Reviews for Perfect Insanity
Frankie Teardrop chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
A Message To Filmfanatic0, I Love Your Story Better Than Anime-niac25's Story: The Uninvited 2: The New Family. Even Though I Already Post My Reviews To That Author. Your Story Does Pick Up Where The End Of The Uninvited Left Off. I Didn't Even Notice This Story At All Until I Saw It On The List. This Story Of Yours Is Just Perfect For The Sequel To The Uninvited That I'm Writing Right Now But I Need Your Permission To Use Your Story First. You See, I'm A Screenwriter And I'm Writing A Sequel To The Uninvited (Based On The Korean Folktale, Janghwa, Hongryeon.) But I May Use A Different Title For This Sequel Movie. Check Out Some Of These Titles: ANNA IN THE ASYLUM OF HELL, ESCAPE FROM THE ASYLUM OF HELL And OVER THE BRINK OF INSANITY. Which Title Do You Love The Best For This Sequel Movie? It's Been 4 Years Already And I Think It's About Time We Had A Sequel To The Uninvited Starring Emily Browning As Anna Ivers (The Tragic Villainess Of The Movie). But There Is Something You Left Out Of Your Story: Mildred Kemp And Maybe The Wright Children. That Means Mildred Will Not Be Able To Tell Her Stories To Anna Or To Anyone In The Secure Ward At All. And I Do Have One Or Two Questions: Who Was Rachel's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend?, What's His Side Of The Story? Is It Mr. Nelson Or Is It The Anonymous Person Who Posted His Story Down Below? Someone Out There In The World Has Got To Care About Poor Anna. Someone Has Got To Rescue Her From That Hellish Place. I Wish A Mystery Man That No One Ever Lay Eyes On Before Would Come Along, Disguised Himself As A Psychologist And Help Anna Escape From That Hellish Place. Will That Ever Happens In The Sequel? We Just Have To Going To Find Out What Happens In The Sequel That's Coming Soon (Maybe), On The Same Time And At The Same Movie Theater.
Anonymous chapter 1 . 3/15/2013
Hello Dear Friends, I'm Rachel's Abusive Ex-Boyfriend And I Was In A Loveless Relationship With That B... Before She Was Killed By That Poor Girl Anna Ivers That Night When Her Father Was Out Of Town. I Myself Was Once A Mental Patient And I Was In A Psychiatric Institution For 4 Months But I Don't Want To Talk About What I Did. As A Matter Of Fact, I Met Rachel Worshitsky (Her Real Last Name) After I Was Discharged From That Place. Rachel Was Hired To Be My Nurse Then She Became My Lover And We Had A Son Together (Well, Actually 3 Sons In The Korean Folktale) I Used To Beat Her Up Because She Used To Drive Me Crazy. She Was A Mind-Breaker And She Used To Make Threats To Me Like You Should Go Back To That Place Because I'm A Nut And I Would Say: I Should Go Back To That Place, What About You? Then One Night I Caught Her Sleeping With My Brother. With Anger, I Slap Her Then I Punch Her And Then I Pour Beer All Over Her Half-Naked Body. I Told Her To Leave The House And The Boy Here With Me And Get Out But Before She Left, She Stole Some Of My Money Behind My Back. So I Went To Go Looking For Her But I Had No Luck. She Changed Her Last Name Without Me Knowing. She Thought I Was Stupid. But That's All In The Past. Now, I'm A Priest (A Mayor In The Korean Folktale) In A Catholic Church And Even Though I Never Met Anna (And I Don't Think I Will), I Will Continue To Do My Best To Pray For Her Everyday And Every Night With My Crucifix In My Hand. My Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To Her, To Her Mother And To Her Sister Alex Who Tragically Lost Their Lives In That Boathouse Fire Years Ago. When I Think Of Anna, I Think She Maybe Rocking Her Baby Doll Back And Forth Humming And Singing To Her Baby Doll. Poor Anna. I Pray That Her Mental Illness Will Go Away Someday So She Can Get Out But When Is That Going To Be? Will There Be A Sequel To The Uninvited? Will I Be In It? I Pray That The Darkness Will Not Get To Anna And To Me Again. Amen.
lioness84 chapter 1 . 10/19/2010
Hmm, that was...horrifying. I wasn't completely sure what was real and what she was imagining, haha. The description of the institution seemed a little detached, though. Anna's in such a distraught state I don't think she would just coolly observe her surroundings like that. But hey, other than that it was good! Ever think about making it into a longer story?