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Lostinthought319 chapter 1 . 5/4
This was a near-perfect explanation of why the relationship works and it's foundations. Absolutely loved this. This is what FanFiction is for and should be like. It doesn't hurt that this is one of my favorite episodes. You nailed their voices and characters. Awesome job.
Bobtrumpet chapter 1 . 5/16/2016
I don't know that I can add to anything that has already been said. Just a warm, caring, dealing with reality story. The characters and dialogue were spot-on, and the resulting emotions tied in perfectly. I particularly like the stories that take off directly from something that happened in an episode, and this is truly one of the best. Favorited, and will be reread many times. Thanks.
Mysterious Guest chapter 1 . 2/4/2015
Cute very cute. I know that the whole 3 bullies thing wasnt in their timeline, but lets just say that because u didnt specify the bullies' names, we can assume that the bullys werent monkeyfist, drakken, and kiligan
writewords chapter 1 . 5/3/2013
that was so adorable!:')
Nick chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
This was a great story as the characters seemed liked themselves, it had a lot of detail from the series and seemed realistic, but it was innacuarte at the part when kim said that Ron stood up to the bullies in pre-k as that was in sitchbun time and they would have no memory of that as when the time stream was Mended drakken never went back time to bully her.
The Black Gandhi chapter 1 . 12/20/2012
Nice 1 shot man
levi2000a1 chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
This was a nice story. A very nice story. Thank you.
MaxandFang101 chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
I so wish they really did have this conversation. The story gives perfectly accurate reasons, really fluffy moments, and totally true things about ther relationship that make sense. It also has a moral and a lesson, and I think my Wnglish teacher would probably award it a pullitzer prize or something if you added some lit terms in there(although too much of a description gets boring, so I'm not suggesting you should). I love this. I am very jealous that I cannot write anywhere as good as thus. Awesome job! :D
Mahler Avatar chapter 1 . 9/10/2011
I really can't add anything more that already hasn't been said by other reviewers, except that this is one of those rare stories that strikes a perfect emotional balance. A romance without being too saccharine, and a story absolutely true to the characters.

I'm glad you not-so-secretly expanded on this episode and explored exactly why Kim and Ron really work together as a team, and as a couple. Well done, and good luck with this story in the Fannies. And as I write this, the polls have closed. Cross your fingers...

Taechunsa chapter 1 . 9/1/2011
Ah, an excellently done story touching on the things that should have been addressed in season 4, but weren't because of Disney executive interference. Keep up the exceptional work.
Account-Deleted-022010 chapter 1 . 6/17/2011
Wow I loved it! Kim and Ron were very in character and you got to develop their "sitch" even more. I love how you explained about Ron being the real hero. Good Job!
jkrust78 chapter 1 . 4/5/2011
Wow, this was good!

I've always liked authors who can expand on certain episodes. The best example I can think of is "22 minutes" by JAKT when they expanded on the episode "Clean Slate."

It didn't occur to me until I read this that "Ill Suited" is another episode that needs a offscreen postscript. As usual, Disney glossed over any issues that Kim would have with Ron by the end of the episode, but you did an awesome job of exploring those issues.

Let's face it, Kim would obviously be tweaked that Ron stole her supersuit so he could impress her thinking she'd leave him for a jock or another pretty face. By adding this scene, you added even more depth to the characters that we never saw on the show. Plus by talking things out they can both affirm how they feel about each other. The two crushes theory was well thought out and made me think as well.

Really, really good story!
DannySamLover20 chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
aww loved it!
Slipgate chapter 1 . 8/15/2010
I'm sorry I'm only getting to this review a month later. I hope to make it worthwhile for you :). I didn't want this to be a set of disjointed observations but I'm afraid some of it may be. (I'm trying to review the way I used to, as I feel I've slipped into the "respond to parts like it's an e-mail" format too much - unfortunately with this one parts of it were written a while ago.)

I remember when you mentioned this story to me as it was in development - talking out when they started feeling that way about each other and the Eric sitch. I was eager to read it. :) I must say first of all that I think it really does well at covering all the stuff you wanted to cover as far as I'm aware. Are you happy with it, or was there anything you wanted to do that you feel you didn't get to in this? I personally thought it was a great addition to the episode and I could imagine it being a scene OF the episode without losing the voices at all. Really good stuff.

When you first mentioned defeating Dementor, I thought that this might be early in the episode, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time and realized quickly you meant at the end of the episode.

The image of Ron with his head in his hands, feeling like he majorly screwed up, is a very effective image to me. Maybe it's because I sometimes put my head in my hands :).

The touches of "the real world of KP" you put in were good as well - the police needing to be called, and needing to hold on to the supersuit overnight. (That was funny.)

When Ron observes that Kim sounds tired, it's made all the more poignant when you realize she was possibly depressed that "Ron thinks so little of her."

You know, I hadn't realized it, but when she says "More hurt than mad" - after they just were in a battle - I can see Ron fearing he actually HURT his girlfriend and best friend. Very classy inclusion.

The character voices ring VERY true... I may have said this before, but it's easy for a writer to eventually start thinking they're getting the characters right but they're actually getting their slowly developing deviation on them right. So I think it is worth noting here that I can see this dialogue happening in the episode...

When Ron wonders if it's a trick question, at first I thought he'd say no and wondered why that would be a trick answer - but then I realized you were going for "If he says no, then why the heck did he do what he did?"

I'm really getting images in my head with "No, Kim, I don't think you're 'shallow'..." and "She stared at him." - really picturing this scene well.

My eyes, when I clicked on the story, immediately fell to the conversation about how she has a 'type' and then hastily jumped back to the top of the page. But this is the "meat" of this story and I love it to pieces.

I do wonder about how easily she can say the name Eric dismissively now.

I see the emphasis on the "I'm" of "I'm not lying" as "compared to what you were doing earlier" - am I guessing right?

About crushes - there's more than one kind? Interesting. But wow, Kim really has learned if she's able to boil it down so essentially.

When she talks about the Amazon and so on... yay, you gave them an opportunity in your universe to talk about those sitches with new eyes. Thank you.

Also, how Kim describes suddenly looking at them differently - that seems very much to be what we're supposed to understand happened with them.

I like how they feel better again when they reach the fingers-laced-together point.

You get at something about the Moodulator that I once wondered about in a flight of fancy - whether it had any "permanent" effects of at least the subtle variety. You neatly sidestep that with making it be earlier than that... because as sweet as it can sound to have Kim thinking about it at the Moodulator sitch, she was mind-controlled then. (Ron had his faculties, so it's okay for him to start thinking about it from then. It was a very-much sober Ron who was kissed by Kim that day.) Anyway, I'd thought once about the idea of the moodulator having effects that stretch beyond its removal... but it isn't often that the idea is dealt with other than her needing to sleep it off and think about the effects it was having on her. At least, I see stories of her trying to reconcile what it did to her, but this is the first time when Ron expressed a fear I once thought of in a flight of fancy - whether Kim's later behavior was "all" compromised from then on. So it was fascinating to see you touch on the idea even as you reassured Ron with the fact that she was thinking this way beforehand.

The overall resolution of why Kim didn't approach these feelings sooner is a good fit if you take Season 3 and So the Drama together (as opposed to one or the other standalone).

One other thing I want to add. I think you do a great job with a guy's mind and a guy's thoughts. I'm impressed. Like when he asks about the trick question and he thinks to himself that the glare doesn't really answer his question, the way he's like "how was I supposed to pick up on that" about the Yori sitch and how she really was jealling, and the part where he "wanted to ask her what the other parts were." Also, the twinge of hurt even as he understands what she meant. You really have captured a guy's thinking about the things that confuse us around girls and whether it's safe to say something or not and whether an answer is forthcoming or if we've made a misstep or so on. It's impressive to me going beyond just Ron.

You know, maybe I'm looking at the forest instead of the trees, or something, but I'm not sure how this is a "bit different tone than your usual stories." I don't mean it's bad, not at all. I mean, I think I'm getting stuck in the fact that it's all part of your cohesive romantic universe thus far and having trouble breaking the pieces apart to examine the tone of the different ones. I mean, it's longer, and it's good, but it's like your other stories to me in that I think I've fallen into the trap of reading all your stories as if they're one ongoing story :). I'd like to hear your thoughts to help me know what divisions you see. (Case in point, people pointed out differences in the thematic style of season 1 compared to the later seasons that I hadn't thought about until they were mentioned.)
ilZL chapter 1 . 8/14/2010
Lovely story! The writing sounded great to me, and I liked the idea very much.
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