Reviews for Oh, Brother
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2013
it is very good and i see that happening but I always think they were something that make them friends but not that much, that make them the same but always so different, something strange because they never try anything where he seduce the most beautiful women but never try that much with her, the most beautiful girl he know. Like they know they were no turning back if they take this road. they accept their flaws and that make them perfect. she is the sun where he is the moon, both strangely too beautiful and fascinationg for living among other people. him, who can be so cold, calculator, cold blood, dangerous, ambitious, and make people wish they never live if he want at a tender age and who prove to be more tough with the year and her the enchantress who made man drooling over her and captivate every man since she had 12 YEARS, when she enter a room, people cant' help but look, she illuminate a room by her mere presence, she is always optimistic, happy, but she is also dangerous for every man who cross her way, she made them fall in love for life, they betray her , they cheat but in the end they never forget about her and she made her life with other man, she seems broken but in fact she was happy a few day after. both of them are phoenix who raise from the ashes. they are too wild for society, they don't try to fit, they don't care about other , they do what they want, don't pretend to be another person and in fact made the society fit them. dan , blair, nate they are so conventional, they try so much too be perfect, they want to change them. only serena is abble to love even the darkest side of chuck and accept him like he is, only him can accept her with her wildest way, her passion for life who match his. thanks it was good but continue it will be better
jalna chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
i don't speak very well english so i will use the word of a writer of fanfic that i find so right about chuck and serena"Sometimes we are so blind by things and persons than we are unable to see what has been there since the very beginning. The principal cause of blindness is not the uncertainty but the obviousness; some things are so obvious that we are blinded by them in the same way we are blinded by the sun when he lights directly into our eyes.

Chuck was observing Serena from the corner of a room; it was his party but she was its star. In fact, Chuck had thrown the party for Serena; she was born to shine and she needed to remember it. Chuck knew very well the people like Serena because people like him were usually accompanied by them. He was the darkness itself, the son of the night and the king of the shadows. He knew the darkest secrets of the human soul and he was covered by the scars of that knowledge. He was attractive in the same way night was: mysterious, ambitious, dangerous, secretive, handsome and cold. Serena was the exact opposite, she was the sun itself. She was as beautiful as a summer day, as cheesy as it may sound, she was carefree and happy, magnetic. She had known some pretty dark things too, she was not an innocent and helpless girl at all but she simply did not care. Watching Serena's radiant smile and the crowd that had gathered around her Chuck remembered how things used to be before Blair and Dan, before everything that has turned them into the persons they are at the moment. Blair was the fighter because she had to work for everything while Serena was the centre of the world effortless. She was the sun so the earth, naturally, rotated around her.

He then thought that maybe the impossibility of his love story with Blair was linked to all of that. Blair had always wanted to turn the darkness in her into light; she wanted to be the sun too. She wanted to be happy and carefree, magnetic and radiant. She did not want the magnificence of the night but the shining of the day. He, on the other side, never wanted to be anything else than what he was. Chuck Bass knew he could never be the sun; he was condemned to darkness since his birth. His father did not want a son, he wanted an heir and he raised him as that. He couldn't be carefree; he had an empire to build. He belonged to darkness and he loved it, if Serena was magnetic, he was fascinating. Watching her from a distance he realized something that struck him, Serena VanderWoodsen was one of those people born to be happy and he found it outstanding. They understood each other because they complemented each other: she was the day, he was the night and none of them wanted to change that. Surprisingly enough, the light of the sun had ended up being the only true constant in Chuck's life.

Serena was surrounded by lot of people; some have been nice to her and some awful but, as always, she did not care. She was not one to hold grudges against people; she gave what she had to give, took what there was to be taken and left. That was life, she thought: things happen, you get hurt, you go on. Each day the night ends coming but each day the Sun shines again in the morning. People usually thought the day and the night were in a constant battle but she knew better, they had come to accept they needed each other to exist. They let the other be to be able to be them. People did not get that because everybody has expectations. "I love you as you are", my ass she thought! Yes, you love someone as he is for the first few months then you want more; you want different, you want to him to become your phantasm. Look at Dan, as much as he likes to claim it, he never accepted her as she was. She was too shiny, too posh, too rich, too carefree, and too happy. Deep down, Blair was easier to be with for him because she has more problems than her. She needed a man by her side to make her confident, she needed a daddy. Serena did not want to be educated; she just wanted to be loved for who she was. chuck always looked as if he had a big and powerful secret, as if he knew the key to the human existence. He was not even twenty-five but he looked as a forty confident man. He was a magnet to people and to serena also, always has been. He was as solid as she was aerial. He was his rock and she was his sunshine. continue you story it's good
jenny chapter 1 . 11/1/2011
thank you I always love both of tem and they are perfecto for ezch other because they are nothing but perfection but in their book it doesn't matter. they never care too much about what people think, maybe a little about what people they care about but in the end it didn't matter . they are too wild to be tamed, they like to do what they want, like to be what they want and not what people expect of them. she is carefree, her smile lightens a romm, she let dozen men falling in love with her without seeing them and it's when they become vicious, because she didn't care. she only care about chuck, blair, dan and eric and in the end they were the people who hurt her the understand her like chuck, nobody accept her without trying to change her like him but he was too dangerous, she will fall too deep , she know it, she will be too hurt if he don't love her back so call it selfpreservation (a things usualy she don't do good) she never try but he is perfect for her like she is perfect for him in a world far from , nate they were little boy who never understand her. she is stronger than people think, she is like a phoenix she fall but always rise from the ashes more beautiful, can be evil when she want, look at the way she threatened to be the queen even after she was apart from a year, and she is good without trying where blair try too much and care too much. and as for blair he think he love her but she never understantd him, always try to change him, too be nice . he like her but love is more deeper and in the end she was not enough. he look at serena sometimes and he see him, he love her but he is more tough, more rough, he do only what he want and even people he care can't change the fact that in the end he finish to do exactly what he want even if he hurt people, he can't be tamed. he is like her too reckless, a force to be reckonned. he is the son of a selfmade man, hard cold and in fact he is a lot like his father, he can maybe be more cruel, more hard, more cold, nobody can threatened him. he is ambitious and focused even if contrary to his father he always has his fun and do it his way. he built an empire, he can protect her and only her. she didn't try to change him, she accept him like he is. he look at her and he understand why man fall in love with her but contrary to them, he know her, he know how to love her but he choose his time, he had things to live before he became his man. they are after all a beautiful pair and together they are stronger, they complete each other,and in the end she gave him a family, love and always be at his side . continue it's good
carla chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
thank you for your story. i hope you will continue. they are both fascinating and disturbing, they don't conform to what society want for them. they are young but already standing for what they are and not what other people want them to be. serena was the queen in hisght school so effortless but she choose to become different, to change. not a lot of teenager choose the anonimaty but she never was. people always like her, she is beautiful, too beautiful maybe, but it's a warm beauty, she is like the sun and she can brighten a room by entering it. she is toxic and adictiv even if man left her , they seems to be ubnable to forget her or move on. she is a rarity, she is wild, carefree. and people seems to forget she is also clever because of her look and the way she doesnt do the wisest thing. she is broken but both of them they are like a phoenix, they always rebirth better, more stong, more healthy, more tough, more handsome. he is evilly handsome, he is selfconfident, cruel, focused and cold. he know what he want (to became better then his father to be more rich, more clever), and he can use a person and destruct her just to please himself, he is machiavelic but he care deeply for his friend, nobody can threat them. women fall for him even when they know he will used them, he is addictive like her. they both are too wild for the upper east side but they fit... they can't be tamed but by each other. they understand perfectly the other. for me they can become a team, support each other, care and love and begins a family. together they are a force to be reckonned. continue it's good.
NiyuChu chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
THANK YOU for giving us some interaction between these two, they're so completely glossed over. This story completely made my day. :) It's not tragic or angsty or horrific and while I love angst, this is definitely what I needed. It made me smile. So, thank you. :)
jalna chapter 1 . 7/12/2010
their life will always be interwined, i think they understand each other perfectly, they are the same even if he can be cruel intentionaly. it's in him, he is a predator ready to snap you neck without anybody protesting. because even if he can hurt kill without second though, he has a charm that corrupt everybody. people fall for him even if they know it's bad for them like blair did. he is a leader who fight all his life and wear little scars in the result of many battle who served as symbol of a boy that was fighting a civil war in the circles of society in order to rein overt he mase. he is a like his father all what he touch become gold, he seems to be a play boy and is (the number of his conquest is a proof) but he is also very clever, he has a head for business but did it like he want chuck's way, he take his pleasure also. he did what he want when he want and don't care what other can think. she is the same , she can be cruel she was after all the queen eeffortless but has a very good heart that win almost all heart and when not they are other way. she is breathtaking and share sensualitywith innocence, a mortal combinaison, a need to life that math his, they are perfect for each other. and they know it but with them it will be passion, someone than can erase all, their loyalty, their friend, the family. so nothing happens because if they were together nothing will stop them but one day it will happens and nobody will understan what happens .
comewhatmay.x chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
I loved this short little insight into Chuck & Serena's world. Fabulous job
Lucy chapter 1 . 7/7/2010
LMAO at the last line. Love it. Very good job with the entire story. ( I LOOOVE C/S!) You write Serena really well, which is a rare find in FF.
GG4life chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
You mentioned in this story that Chuck never tried to have sex with Serena but didn't he try in the pilot.
tversky chapter 1 . 7/6/2010
LOL. That was adorable! I love Chuck and Serena interaction. We don't get nearly enough of it on the show. Here's hoping we get some CS snark in the premiere. ;)