Reviews for Rocky Road
Chelsietx chapter 27 . 10/18/2017
You are such a talented writer! I realize this is an older story, but I just recently started watching Doc Martin. You have these characters nailed and it was hard to stop reading this until I got to the end. Now it looks like I better read Faker. Thanks for sharing your writing.
Pbarnes chapter 27 . 11/19/2016
Very good story
DMLG Softy chapter 27 . 9/28/2016
Wow! You are a GREAT writer...I'm appreciating every DM story to the fullest! You have a great way of writing, explaining, visualising every thing. I am THERE in Port Wenn in all of your stories! I LOVE the way you think of NEW stories, that's mostly different to other stories that have been written...lots of new characters...lots of new angles...Love it! PLS never stop posting NEW it is my daily bread! I am alos ATTEMPTING to start a story for DM...and great writers like YOU are exceptioanl inspiration (English is NOT my first language, so it will be a challange)... Like I said, NEVER stop writing Great DM stories! From DMLG Softy!
Guest chapter 18 . 10/30/2015
I love it when something like this happens: In your story Martin's son gets kidnaped before he ever got kidnaped on the show. Good job!
nature of things chapter 20 . 8/29/2015
Holy crap! Did you write for Hitchcock? You do suspense really well!
nature of things chapter 9 . 8/29/2015
I love the bits of humor you put in this story - "if I wanted to see pricks, I would have signed up for urology". "Consequences is totally original and this is the first time I've seen humor in these stories" and you've added sadness without dwelling on it. Well done.
tedcolucci chapter 27 . 2/1/2015
What a great story! I love the way it connected with "Consequences", but took its own path and it crossed over into a murder mystery. Bravo! I wouldn't have thought that this series would stand up to the chnage, but you made it happen. I also enjoy the gentlerl side of Martin's and Louisa's relationship.
Thanks for giving a great gift!
bee.zippy chapter 27 . 12/24/2014
Another great story! Really enjoy your ideas and your writing. Thanks for sharing your time and talent!
minerva chapter 27 . 10/2/2014
Wonderful ending to a wonderful story
minerva chapter 15 . 10/2/2014
Wonderful suspense!
partsguy chapter 27 . 5/31/2012
Nice story. An interesting change from the usual Dopc/Louisa stories.

See that there is a third story, could make an interesting series for the DM fans such as myself.
partsguy chapter 9 . 5/31/2012
Great dialogue. Believable, and quite interesting.
Limaccia chapter 10 . 2/17/2012
"Penhale was as transparent as glass and had about as much brain activity as a mouse in a coma."


(I miss Mark)
Limaccia chapter 8 . 2/17/2012
"Martin gave a non-committal grunt but resisted the temptation to tell Danny that if he wanted to see pricks he'd have specialised in urology."

LOL! I guess you picked up on that scene where Danny says something stupid, and Martin says to the patient, looking at Danny briefly, "just a little prick."

That SO cracked me up!
robspace54 chapter 27 . 10/21/2011
A well written tale, full of dark truths, red herrings, and a barmy policeman. Even the deductive powers of DM were strained a bit and it all came down to an old memory to crack the case. After all the running about I found myself smiling at the end, over a bowl of Bert's latest creation.
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