Reviews for Sneaking Around Konoha
Stolid-Scholar chapter 7 . 10/16
I want to like this story but so many of the scenes don't make sense. Asuma dislikes Harry because...? Tsunade comes to the conclusion Harry was leading the chunin on despite the bar being full of people who seemed clear on what happened because...? Kakashi doesn't think Teddy has any special bloodline despite being told he had to become a Shinobi to control his strength because...?
4everfictional chapter 1 . 9/12
I wonder who will be his new teacher. ;3
Mukuro234 chapter 39 . 9/8
Awesome fic!
Beautiful Obsession 17 chapter 39 . 9/8
I adore this story so much! thank you for sharing it with us.
Tetradical chapter 39 . 8/21
forestreject chapter 39 . 6/24
Steve-Arkarian chapter 21 . 6/20
Harry mentioned werewolf and wizard in talking about Teddy, but I'm pretty sure I missed the part where he actually told Kakashi about magic. Last I knew Harry and Teddy were extremely careful not to mention anything to do with magic whatsoever and blurting out the word wizard kind of kills that.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 19 . 6/19
Ummm, not to be a spoilsport but earlier in this story you stated that Harry kept absolutely no alcohol in his house except for wine that he used for cooking because of Teddy and that Teddy didn't even like the wine. You were seeming to try and make it perfectly clear that no alcohol would be allowed in the house and that's why Harry went to the bar. Yet now he supposedly is fully stocked on alcohol? What?
Clyden chapter 39 . 5/14
I really love this, it was he best fanfic crossover I've read. thank you for this. harry was most lovely, and kakashi was just amazing
Fox o Snow chapter 39 . 5/5
Woooo! Clap clap clap. What a fun journey! Thank you for it 3
Aurysadik chapter 27 . 4/11
I don't know if I misunderstood something, but didn't Teddy take a flat by himself so that he doesn't have to be embarrased when he takes lovers at home ? Then why all this story about him having sex for the first time on a mission and not knowing whether he prefers women or men ?
Beth9891 chapter 39 . 3/28
Awww amazing story. So glad you finished it! Thanks for sharing
fmoura98 chapter 39 . 3/21
Thank you for this story, I really enjoyed it. :)

Loved the relationships and the character development. I particularly like stories that show the gritty, dark side of shinobi life but manage to keep the story light.
Thank you for finishing it!
Mushishixxxholic chapter 39 . 3/6
Love it
Lunary chapter 39 . 3/4
I would love to read more even if this one at the end.
Don't know maybe like them adopting a child.
I mean Harry and Kakashi.

I guess a scene where both Kushina and Minato together with Lilly, James and Sirius in the afterlife could take a look / peak at the guys would have been interesting as well.

I loved reading this story.
A job well done.

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