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Neshomeleh chapter 5 . 11/16/2012
I like the story a lot... Maybe you should have added something to this sentence "Better than peanut M&M's during sex with Angelina Jolie"... in the Impala:)
Beckydaspatz chapter 5 . 11/11/2011
Jane, you sly dog! And here I thought that Sam picking up the rosebud in the 1st chapter was a just a bit of sappy, loveable Sam, BUT you just so happened to work it perfectly into the story! Splendid Job!

He felt like he was going to be sick; he was exhausted, hungry, unshaven, hadn't changed his filthy clothes for nearly two days, and now Dean was going to die.

Sam wanted to follow him into oblivion.

He felt faint as his heart raced, and pressed his hand against his chest to try to calm himself.

Then he felt it; a small, dishevelled lump in his shirt pocket.

The rosebud.- :)

Sam didn't know whether to laugh or cry; so he did both, watching his brother sleep, and watching the wonderful lifegiving fluid drip, drip, drip into his brother's parched body.

The dreamy rhythm of the drip lulled him into a sleep, his head resting on his crossed arms, on the couch against Dean's shoulder.- I miss moments like these...I really do!

"Oh, dear God" he gasped, between swallows, "Dear God in his Heaven with all his little angels and cherubs and whoever else he has up there with him … that is so friggin' good."

He gulped down more of the drink, his eyes almost rolling back into his head, soft, breathy moans of bliss escaping his mouth around the neck of the bottle.

"Um, dude," Sam shifted awkwardly, "it's not that I'm not glad you're drinking again, but, um – the noises? – kinda making me feel uncomfortable!"

Dean lowered his hand to his lap.

"I don't care," he gasped softly, catching his breath. "this is better than sex; better than Angelina Jolie …"

"Better than Peanut M&M's?" Sam tried to shift the focus of this conversation which was making him break out into a cold sweat.

"Better than peanut M&M's during sex with Angelina Jolie," Dean replied wickedly.

Sam grimaced at the image.- Love, love, LOVE this! Great dialogue and it made my laugh out loud. :D

Sam looked at Tom. "Ya got anything in your medicine cabinet for a pervy car fetish?"

"Nah!" replied Tom, with a grin, "beyond my help!"

They both laughed out loud, and Dean pointedly ignored them.- Would love to see more of Tom! I'm so happy that I stumbled upon you, each story is a joy to read and a treat for me! :D
Beckydaspatz chapter 4 . 11/11/2011
Sam placed his other hand over the top of Dean's head. If Dean couldn't see him, Sam was going to make damn sure he could feel him.-How sweet! Loved this!

AND you managed to get Dean out of his pants, how could I have ever doubted you? :P Would leave longer review, BUT I need to know what happens!

In short: You rock!
Beckydaspatz chapter 3 . 11/11/2011
Dean's going downhill fast, great pacing and writing, my heart is beating a mile a minute!

"I mean" gasped Sam, it's not ideal, but it will buy you time until we can sort this out." He was rummaging frantically in his bag; "I've got a tangerine in here somewhere" he muttered, evacuating socks and toiletries all over the bedroom floor. Dean cringed at the thought of eating something that had shared the same living space as Sam's dirty socks.

Sam eventually found it, and presented the small orange blob to Dean as if it was some kind of precious jewel. "It's a bit bruised, but, if you can eat this, I'll go out and stock up".

He peeled the tangerine and broke off a small segment, passing it to Dean.

Not a regular fruit eater, Dean eyed it suspiciously before popping it in his mouth and chewing.

The cool juice felt like nectar in his parched mouth, he even managed a ghost of a smile for Sam.

Until he tried to swallow.

The juice and pulp poured out of his gaping mouth as the fire erupted in his throat again.

After a couple of minutes, he wiped the tears of pain away and realised that Sam was holding him tight; and that the wet droplets on his jeans weren't all his own tears.-What can I say about this little blur from the chapter other than it's fantastic!

"Sam, I can't see you."- That made me want to cry a little bit.

Good job!
Beckydaspatz chapter 2 . 11/11/2011
*stares stunned at the text box* Well, didn't see that coming. BUT it is a fantastic and orginal idea, I'm excited to see how this plays out.

His brother was kneeling on the floor, clawing at his throat, wide eyed with pain. "Burning …" he squealed hoarsely as unswallowed water trickled out of his gaping mouth, "burns …"- The vivid image that flickers in my mind as I read's almost as good as watching an episode.

"Don' know." Dean was gnawing his thumbnail; officially sign #1 on the 'Top Signs That Show Your Big Brother Is Scared Out Of His Wits' Manual For Devoted Little Brothers.-This sentence is gold.

Dean's breath shuddered as he continued, "she said, 'dry' Sam, just 'dry'".

Sam stared at his brother. There was a long silence between them.

Dean closed his eyes and tear slipped down his cheek, "it's a curse Sam, I get it now, it's a curse." He took a deep breath.

"Sammy, I can't drink."-What a nasty curse! Poor Dean! *wonders idly if he will end up naked*

HAHA! Jk, can't wait to read more! Oh yippee! I don't have to!
Beckydaspatz chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
Whoa! I know it can be scary to write something outside of your comfort zone, but let me assure you this is WONDERFUL! I have chills right now and it is only the first chapter, LOVED IT!

including a newly-wed bride for whom the vow, 'until death do us part' had taken on a tragic and appallingly premature meaning.-Such a stunning line.

Dean had had to leave the room.

Sam had managed to hold it together; just. That night, he had lain awake in the lumpy motel bed, images of the red and blue dribbles of paint swirling in his mind. He could hear occasional sniffs and spasmodic swallows coming from the bed beside him.

He got up and went to sit on Dean's bed, needing the closeness as much as his brother did. Dean didn't stop him or tell him to get lost as he otherwise might, but silently shifted over to make space for Sam to sit. He kept his back to Sam, no need for Sam to see his tears.

Sam was still there as the Sun filtered through the frayed net curtain, sitting close to his brother, his leg pressed against Dean's warm back. Not a word was spoken but their silence and touch gave them both strength.- Good GOD, huge ol' lump in my throat.

The knife drove into her chest with such force, his fist followed it halfway in. There was a choking, flooded scream as the blade exited her back.

Dean pushed harder – his whole hand buried in the wet cavity of her chest. "Take it bitch; that's for Rebecca Campbell!" he roared.

Sam dashed out to Dean's side, almost sobbing out the incantation, Mary Harper screamed and writhed on the blade, almost ripping Dean's shoulder out of it's socket as she did, the words were killing her as surely as the blade.- This is one of the best description of a fight I have had the pleasure to read, just...WOW.

Off to read more of your stuff *skips away merrily*
ccase13 chapter 5 . 8/3/2011
This was a creepily imaginative curse Dean had. What an evil way to die.
Noninone chapter 5 . 11/6/2010
LaedieDuske chapter 4 . 10/11/2010
So, based on my last comment, it'll come as no shock that you had me melting into my socks with the stomach massage. I actually shivered reading that. I love your vivid descriptions, I could see the scene in my head. *drool* I might need a bib before I'm done with your posts. -laugh-

LaedieDuske chapter 3 . 10/10/2010
Ah, my weakness - holding-his-stomach-Dean. What a prickly, wonderfully written chapter. You've managed to once again make me laugh out loud at parts, and you've wrenched more than a couple of whimpers out of me between this piece and the Burning Memories one. Nicely done, I'm enjoying sifting through your posts. Poor poor Dean.

Vanessa Sgroi chapter 5 . 10/6/2010
This was sooooo very good. What a unique way to whump on Dean. I loved every minute of it.
Mystique Aqua chapter 1 . 9/13/2010
Oh wow! What a great start to your story... You got me really hooked. That was sure one nasty witch.. killing children and young people like that.

But, I am quite worried bout Dean though. I'm pretty sure she put a hex on him before dying. What will happen to poor Deano :(

On to the next chapter to find out!
nwspaprtaxis chapter 5 . 9/8/2010
This one was GREAT! 'Course my favorite part was Dean spasming and sobbing (without tears of course) through stomach cramps... and Dean just being in incredible pain and unbelievably sick from the curse was GOLD. Also love his worship of the gatorade at the end and Sam grimacing...
GaelicAngel chapter 5 . 8/23/2010
So sorry for only finishing to read this now but I am on vacation so I am lazzzzzzyyyyy

Hell man that was one nerve racking story, and I LOVED every part of it.

Great ending and you have gotta write something again soon.
Brightshadow-chi chapter 5 . 8/17/2010
wow I never knew you could die from dehydration when there IS a lot of water around to drink.

it is so horrifying to even imagine, and poor Dean had to suffer it for days x.x

love this story of you like the other ones ;) on to your next lovely story.
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