Reviews for Our Suffering
doremishine itsuko chapter 1 . 7/4/2010
hello i read your fanfic im confuse of something so ryohei and hibari alrealdy knows that yamamoto was attacked by the shimon family thats not what happen in the chapter 296 of th manga and enma looks absolutely seme well but thats not why im asking and yamamoto im crying he is so cute and always want tsuna be safe i wonder what happens in the manga and also rryohei has a crush on yamamoto or yamamoto has a crush on tsuna im confuse in that by hopes you write another one but with enma and tsuna fightihing and then fix this misunderstanding becuase i feel that is some another family that want to hurt tsuna and shimon is only help them and they are allyes in the end of the arc or something like that but yes how much i hate kaoru for hurting takeshi kun.