Reviews for Pokemon Journeys : Sinnoh
CrazieCookie chapter 1 . 8/1/2015
Name: Mackenzie Aquamarine Opal
Nickname: Kenz, Kenzie, some people call her Dizzy.
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long brown hair tied in a high ponytail, hazel eyes. She wears a peach fuzzy sweater, a white tank top and white leggings. She also wears coral pink ballet flats.
Personality: She is outgoing and friendly. She'll always be nice, and she's a little hyper. Kenzie likes to get things done quickly. She's a pessimist, and she always expects the worst. Kenzie normally never looks down, unless there's something below, but if she is, you know that she's sad. If she's annoyed or angry, she'll be very sarcastic and if insulted, she'll retort sharply with a comeback.
History: She lived in Kanto, but her parents moved when she was 1 and a half years old. On the ferry, the ship hit an iceberg. Luckily, most people didn't get hurt, but her parents died. She was then orphaned. She made her way to Sinnoh in one of the lifeboats with other passengers. An old lady took Kenzie under her wing. When Kenzie was 8, the woman died of old age. When she was crying in the garden, a shiny eevee befriended her and became her Pokemon. When she heard about coordinating, she wanted to be the best, for her parents and the lady who looked after her.
Family: Read the above
Pokemon: Shine (Shiny Eevee evolves into Espeon) Abby (Absol) Star (Staravia) and you can chose 2 others! (I know they come from Kanto, but they befriended her!)
Other: She is a COORDINATOR! And can you please make her befriend Alice? Thanks!
PokeRanger123 chapter 7 . 10/5/2013
Hi! I'm really am loving the story! O()O

Anyways, this kinda late, but I have an OC that I hope you'll accept.

NAME: Annalexia Eria

NICKNAME: Anna, Lexia, or Lexi

AGE: 14


APPEARANCE: long golden brown hair with sweeping bangs that sweep to the left and blue highlights in the bangs. Hazel eyes but sometimes in the tricks of light, her eyes look as blue the ocean. She's pretty tall for her age, pale skin

FORMAL OUTFIT: A black dress that goes all the way to the ground and at the top of the dress, it is orange and red, looking kinda like flames in a night sky.

TRAVEL OUTFIT: Her travel outfit consists of a black and white jacket, aqua marine shirt, blue jeans, and black high tops.

PERSONALITY: shy and timid, but has a strong heart. She will become more talkative once she gets to know you better. Underneath that shy self, she has a bold and defiant personality.

HISTORY/FAMILY: Her parents died in a house fire when she was young. After that she had no parents and often has nightmares from the incident. She was then found by a Zorua, who taught her how to speak and understand the Pokemon language.

POKEMON: Shiny Female Zorua (Zara) knows punishment, foul play, night daze, night slash. Male Oshawott (Aqua) knows aqua jet, surf, dive, and waterfall. Female Glaceon (Glacies) knows glaciate, blizzard, earthquake, and bite.

LIKES: water type Pokemon, amusement parks, ferris wheels, boats, basically anything that has to do with water she loves.

DISLIKES: fire and fire type pokemon, because of the fire that killed her parents.

I hope you like her! Anyways, love the story!
Thunder Tyrant 77 chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Hope you got room for me

Name : Saito shazaku

Nickname : Tyrant (because he has very strong Pokemon)

Gender : male

age : 13

hometown : pallet town

appearance : spikey fire red hair, emerald green eyes, and wears a cowboy hat, black jeans, a green t-shirt, a leather jacket, and fingerless gloves

history : when he was a little boy he was being attacked by a bunch of angry tauros and was saved by mewtwo so he decided to be a pokemon trainer. on anther note most guys get to him to get to his sister who is a young model

family : dad(name : jake shazaku), sister(name : serina shazaku)

goals : to meet mewtwo again and to be one of the top trainers

pokemon : charazard (solar), bisharp (blade), zoroark (zoro), aerodactyl (aero), luxray (static), and kingdra (king)

other : saito's personality is he's a kind hearted guy and loves his pokemon maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed but he has his moments also very serious when it comes to battles

pokemon personality's

zoro : playful and mischives

solar : quick tempered

blade : warrior- loves fighting

aero : calm and kind

static : overprotective

king : prideful

oh static is the only girl pokemon in his team and zoro stays out of the pokeball And he says 'lock and load' when he releases a Pokemon

Well that's all I got so thanks
SweetNTart chapter 7 . 5/20/2011
Loved it! So far very descriptive, loved the battle scene, LOL.

KK, time for me to do what I do, OC form the ACE TRAINA:

NAME: Rachel Lanai

NICKNAME: Rach, Racheeeeeee…eee… :P

AGE: 13

GENDER: female

APPEARANCE: Purple tank top, over that a darker purple jacket. Black leggings, over those a purple mini skirt. black fingerless gloves, black book bag, black boots, black poke (ball carrying) belt.

PERSONALITY: She's a little too serious, once and a while depending on who shes with she'll lighten up. She's distant and quiet, but never turns down a battle. She's great with making up strategies. She loves her Pokemon more than anything, but her and her Pokemon don’t show too much emotion. Her and her Absol are too close for words. She’s (though she doesn’t notice it) pretty flirty, and once in a while she’ll snap since she’s easily aggravated. She’s pretty, sweet, but is insecure, though shes not un attractive, she struggles to like her appearance (does that make sense..?) She gets along with guys more than girls, and her passion? Battling and drawing. She likes to help younger trainers as much as she can.

HISTORY: She started her journey when she turned ten, explored some of Hoenn, then went to Kanto. But she’s had a rough past, moving and knowing things she wishes she didn’t about her mother. She never speaks of her past to anyone, she’s just like that.

FAMILY: Margret is her mother, they rarely talk. Can’t stand each other, her mother is at the top of the Devon corporation, or so she says O_o


Absol: (F) Clever, quiet, intelligent as her trainer, quick as lightning; Shadow claw, shadow ball, psycho cut, iron tail.

Salamence: (M) A little aggressive, and will battle with or with out his trainer's consent, but he’s extremely powerful; Dragon claw, iron head, Zen head butt, body slam.

Flygon: (F) Her way of getting from place to place. Very fast, but will almost always be found napping beside Rachel; Iron tail, steel wing, dragon pulse, hyper beam.

Metagross: (Genderless!) Although slow moving most of the time, can take out an opponent in one hit if the hit is dead on. Very calm, collected, expressionless; Comet punch, meteor mash, hyper beam, rapid spin.

Misdreavus: (F) of whom she just recently caught. Loopy and a prankster. Air headed, if you will J Likes to scare people from time to time. Often wonders off. Shadow ball, psywave, shadow sneak and dark pulse.

Glalie: (F) Who just recently evolved from Snorunt. Likes to explore, and at random times tackle me to the ground, which hurts really bad considering she’s so large. Loves to make friends, very bad in critical situations, gets nervous I mean. Ice shard, Freeze shock, Slam, Avalanche.

PM me if you need any 'further' info, or what not. I don't mind being a rival, traveling partner, or jusy appear every now and then. but I do NOT wanna be a part of Team rocket (not that they arent cool xD kk thanks for readin!
Noodlist chapter 7 . 11/19/2010
I might want to tell you how she is sometimes blind-

She is a robot.

It has been a family secret, but she soon reveals it. Her robot name is A-26
Noodlist chapter 1 . 11/1/2010
Name: Sarah Lis Cornilious

Nicname: Star ( I dunno how,)

Age: 10


Apperance: Brown hair ( Always in Ponytails), Freckles, and wears a barret. Also, main Clothes are a pink tee and DENIM shorts. ( She doen't like contests)

Personality:Sweet that can turn mean whenis challenged, but always is nice to her pokemon, and is usually annoying.

History: When a child, she really wanted to travel, but her dad after an Acident ( Tyranisaur ate mom) and wouldn't let her have a pet. Now, her fater fogot and she travels!

Pokemon: Eve ( Eevee)

Other: Her eyesight can costantly turn blind, and she tends to bump into things.

Kingdomhearts91 chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Name: Avery Holt

Nickname: None

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Apperance: Long wavy blonde hair in a high ponytail she also has narrow dark green eyes. She wears black biker shorts and a gold colored sweatshirt and knee high black boots. She also wears black fingerless gloves.

Personality: She’s pretty sarcastic, and her dream is to challenge the elite four. Avery is very confident and almost cocky about her and her pokemon’s skills. She is also bad tempered and gets furious when she looses. She specializes in fire type pokemon, her Alakazam and Luxray are her only two exceptions.



oVery loyal and brave


oVery sneaky and territorial.


oPowerful and reserved


oBad temper and impulsive,


oOutgoing and playful


oLoner and bad tempered

Other: She’d be a rival! Also Charmeleon was her first pokemon.
EveChan170 chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
Hi, Eve here. I was hoping that you could use my character if you're continuing this story.

NAME: Akagi Sanagawa


AGE: 11

GENDER: Female

APPEARANCE: She has brown hair down to her shoulders, and wears the simple outfit of a black miniskirt and a black vest over a blue short sleeved shirt. She also has bright hazel eyes that appear to light up whenever she’s battling her friends.

PERSONALITY: She is an incredibly happy person, to the point of annoyance. She has great respect for her friends and peers and refers to them as (name)-sempai. She acts like she doesn’t take battles seriously, but in reality, she is fiercely competitive and hates to lose. She battles mostly in order to make her opponents stronger, and she doesn’t like to fight super serious fighters. She can also be incredibly flirtatious, and likes talking to guys more than girls.

HISTORY: She grew up in a poor family with several younger siblings, and because of that her personality is incredibly energetic. After leaving Littleroot with Houndoor and Treeko, she traveled across Hoenn and Kanto.

FAMILY: She has two brothers and two sisters, who encourage her in her journey. Her only older sibling, her brother, is training in Sinnoh. Her parents were both trainers, so they encourage her to do her best.

POKEMON: The levels for these pokemon are the levels I’d like them to start out with at the introduction of her. If possible, I’d like the pokemon to evolve.

1) Nidorina, Lvl 38. Nidorina is one of her first pokemon, and is quite loyal to Akagi. Nidorina is a competitive pokemon, especially to pokemon of her gender.

Ability: Rivalry

Moves: Mega Kick (Mega Punch after evolving), Crunch, Dig (Earth Power after evolving), Poison Jab

2) Snorunt, Lvl 28. Snorunt was caught later on in her journey, and she took a liking to Akagi instantly. She doesn’t want to evolve into Glalie, but will evolve into Frosslass later on.

Ability: Ice Body (Snow Veil after evolving)

Moves: Crunch, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Substitute

3) Vaporeon, Lvl 36. Vaporeon was received as an Eevee, and she is mating with Akagi’s Houndoom. She is very shy, and doesn’t like battling. However, she’s also good at battling.

Ability: Water Absorb

Moves: Water Gun, Water Pulse, Aurora Beam, Quick Attack

4) Metang, Lvl 37. Metang was a gift from Steven Stone as a Beldum, and is shiny. It has no personality, but is struggling to evolve into Metagross, which it eventually will.

Ability: Clear Body

Moves: Psychic, Flash Cannon, Brick Break (Meteor Mash when it evolves), Zen Headbutt

5)Houndoom, Lvl 41. Houndoom was Akagi’s first pokemon, as Houndour was her pet. He’s fiercely competitive, moreso than any of Akagi’s other pokemon. He’s currently courting Akagi’s Vaporeon

Ability: Flash Fire

Moves: Flamethrower, Crunch, Sludge Bomb, Thunder Fang

6) Sceptile, Lvl 67. Sceptile is her starter pokemon, and he is incredibly more powerful than all her other pokemon, by almost thirty levels. His personality is exactly the same as Akagi’s, and he’s also incredibly competitive.

Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Leaf Blade, Dragon Breath, X-Scissor, Frenzy Plant

OTHER: She views all other trainers as her ‘sempai’ because they’re usually more experienced than her. She even calls beginners sempai.

Please use her if you can!

Ezochi chapter 7 . 8/24/2010
I want to correct a word in chap 7. There's no such thing as a 'contest person' but there is a 'coordinator' who participates their pokemon in contests.
ArmoredDragonite chapter 7 . 8/13/2010
Great chapter still wondering that who were those guys who gave those items...
JenniAnimeHotStuff chapter 7 . 8/12/2010

Spartan20 chapter 7 . 8/12/2010
pretty nice chapter, idk why you would want to have more OCs it looks like you have enough lol. it will be nice to acually see corey in action next chapter so good job and now im really looking folward ot the next chapter
Jac the Shadow chapter 7 . 8/12/2010
I'm confused as to what are the items for! Is it some random act of kindness or a very evil and diabolical act that may endanger our heroes, take their Pokemon, and rule the entire world with an iron fist, just by giving them the items! Or...something like that.
somebody chapter 2 . 8/9/2010
OC rocks but ...i cant make one

so sad
no name chapter 1 . 8/9/2010
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