Reviews for More Than Just a Clone (Not Just a Copy of a Man)
Panda chapter 55 . 4/13
Awesome ending to an awesome story written by an awesome author! XD
Sajuea chapter 17 . 3/5
I have not read any of the republic commando books about the nulls but they sound like a fun bunch of arcs. I am definitly going to check these stories out :-)
laloga chapter 55 . 3/4
Awww, I'm sad this story is over, but glad that Bly and Aayla got their HEA. :) "Slate" is a fitting name for their child as well; it's a lovely way to honor a fallen brother.

Loved the intensity and action of the previous chapter, even though when I got to the end I gasped, because I really thought Bly was a goner! I couldn't stop to leave a separate review, and had to push on to the last chapter. :)

Ah, Slate. [salutes] He was a good soldier and man, and I'm sorry to see him go. But he went out like a hero, fighting the Empire. And his memory will be carried on with Bly and Aayla's child.

This has been a thoroughly engaging story, full of twists and turns. I'm now quite firmly a Bly/Aayla shipper, thanks to you. ;)
jennii.b chapter 55 . 2/17
Bravo, bravo, bravissimo...
Meyer331 chapter 55 . 2/17
I'm gonna miss these updates. Don't you dare delete this story, this is is one of the best Bly/Aayla fics I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
REBELGaming5 chapter 55 . 2/16
The only thing I don't like about your stories is when they are finished, I get so into them and then the just end, another great ending nevertheless.
Silivrennial chapter 55 . 2/15
Slate *Cries*

So beautiful. A beautiful ending :')
mckeown chapter 55 . 2/15
Good story, great way to end it, sad Slate died but at least he died well, and Bly and Aayla name their child after him. You going to write more?
ghostsmemory chapter 55 . 2/15
I loved it but I am sad to c slate die
JubJub 0250 chapter 55 . 2/15
Bravo! Five gold stars out of five :)
Ms CT-782 chapter 55 . 2/15
And Slate really did, wipe his 'slate' clean. Bravo for a timely end with a hint of a suggestion for continuance for the men. Tick that box LLTC and be proud of it! Ms CT-782
Vikings4Ever chapter 55 . 2/15
It's over! Yay and boo!

And Slate is the hero. Really, can a clone have a better death? Giving his life to save a brother, who is also the husband of the woman he longs for. He did it for them both. And it's fitting and satisfying that they name their son for him.

Thanks for this story! I've been happy to read another fate for Aayla than the one in ROTS. Sometimes canon just sucks osik, y'know?
CommanderTreaty chapter 55 . 2/15
Yes, Naboo was the start of the resistance, but... Well, let's say the empire took notice. We all know what happens when the empire takes notice... Poor Slate... You had said in one of the earlier chapters that the Rex saga and this one WILL merge. When?
AresTWG chapter 55 . 2/15
Great ending! I hope that maybe in line with the resistance/rebel formation, another chapter, or even story emerges, with Bly and Aayla, and Captain Rex and Ashoka.

Speaking of which, I also hope that Rex meets the guys on Ando again! Even if it is brief. Or even the slightest communication would be nice.
Guest chapter 55 . 2/15
Great story thanks for posting it so fast thank you for not abandonning it as always xoxoxo Cole
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