Reviews for Never Mind the Acorns, Here's the Killer Bambies
cally777 chapter 4 . 8/29/2011
I was initially worried with being confronted with another round of similar sounding names for the 'Anti-Bambis' (if that's quite the way to describe a bible-bashing bunch of cheerleaders). Then I figured maybe there's a way to relate them to their counterparts (which there is kinda). Eventually I decided to just relax and enjoy the show.

For this is indeed a chapter of stunning polarities, in which the really ... BIG THINGS of existence confront one another. Apart from the bands themselves, there is God V Satan, Big Business v Big Government and Healthy Acorn Candy v Candy's Candy. Perhaps with a slight hint that like US political parties their mutual antagonism conceals many similarities (with the obvious exception of the bllurgh inducing Candy).

The confectionery itself had taken on a metaphorical significance, and indeed poignancy. I too have experienced the sense of loss when 'they' have taken it away from me (it being everything from a fav food to a fav restaurant). I too ... but enough.

Anyway a chapter that becomes increasingly fun as it continues, with yet more outrageous made-up words, a bit of what looks suspiciously like groping (or pre-groping), and Spencer's appearance to detain the Bambies as the icing on the cake. I'm wondering whether this will be a Hogwarts like detention which involves being set loose in a dangerous magical forest. It would not surprise me. Good stuff, Steveo.
StraightedgeEpyon chapter 4 . 8/16/2011
I hope the next chapter will include candy cane's crew sabotaging the prep rally and making spencer look like an idiot nice job.
StraightedgeEpyon chapter 3 . 4/2/2011
Good work man do you mind if I make a suggestion? The killer bambies should crash the rally by beating up most of the cheer squad that's just a suggestion keep the good work.
fischgeist chapter 2 . 9/17/2010
I like this chapter, it helps get the characters a little more familiar. The, shall we say creative?, language that Cally pointed out can sometimes stop the flow and sometimes can add a breeze to keep me going, so it's an interesting experiment at least. Does have a vibe of devil may care to it, and also a little bit Clockwork Orange. Candy and her droogs. Always dig when we can see some Miss Spencer action, though it's always surprising what subject she pops up teaching in any fic. Biology indeed. But, of course, being of at least two minds about everything, it's fair game that she functions in any given classroom.
StraightedgeEpyon chapter 2 . 9/14/2010
There needs to be more Rumble Roses stories like this will you be writing up anymore? I really hope so
cally777 chapter 2 . 9/14/2010
I was going to apologise for misplacing a letter in my last review, and thereby ADDING to the confusion about the Bambis' names. But why bother? This is a punk story, right, and confusion, chaos, death (possibly?), its all good. Rock and Roll, people, if you're too lame to work out who's who, then screw you.

Oh, alright then, Sandy's the bassist, and Mandy the lead guitar. It was only an errant 'M', me lud.

Anyway, good work Steveo. The Bambi's fans are all set to riot (great title by the way!) which is a cause for some embarrassment in the classroom. (It was a great image you gave of them all sitting there, heads down, only their hair visible). But the lesson must go on even if its (gulp) about lysergic acid. Loved the different reasons given for note-taking: Brandy (grades) and Sandy (zombie virus).

But pretty please could you start a dictionary of made-up words? No scrub that, its more fun to guess! Looking forward to more, perhaps even a 'live' concert?
StraightedgeEpyon chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
How Very interesting
fischgeist chapter 1 . 7/11/2010
Steveo! I always feel winded after reading your work, and I feel right now much as I imagine I would had I been in the same room with these... these... yikes, these girls are gonna give Miss Spencer fits. If this is how these Bambies buy a candy bar, I can only imagine... ah, but I won't have to. Your imagination is exhausting enough for us both! Looking forward to future madness.
cally777 chapter 1 . 7/8/2010
Nice one, Steveo, I take it this is THE Rumble Roses story which we have been waiting for - well, that I've been waiting for anyway.

A manic, colourful start which ain't no surprise, (great argument with a candy dispenser!) and straight into the characters.

Promising, promising. I like the large, scary and possibly Satanist bassist (Sandy) contrasted with the doe-eyed (very good pun there!) bambi-ish drummer (Brandy). Maybe not yet got a strong handle on guitarist (Sandy) who seems a little like vocalist (Candy) except in appearance. You may notice I'm doing this to reduce my own and other people's possible confusion about which "andy is which.

Crazy (ha another pun!) is how I would describe the descriptive language, and that's fine. But a question: are you making up words? That's fine too, it all works towards the general madness.

So now we are all in suspense to hear about the plot - not for too long I hope! - and anticipating some more laffs to come.