago. I'd actually come to this fandom when I was about halfway through the book, and saw your summary. I nearly screamed, and decided that I should finish reading the book. More screams followed as I did that, and I repeatedly wanted to kill the book. (However, I laughed very hard when the Beloved realized that the Whisperer had abandoned her. HA!) So, here I am, after reading your story, now reviewing it.

That was kind of a pointless story, but I thought you might laugh.

You see, this story was nearly perfect, until you brought in the Uncle. That was just stupid. I mean, sure, it's kinda cool that Lightfoot gets some comfort directly from Moonheart, but... Really? That's just... Not possible. And cliche. And it really. Bugged. Me. I almost couldn't believe that someone with such obvious talent would write that.

I was also rather irked by the fact that Lightfoot suddenly seems so dependent for his uncle to be with him. He was never like that in the books. NEVER. I was almost disgusted when he kept wailing about how life was all empty and he didn't have a purpose anymore. Lightfoot would most certainly never say that, or think that, in this situation. Sure, he can mourn about how his uncle died without him apologizing for being an annoying little bugger. But he's not about to say what you had him say. He's not completely lost without his uncle.

Also, I was just shaking my head when they kept insisting that it was the others' fault. I thought that they were going to be at it for quite a while for a second there, actually... Really, after Lightfoot insists it's his fault a second time, Moonheart should say, "...Well, yes, it is..." HA! Then Lightfoot would be rather shocked, and then Moonheart would say that he was just teasing. :) That would have been much better. A little something to lighten the mood, you know?

However, despite the fact that the joke would be entertaining, I think this story would have been much better had Cara come to comfort him. Moonheart had actually told her why he was so hard on not only Lightfoot, but herself, as well. And his spirit is not about to come back from the dead to comfort his nephew, and become the breeze to give him a little assurance. That stuff just wouldn't happen, not even in Luster. And don't give me the excuse that Bruce never said it couldn't- Honestly, think about it for a second. How much sense does that make in your head?

...But your spelling, grammar, and punctuation were all good. :) I didn't catch any mistakes. So... Yeah. Other than the major plot and character holes, this was good. (Especially the first half. ;) )
ROSSELLA1 chapter 1 . 7/4/2010
Thank you for writing this! I felt like crying when Moonheart died. After that scene with Cara I thought there'd be at least a deathbed conversation but there never was! Anyway, great fic.