Reviews for Logic
UseYourWords chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
That was lovely! I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you!

xNeariax chapter 1 . 7/13/2010
Yes, I'm definitely a sucker for happy endings too. ;D Very, very sweet.
callianluver chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
This was amazing 3
StepFurther chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
OMG, I LOVED IT SO MUCH! i wish it was the new LTM ep! so sweet, romantic in a special, so amazing!
onesweetlove chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
This was absolutely beautiful! :) Wonderfully written in character and just... adorable :) Thank you for making my day!

insanity-on-demand chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
Love it!
glouton-mana chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
I love how, little a little, the real subject happens. I enjoy your writting.
ChocoLover1331 chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
Oh I love it, love it, LOVE IT! :D It's so awesomely cute for them to get together like this 3
LolaRedMuse chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
lol! loving the story n the disclaimerrr!
Nr.Six chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
Very romantic, I really loved how you wrote their thoughts, although I was a bit confused about why Cal had done such a thing with the case. But for the rest I really loved it!
Lylirium chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
This is perfection. I absolutely loved it. Got me hooked from the very beggining. And the end was beautiful. )
Rugbygirrl chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
Great first Lie to Me fic! I hope you have more!
Kat's in the cradle chapter 1 . 7/5/2010
This was good, especially for your first Lie to Me story! Sweet, sappy, and fluffy. I enjoyed reading it. ] Hope to see more from you! ]