Reviews for Something Worth Worrying About
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Ooh, what a monster fic. I can't believe I was out-long-winded! (Teasing, of course.) I'm super excited to read this, though!

[With a shout of alarm, the camp exploded.] Now THAT'S a quality opening sentence. That's almost Gunslinger quality, bahaha.

[ After all, they had divided into nations.] SO. LEGIT. Wow. I could go on forever about that. I'm so glad you mentioned it. I mean, sure, sometimes there are cases of people from different cantons befriending each other...but usually everybody just sticks with the people they already know! I don't think anybody's touched on that before. Go, Manna!

[Maybe she worried even more than Kent.] IMPOSSIBLE.

["But he was going to skewer Lady Louise!"] Erk is so cute right here. I know he's into his studies more than he's into caring for human beings, haha, but Louise...mothers him. So I bet, even if it's secretly, he thinks of her as a mother. AND YOU DON'T MESS WITH ERK'S MOTHER.

I'm extremely impressed with all the thought you put into the battle scene. And the fic in general. Forgetting shoes, terrain (which is really very important!), children fighting, only having potatoes and salted meat to eat, and all that other good stuff. I're just super legit.

[ He would worry himself to death if he didn't stop thinking of the many different ways she could be hurt badly enough that she could not make it back to the camp.] The poor thing! This must be like the worst day of his life. I personally HATE not knowing things, HATE HATE HATE, and maybe it's the same way for everyone. Especially for a chivalrous redhead in lurve. Although the idea of everyone freaking out looking for Lyn and she just went off somewhere for a nap is adorable.

SAIN WITH CHILDREN. EVEN MORE ADORABLE. He WOULD give the kid the food first; he's a big ol' softy.

[The image of her body just shattering as it hit the ground came and fled in an instant. He thought maybe he would throw up the breakfast that he hadn't taken the time to eat.] Aww muffin! That made my heart hurt. But I liked how Sain totally assumes command because Kent's too busy freaking out.

["We call that wolfsbane in Etruria," Pent shouted helpfully from the other side of the tent.] I LOVE HELPFUL!PENT. HE'S THE CUTEST. Serra's voice being described as "creepy" also made my day.

["Either way, Lyn, you lost to a buttercup.] BAHAHAHAHAHA.

A couple of things confused, why is Serra imitating Hannah? Also, this sentence: [The moment Serra left to find Pent and Lucius, he had leaned down to kiss her head and brush his hand carefully across her cheek, all the while breathing an immense sigh of relief.] It confused me. The subject is...Kent, right? Is he doing that to Lyn? But he hasn't seen Lyn yet. And surely he doesn't do it to Serra? Maybe I'm just being an idiot and read it completely wrong.

Also, this: ["Would milady like escorted?"] Like "to be" escorted? (In your defense, you were writing for like eight straight hours xD)

Anyway. I have now finished your fic. And it was NOT cheesy. I really, really liked it! It was everything I could've hoped for...KentxLyn, and ridiculous attention to detail. Heehee. This was great, Mannadon! Looking forward to what's next!

Mucho love,

Xirysa chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
So after trying to type a satisfactory review more times than I care to remember, we have a brain dead Xirysa.

But lol. Aren't you glad that I coerced-er, forced-no wait, persuaded you to revive the KentLyn circle/army/thing? Heheheh.

This was great, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a perfect combination of every emotion I could think of, and then some. Also, bonus points for lots of characters.

Mmmm... Methinks that we need a new prompt soon enough. LET THE BRAINSTORMING COMMENCE.

Seriously, though. The sudden surge of KentLyn was beautiful.

Keep up the great work, love!

Trevor X chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
Did not cry at all... Nope, not one little bit. Okay, fine; I cried very, very quietly. :P

You do that to your audience, you know - the whole evoke emotions thing.

Anywho, loved the Kent/Lyn interaction, the panicked Sain, and Lyn's strange giving herself a nickname. I ignored Serra being creepy and Hector's self-congratulation.

And as for cheesy endings... You know what they say:

"Behold, the power of CHEESE!"

Happy writing!

Trev X
Nico-Chan chapter 1 . 7/8/2010
Love love love love! You completely put my challenge fic to shame, for sure! Not only in terms of plot and characterization, but also with your word usage. I loved the first part entirely. There were lots of shout outs to the various characters and I enjoyed it immensely. I felt that the whole first part was chaotic and exciting.

The touch about the enemy looking like Matthew was great. I also loved when Lyn bumped into Erk. Actually I loved all the references to the other characters. So often FE fic focuses on a core group and seems like the other characters don't even exist. So even it was nice when you included other characters, even when they didn't directly interact with Kent, Lyn or Sain. (Like you did with Dorcas and Bartre)

The details were amazing, as always. Lyn's fall and her subsequent attempt to return to the encampment were done well and kept me glued to the screen.

The details about the (not so tasty) soup and the kid bandit were awesome as well. Hell, all the details were awesome. You very lovingly crafted an amazing story. I liked how the parts pretty much focused on Lyn, then Kent, then Sain and so on. I like how Lyn mentions the shout of alarm coming from either Oswin or Marcus, while Kent knows that it came from Marcus. It added insight not only to the characters, but to the overall story.

Also? Loved the little reminiscence scene where Lyn thought Kent was hit by a tree branch. I LOL'ed.

Again, you prove that you are the queen of KentLyn, and are most certainly the best there is when it comes to writing this pairing. I salute you.
kittykatloren chapter 1 . 7/8/2010
Awww, so cute. Though I will always be a Hector/Lyn fan, I am now also a Kent/Lyn fan! You have won me over. I can be both, right? Anyway, I really enjoyed all the characters in this story - some of your lines about Hector were fantastic. He's really quite a funny guy. I liked Lyn's concern for Wil, as well, and the fact that the first bandit she killed looked like Matthew was an interesting touch.

Don't worry about the cheesiness. Everyone, deep down, loves it.

- Kitty
SpeedDemon315 chapter 1 . 7/8/2010
Ah, you never fail to amaze me with your writing. As soon as I started reading this, I couldn't look away, I had finished it with any interruptions.

Sometimes, when you don't have many facts on a topic, it doesn't hurt to invent or create a few aspects up-for fiction, at least (as long as you do it within reason). Who knows, maybe wolfsbane sap can be deady even with skin contact, some plants can be that poisonous. I like the idea you had there (I almost thought Lyn severely broke something and was suffering from shock), it was quite clever.

Keep up the excellent writing! I look forward to read more of your work.