Reviews for The Ridiculous Ramblings of Rose
Fred's fanatic chapter 16 . 4/8
I've been laughing hysterically again since the first
Sentence that journal is so. Very amusing and witty
She should keep it up and have lots to write about
With her crazy interesting relatives plus in laws.
However it doesn't have to end at all you should
Take a lovely relaxing holiday have a wonderful time
Return home then begin the sequel to end all other
Sequels ever written for fan fiction as your totally
Spectacular and the characters come to life with
Every human emotion so please continue writing this
Excellence from Harry potters loved this
Story and I'm proud of you as well all my love and
Friendship Elizabeth skinner in australia
Fred's fanatic chapter 15 . 4/8
This close to an amazing finale fluff is definitely allowed
No it's imperative and really needed it's incredible how
With some major snogging sessions lasting all night
Long scorpius belongs with rose James with lily like
These wizards are starving like a hungry dog. Yet
High class ones with exhilarating that
They're finally loved up couple that not even Ron
Could break them up I'm hoping that rose has grown
A backbone .youve written a thoroughly magically
Enchanting drama filled romance that equals the one
Between James potter and lily Evans when they were
Students so yes your doing positively brilliant writing
Which is as great as anyone whom loves Harry potters
Universe like yourself please keep it skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 14 . 4/8
Let's be honest lily Evans whom was the most brilliant
Witch ever learnt to break rules and became an honorary
Marauder so it's very possible for rose to do it as well
She's following in famous footsteps besides scorpius
Deserves to be kidnapped and thoroughly snogged
Within an inch of his life until sunrise the following
Morning plus maybe telling the entire school at
Assembly might prove therapeutic for both of them
To go public with the been absolutely
Magestic while continuing to write such a tremendous
Thoroughly magnificent piece of work incredible
Writing thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 13 . 4/8
Rose know has to publicly humiliate herself before the
Entire school including her relatives Draco Malloy and
Astoria as well how dare she bring up the dim dark
Past when Draco became a death eater in order to
Protect his mother,I've never said those things yet I've
Said other stuff plus you could always write another
One your talented got so much to lose
He doesn't have to put up with this endless vitriolic
Abuse at all she's not perfect plus rose needs to show
More compassion to people as id Love a happy ending
For scorpius although right now she's more evil than
Mouldy a genius at writing such utter brilliance that is simply stunning to read and as good
As jk Rowling skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 12 . 4/8
I'm loving it that she did call him by his name she's a
Total goner as of now and your not supposed to stay
Mad at family its uncool although I can recall being
Mad at my youngest sister for a week she woke me up
At 3.00 on Christmas Day too now has to
Grovel and sincerely apologise to scorpions for implying
What she did it wasn't classy at all she's Harry potters
Niece not bellatrix lest ranges one so its time to win
Back scorpius then another make out session to end
The chapter with thoroughly exceptionally
And magically inclined to love this genre as much as
Your trillions of fans Love skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 11 . 4/8
Rose is crying because she's in the wrong and she knows
It plus she insulted her best friend and cousin lily which
Isn't done you never call and family member those
Filthy disgusting revolting names because your a
Stitched up repressed prudish sanctimonious vixen
Whom belongs among death eaters,maybe scorpions
Should be with lily she knows how to have fun and make
Real friends also I've run out of sympathy for this
Egotistical vain narcissis whom only loves herself.
However your such a brilliant writer that I'm sure I'll
Feel sorry for her soo hopefully it's totally magical
So thank youElizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 10 . 4/8
Well rose deserved to hear that and more from scorpions as no one should ever have to hear such absolute utter
Rubbish that's patently untrue however I've reviewed
Some on James potter and lily Evans and said the same
Thing it's time for rose to realise she' perfect far
From it she's acting like uptight repressed snob whom
Wasn't in love with lorcan he's just an excuse Harry
Would be disappointed in her please have her grow up
Before she loses him forever the twit that she is,and I
Did spot the Robbin burns he was brilliant and so are
You definitely totally unique yet absolutely individualistic
In your skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 4/8
I'd love to read about the greatest Christmas ball ever
Held at hog warts except with the theme being a masquerade one from regency England with a twist to have it shock the staff in which rose and scorpius come
Clean about their feelings except dracos there as well
As George Harry and their better halves eavesdropping.
Plus maybe a jealous witch thrown in whom scorpions
Dated for two weeks however rose isn't a redhead for
No reason just a couple of ideas not that you need that
Many as you've got millions of fans whom love this
Exceptionally intriguing fun filled love story thank you
It's skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 4/8
Rose should definitely let loose with scorpius said she's
Very attracted to him after so many make out sessions
However please don't make her bitter she's a redhead
And our credo is don't get mad get even then move on
With your head held love doesn't have to be
The only one and its Lorcans loss not hers she's a
Fabulous weasels/granger with beauty brains connections whom is smoking hot and her family love
Her watch out loran your mother won't be impressed.
You've been absolutely magnificent yet totally captivating with every sensational chapter when such
Brilliant writing shines through similar to a rainbow
I n magnificent skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 4/8
You didn't get it from another story I've read most of
Them as I'm a Harry Potter fanatical fan fiction devotee
Yet she is thinking to much about it even if she's
Hermione,s daughter she really needs to unwind and
Relax after all she could do something similar to
Macgyver and relax how he does or just ask her uncle
George how he did this is becoming along so
Famously it deserves all positive accolades from everyone who reads never settle for being
Treated second best by any guy you deserve to be
Treated like a queen as your a wonderful person
Why not dump him and search for someone better
After all Emma Watson would agree that your worth
It which you are also think Macgyver good luck. All
My love Elizabeth .a fan from Australia forever
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 4/8
I've been laughing myself so much I'm finding rose is
Just so funny stressing over these great feelings she
Had for this terrific wizard from a great house that
Needs to be given a break plus she really needs to
Relax and enjoy every enjoyable memorable moment
That scorpius will give the witch he loves with a passion
Wherever they are so if he says jump she says how high
And she's not a dog but she can hex hi until he admits
He Loves her or else she'll set her uncle Harry Potter
Onto his case till he tells the truth and Harry Loves
Rose whom reminds him of his mother lily Evans potter
From anecdotes told by Sirius and Remus. Your truly
A remarkable young girl with such a inspirational wicked
Sense of humour that is thoroughly delightful yet
Absolutely weasley twins skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 4/8
Lorca. Hasn't been dating any witch for eight months
Before he started dating rose how weird he plays
Quod ditch looks great is a twin yet hasn't made a
Move on rose yet scorpions wants her,I'm hoping she
Chooses scorpius as lorcan needs some major snogging
Sessions with should take him up on his offer
Up at the tower it would be sensational plus shed feel
Very happy after it finished although rose is agorgeous
Red haired green eyed. Sexy weasley/granger witch
So wizards will drool over her for a very very long time
Plus I'm loving the length of the chapters the longer
They are its more fun to be read like I can't get
Enough getting hotter which is outstandingly
Brilliant she's so cute when she's in denial could you
Please write something from scorpions feelings soon
Thank an astonishing wondrous great writer
With such amazingly brilliant foresight thank you.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 4/8
So scorpions is introducing rose to the delights of
Making out in various places so she's feeling guilty why
On earth is she making such a big deal obviously Lorca n
Isn't that inclined because she's not the one for him
This is getting juicier every minute it's spectacular except for the remarks about his family his house and
Her family's although everything else is positively
Magnificent and wonderfully romantic in every way
True love is supposed to be smoking hot could rose
Please relax and enjoy the ride she's only young once
And he's in love with a truly talented gifted
Writer with a great magical imagination that is very
Unique I'm skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 4/8
I'm loving the random French/English words it's very
Continental which is great as anything with Harry Potter
Has gone internationally famous,rose really knows how
To beat herself up becaus e she's going crazy he's not
Blackmailing her or the entire school would know the
Salacious details of her fall from grace talk about overkill
It wasn't that bad she isn't wearing Lorcans ring on her
Left hand please have her lighten up very soon,lot an
Belongs with lily her cousin onto a
Magnificent winner with this exciting tense fun filled
Story although some romantic moments would be
Sensational could you please write some thank you
Elizabeth skinner.p.s. And scorpions views please.
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 4/8
I really Loved the marshmallow story quite a lot as it
Was hysterically funny and the laughter also as roasting
Them causes crazy things to happen however roses
Problem is very intriguing two wizards both great
Catches one whom ignores her to do homework the
Other playing hard to get I'd choose scorpius but not
Lorcan he's a wonderful Malfoy plus it's so she
Should do what makes her happiest with scorpius, yet
Rose needs to lighten up she's a teenager they're supposed to do very crazy things it's absolutely
Wonderful behaving like a crazy person I can recommend
It as I'm still doing it. Scorpions isn't the bad guy he's
Just acting like an idiot so far so why not use lot an to
Make him jealous he won't mind plus it's what teenagers
Do this couple provide so much great laughter for me
In a positive way oh to be a teenager again she's not a
Cheater just confused could someone please help rose
Like her closest going along exceptionally well with this tremendously well thought out love story
Plus I love your sense of humour it's wicked. Elizabeth
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