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Daisy1966 chapter 2 . 7/11/2013
Wow...! Just wow! There are so many scenes and moments that have plucked my heart strings in this! I should have known who the special person was that the Messers would go to see when I read that you are a Mac/Stella shipper in your profile page. As much as I'm a D/L shipper, I also love Mac/Stella so much! :) I enjoyed every inch of the second half as well.

I'm more than happy to see Mac and Stella so happy with their newborn baby. They are too sweet and adorable!
I adore the way Danny explained when Lucy got scared to see Alexander starting to cry. He was very, very thoughtful and judicious.

My absolute favorite moment in this must be the ending part when Danny stroked Lindsay's face and so did Lucy. I'm sure Lucy did the same as Danny was because she saw her father doing this so many times. And mere thought of it made my heart melt.

Thanks so much for a fantastic story! I can't wait to read your M/S stories soon! Very soon! :)

Lastly, I'm so sorry for my poor English. I wish I could say more how much I love and enjoyed your story in English.
Daisy1966 chapter 1 . 7/11/2013
Hello! This is the first time I read and review your story. A while ago my lovely friend afrozenheart412 recommended your stories to me saying that you're an amazing writer. Since she let me know about your stories, I've been so excited about coming here to read them. Finally I could relax and read.

My favorite ships is D/L, so I decided to choose this story first of all :)

From the beginning, I couldn't wait to figure out who this special person is that the Messer family would going to visit. This first chapter was filled with love, tenderness and of course a lot of fun. To see the interaction between Danny and Lucy was awesome. I loved the way you described how much Danny loved his daughter. I loved the whole conversation between them in this. And I also adore how patient Danny was! I can picture clearly he is now a great father! :D In some way Lucy reminded me of my twin sons when they were little.

Danny thinking Lucy growing up and not needing him one day was a little bit sad. That's exactly what I'm experiencing right now, because this April my twin sons moved out of our house to Tokyo so as to start their new lives at college. You captured Danny's emotions as a parent very well!

I already can't wait to read the second part. It may take me some time to read and review each chapter or each story because I'm not good at English, but I'll try as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story! I also cannot thank afrozenheart412 for letting me know about your fantastic stories. :)

PJTL156 chapter 2 . 8/24/2011
LOL. 'special places'. :) Haha! I actually did LOL when I read Lucy saying Mac and Stella are boring. I like how Lucy sounds like Lindsay sometimes. Cute. :) 'Mac had looked fraught and strung tighter than a wire and Stella had been laid out on the couch in his office, complaining that she felt like a porpoise, could hardly move, and wanted this baby to be out already.' :D Love this part. I LOVED when Lucy was born and Mac and Stella were there. I'm very glad you included it. :) 'straight and sensible, not crazy and curly like mine' I just realized their hair kinda matches their personality. Thanks. :) When I heard Linds was pregnant again, I instantly thought how sweet it would be if they had a girl and Alexander and her got married; making Danny and Lindsay related (by marriage of course) to Mac and Stella. :D (sorry this is so long.)
PJTL156 chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
'The achievement put a look of triumph on her face and a swell of pride in his heart.' Aww... So sweet. :D 3 Kids are amazing. I love the part about him thinking she needs him less and less. So cute. 'It prompted him to wonder if Mac was even allowed any closet space for his clothes...' LOL. Then again, we all know Mac's style is simple. :) If Danny were my husband and Lucy were my daughter, I would be proud of BOTH of them. They're both still learning. lol. :) 'One and a half, one and a quarter, one..."' I heard that a few times when I was a kid. :D LOL, yes, I agree; some days even Danny isn't grown up. :) I usually don't read Danny/Lucy/Lindsay things, but I love this. Luce reminds me of a girl I babysit. XD
suallenparker chapter 2 . 6/1/2011
I liked the second half as well. Stella and Mac are so cute with their baby. It may be because I read "In This Moment" just before I read this, but I feel like these two stories could belong to the same timeline. Like Stella is having the child she was pregnat with in the other story. Really nice.

It was funny and adorable that Lucy got scared by Alexander when he started crying. I liked Danny's explanations. He was being very sensetive there. Good job, Daddy!

And Lindsay is pregnant again. The perfect ending to that story. I enjoyed the dialogue between them.
suallenparker chapter 1 . 6/1/2011
I got exactly, what you promised me! Lot's of cute fluff. Thanks so much for sharing I usually don't read Danny/Lindsay-fanfiction, I couldn't resist this story. To see Danny interacting with Lucy was awesome. I loved how you kicked the story off with the sweater-happening. Right to the action!

Luce reminded me of my sister when she was little. My sister as well thought, she could do everything on her own! The dialogue between father and daughter was so funny and cute!

How Danny had to hide Lucy's sweater because it got milkshake over it made me laugh.

Loved, loved, LOVED the shoe-dilemma.
Forest Angel chapter 2 . 9/22/2010

Finally starting to catch up. I loved this, great writing about Lucy's reactions. Are we going to see her reaction to Danny/Lindsay's news?
babygurl0506 chapter 2 . 9/13/2010

oh my god...

a smackie baby. that'd just... itd be so epic.
conche chapter 2 . 8/20/2010
Lily: It had been so long since I have seen something of yours, that I had to look in your profile to see that I missed Chapter 2 which is every bit as delightful as Chapter 1. I absolutely love your writing style - it conveys emotion, action, setting and everything. You are so very talented.
Nienna Tinehtele chapter 2 . 7/27/2010
Lily! Another great story! Sorry it took me so long to review its been kinda crazy around here lately lol. Hope you are doing great! This story was so cute! I loved the lucy/Danny she had to do everything by herself. It definately made me laugh. Think my favorite part was in the elevator! hahaha that was great :D Loved it!
afrozenheart412 chapter 2 . 7/21/2010
I'm literally sobbing with tears of happiness and joy! If this is you out of your comfort zone, I sincerely hope we get more of it. And not just with DL but all of couples and team members. You have a talent with these characters that can't be matched. You are truly awesome! *hugs*

In all of your stories you always give everyone a fair shake with emotion and limelight, even your OCs. Which is why it took me a full ten minutes to stop laughing when the doctor got off of the elevator and took the time to razz Danny about his parenting. *wipes tears of laughter from eyes...yet again* XD It is always nice to see this macho man turn beet red with awkward questions, especially from Lucy! To see her squish Danny's face when he said 'poop' was hysterical! And to have her push it even further by blackmailing him...Danny is an easy mark when it comes to his girls, isn't he? But he turned it around, that was impressive. Lucy is so real in here; with her questions, thoughts, and feelings.

Her shyness was so cute, I did feel for Stella when she turned away from her but I think it was the excitement of meeting Alexander for the first time. I know this is bad of me but I'm glad he has Mac's hair...I wouldn't feel right to be envious of his curly locks. You CRACKED ME UP with the image of Stella on Mac's couch complaining about feeling like a porpoise! LMAO! I was a ten pound baby so I do resent the winces in here. Holding Alexander must have been the highlight of Lucy's day, I'm so sorry that it scared her but I do adore the way Danny explained it. And that kiss to his cheek was so touching. To see Mac and Stella so happy with the new addition to their family has been out of this world! You can feel the love that is flowing in that room. Very nice!

Making her dad pay for not reminding her of the princess shoes was so Lucy, how are Danny and Lindsay going to cope with another one? LOL! Appease was the right word when it comes to keeping kids happy. The ending with Lindsay and Danny on the couch was wonderful and so them. I love how you have Danny stroking Lindsay's face and Lucy doing the same thing, maybe something she learned by watching her father? You may think that you can't write these two but I'm happy to say that you are wrong. This was amazing and you even left us at a cliffhanger that didn't scare is possible! LOL! Outstanding job, my friend!

Favorite lines

"You got a cute kid there," a young doctor commented as he disembarked. "Some nice answers you came up with." With a chuckle, he strolled off.

"Yeah, yeah, thanks buddy," Danny muttered, hefting Lucy's backpack onto his shoulder, remembering just in time that her young ears were attuned to pick up any hint of a curse from him, and that she would inform Lindsay at the nearest opportunity.

Fortunately, very fortunately, the exodus from the elevator proved a distraction, and she was too busy gazing at the bustle of a busy hospital corridor to ask any more questions. Feeling his cheeks cool, Danny took hold of her hand again and led her forwards.

After a few steps, she began to lag and asked if she could be carried. He debated briefly before tucking the slightly flattened flowers through the handle of the backpack, swinging her into his arms and balancing her against his hip. The kiss she planted on his cheek after wrapping her arms round his shoulders was more than worth any discomfort he decided, forgiving all the embarrassment of the elevator as well."

"Why did Uncle Mac and Aunt Stella want a baby? They're kind of boring."

Stopping for a moment, he shifted Lucy into a more comfortable position for his back before smirking at her. "They wanted to have one for the same reason me and your Mom wanted to have you, because having a baby is very special." Even though it had come as a shock and it had taken him time to get used to the idea, he spoke the truth."

"I feel sorry for babies." Danny looked at her, raising a questioning eyebrow. "They can't eat pancakes," she explained. "Which is sad, 'cause pancakes are one of the bestest things in the world."

He laughed. "Got to agree with you there, Luce; pancakes, baseball, and most of all, your Mom and you. Best and most special things in the world."

Ruffling her hair, his heart grew mighty as she wrapped her arms round him in a sudden hug. "You're best too, Daddy, and so's Mommy."

"Yes she is," he swooped her into his arms again; ignoring his back and muffling the gruffness of his voice in her hair as they reached the door they had been searching for. "She sure is."

"The last time he had seen both of them had been three days ago; when Mac had looked fraught and strung tighter than a wire and Stella had been laid out on the couch in his office, complaining that she felt like a porpoise, could hardly move, and wanted this baby to be out already."

"At first Lucy sat rigid, staring down at the baby who blinked at her, her mouth wide open in wonderment at the tiny being in her arms. The three adults in the room were silent, watching. Remembering the camera he had caught up just before they left, Danny groped about in his pockets and located it, remembering to disable the flash before he captured the image to show his wife.

Alexander, however, as soon as the picture had been taken, seemed to realise that he had left the security of his father's arms. His fists began to flail, his face crumpled and turned a deep shade of puce and he let everyone know that he was deeply unhappy using the full force of day-old lungs. It amazed Danny all over again after his experience with Lucy how someone so small could produce a sound so loud."

"Inside, they found a sleep-lulled Alexander being rocked in Stella's arms, his hand splayed against her chest while Mac sat beside her at an angle, his arm round her hips as he stroked the baby's leg with a finger.

Lucy trailed into the room behind her father and hung back, listening in silence as Stella told her they were sorry Alexander had frightened her; Mac adding that he hoped she still wanted to come and visit him again. But the minutest of smiles appeared on her face as she stood with her arms folded, twisting her body from side to side when he complimented her on how sensible and grown-up she had been to hold Alexander and not drop him even when she was scared.

Seeing the opportunity for reward and mending Lucy's mood even further, Danny reminded her about Dora doll and how she had wanted to show her to her Aunt and Uncle and Alexander. Dora was duly retrieved and shown off; Mac and Stella admiring her, while Alexander clutched Lucy's finger to her delight.

Shortly afterwards, when it came to making their goodbyes, even Alexander received a dab of a kiss on his cheek. Lucy departed cheerfully, the sun shining in her face as she waved from the door and caught the kiss Stella blew to her with a giggle."

"I'm more than okay, Linds. You've made me the happiest man on earth," he murmured against the soft skin of her face. "And Lucy's going to be the best big sister there is."

There was still doubt in Lindsay's eyes though, which he sought to expel. "Hey," he whispered. "You and Luce? The best things that ever happened to me; the best things on earth and if we're going to have another baby, then that's just going to make thing even better. Maybe it'll take a little getting used to at first, but all of us have been through tough times and this'll be a breeze, promise."

He brushed the pad of his thumb across Lindsay's cheekbone and she gave him a smile with eyes that sparkled. "I believe you, Danny Messer. Despite everything, you've never broken a promise to me yet..."
afrozenheart412 chapter 1 . 7/21/2010
First off, Brinchen has told me what has happened while I was away. I'm SO SORRY! *super huge hugs* I will always believe in Mac and Stella and nothing will kill it for me, she will be back this I believe. And second, you may feel like you are out of your comfort zone but this has been EXCELLENT! Maybe this is a sign for you to explore more sides of CSI NY with your new found fluffiness. :) I'm still waiting for the adventures of Stella and Moonpie!

There is so much I love about this and it is not just because it is a DLL story. The love, laughter, and even the bit of sadness of seeing Danny realize that his little girl is growing up and away from him was awe inspiring. Not to mention how fun it was to see him confronted with a miniature version of his own determined personality! The gales of laughter in all of this has been so welcomed, but the most loving and surprising thing about this is hearing that Stella and Mac have a little guy of their own. Ah, I can't wait to see him!

The thought of Lucy and Stella makes me squee with joy, if we could ever get to see her dress up in her clothing that would be icing on this already delicious cake. But poor Mac, no closet space...he would HAVE to have his past uniforms. If only to show Stella how cute he looked in them. :D I LOVE how being alone with his daughter provoked many mentions of Lindsay and how they have built a wonderful family together. The part with the shoes has to be my favorite part, it reminds me so much of my dad whenever we would go somewhere and how he tried to keep a straight face with our antics. Lucy is a darling in here with wanting to share her toys with Alexander, she is a credit to everyone who has had a hand in raising her. :) I can't wait to see the next chapter.

Favorite lines (there are many but I had to narrow it down to two.)

"With a chuckle, Danny kissed her nose. "Not quite, baby, you got a lot more years to go yet before you're a grown up like your Mom and me." Although, he had to admit, there were days when Lindsay would be hard pushed to describe him as a grown up..."

I hope that never changes! LOL!

"Daddy, where did Aunt Stella's baby come from?"
rhymenocerous chapter 2 . 7/15/2010
Oh, God. Haven't we all had that experience with a small child who wants to know where babies come from? And it's never at home, in private. No. It's at the zoo, or in a crowded waiting room, or in line at the grocery store, or in this case in a crowded elevator. LOL. I had a really good chuckle at that bit!

You know, I said it before, but I'll say it again, for someone who claims not to be all that involved in the DL world, you certainly have outdone yourself! Every word was just spot-on!

Seeing Lucy so proud to be chosen to hold Alexander, and then her major melt-down as he started to cry was just too adorable. And I loved Stella and Mac in this... so sweet! I'll be sorry to see Melina leave the show, but I hope that doesn't deter you from continuing your Smacked stories!

And as for the surprise at the end... WONDERFUL! What a great job you've done with this story. Amazing. I love it.
cmaddict chapter 2 . 7/13/2010
Aw! Sorry this is so belated... I was visiting family over the weekend and now I am swamped in homework. I absolutely adored this chapter. Loved the Mac/Stella/Lucy interaction... that kid is quite precocious! :) And I loved Danny's interaction with his daughter. The end was very adorable as well, with the reveal that a little brother or sister is in Lucy's future. Very well done!
rhymenocerous chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
Wow. Wow. Just... wow.

You know, for someone that doesn't write much in the way of DL stories, you sure have an amazing grasp of their little home life! The entire interaction between Danny and Lucy was so wonderful. I could just feel Lucy's frustration and Danny's impatience. Kudos to both of them for weathering through and also to you for making what could have been a very mundane scene so full of life and love.

Special mention goes to the little thought that Danny had about Lucy growing up and not needing him one day. Although that day is a long way off, it's every parent's catch-22. You want to see your children grow up and learn to do things on their own, stretch their wings as it were. But on the other hand, seeing their independence increase means that their reliance on you diminishes. You captured that whole jumble of emotions in Danny so perfectly.

Brinchen86 has been urging me to read your stories for months now, and I feel badly that I haven't had the time to do so before now... but consider yourself warned - you may have just gained yourself a stalker!

I cannot wait for more!
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