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XD oh poor cat woman XD
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oh shit poor world
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Guest chapter 1 . 12/13/2015
rougeshadow chapter 4 . 8/22/2014
HAHAHA! Altair and Ezio, that's just asking for the world to end.
Toby860 chapter 4 . 4/29/2013
This awesome. Its a crakfic comparable to naruto a cliche parody by narutosbrat. Please update soon.
willam and jack and jake chapter 3 . 12/19/2012
nice and i love that episode of south park
willam and jack and jake chapter 2 . 12/19/2012
lol peter
willam and jack and jake chapter 1 . 12/19/2012
lol nice
Hatred bear it Fangs chapter 4 . 7/8/2012
Hahaha that shit is so funny, another of your stories I enjoyed. You should update this one, too
Hero chapter 1 . 4/10/2012
Dude whatever you were smoking to write this, I want some too.
Infidel94 chapter 4 . 7/26/2011
this story is awesome and funny, i love it
AvatarofDeath13 chapter 4 . 7/2/2011
I agree with the Michael Jackson opinion thing.

Anyways, let's see:

Gaara with Stewie a.k.a. Ichibi/Shukaku.

Naruto with Peter a.k.a. Kyuubi.

Here is an idea of where you could go with the other Bijuu.

Yugito with Lois a.k.a Nibi.

Reasons why:

Yugito is an older woman, and Gaara and Stewie both seem to have issues with older people, like their parents for example, creating a connection of hatred.

Lois reminds me of a cougar, you know... an older woman who is into sex with younger men, fits the bill with Yugito, thus Yugito chasing Naruto for some... ahem, would be funny...

I could see Han lusting after Yugito just like Brian lusting after Lois, especially with that kind of appearance of Han's... who knows what he'd be thinking?

Yugito looks like the nagging type, and as Naruto seems to act as immature as Peter, the amount of nagging that Yugito would have to do in response would be epic.

Yagura with Chris a.k.a Sanbi.

Sanbi is fat, and looks rather lazy and slow, kinda like Chris, also Sanbi doesn't look like the type to fight much like Chris or even Yagura do.

Chris might be afraid of Quagmire because of how much he reminds him of the evil monkey, so people will get the wrong impression of Yagura every time he runs away or is scared of Roshi.

Yagura doesn't look very old much like Fuu does, thus Yagura and Fuu can have teenaged arguments and Yagura can be mistaken as a teenager.

Chris isn't the brightest boy around, so things like the Bloodline Massacre could be because Chris didn't understand what 'massacre' means, and Madara might have told him it means 'charity program' or something much less... bloody.

Chris would make a good puppet leader, kinda like Yagura, and Yagura would go along with Madara because Chris doesn't have much to say either.

Roshi with Quagmire a.k.a Yonbi.

The second I saw this, old plus perverted, he could expect people to call him 'Master Roshi', a homage to DBZ, as a combo of Roshi the old and quagmire the pervert.

Viagra, anyone?

Monkeys can be very funny, and it could be hilarious to see Roshi and Han having fights, because apparently Quagmire and Brian hate each other, and both lust after Lois.

Han with Brian a.k.a. Gobi.

I can just imagine how much Brian flips out every time he questions 'what the hell am I supposed to be?'

As I mentioned, the comedic gold of sticking Roshi and Han, Jinchuuriki of the same village, with the two people of the Family guy crew who absolutely hate each other (Stewie only hates Lois, but not the other way around).

Han could cock-block Roshi wherever he goes in Iwa, and thus a feud between them as well as their Bijuu might emerge.

Utakata with Joe a.k.a. Rokubi.

Rokubi is a slug, with no arms or legs... Joes will flip out because before he lost his legs... now he is Joe... with nor legs OR arms...

It'd be funny to see Utakata have random rage moments like Joe does, and yell out for no reason, then return to his normal calm and collected self and blow a bubble or two.

People would laugh at Joe for being a slug and Utakata for having 'bubble' powers, and the fact that isn't that far from becoming a Powerpuff girl with his girly appearance...

Fuu with Meg a.k.a. Nanabi.

As mentioned before, Fuu and Yagura could argue like Chris and Meg did in the show.

When Fuu was first shown, people couldn't tell if Fuu was a guy or a girl, and I think that would go along with how people used to view Meg.

Meg could get depressed easily due to being a bug of all things, and so could Fuu.

Killer B. with Cleveland a.k.a. Hachibi.

Cleveland was good enough to get his own show, making him second-best to Peter in a sense, and as Killer B is basically almost as popular as Naruto now, it would seem fitting.

Cleveland may half-support Killer B's accepting of his black background, but half-disapprove of Killer B's rapping, hence fast-talker agressive Killer B versus slow-talker passive Cleveland.

I always wondered what it would be like for Han to randomly bark at Killer B, because Killer B is the closest to a black ninja in the Naruto manga, and Brian has that random subliminal racism that pops up every now and then.


[Yugito is cooking with the microwave, Naruto trying to sneak out without being noticed when the power goes out.]

Naruto: (trips over a chair when unable to see, hisses and does the 'clutching his leg' gig) Ah...!

Yugito: (hears Naruto,remembers something she asked earlier) ...Naruto, did you remember to pay the electric bill?

Naruto: Uh... I didn't forget to not... un-pay it?

Yugito: you didn't pay it?

Naruto: Ah, dammit! I thought that trick would work.

Yugito: It might have... it you didn't already try it an hour ago with the water bill...

Naruto: Oh...

Yugito: God, Naruto, what am I going to do with you?

Lois/Nibi:'ll strap him down to the bed and have your way with him as punishment, like you always do.

Yugito: Oh yeah... (grins evilly at Naruto)

Peter/Kyuubi: Uh-oh, she's got that look in her eyes. Lois always gives me that look before shes does something that I will find both pleasurable and humiliating to me...

Naruto: ...I'm screwed, aren't I?

Yugito: Figuratively and literally.

Roshi: (listening in from the window) Hehe, all-right!


Killer B: (points to old record player) Yo Cleve-O, how does this work-o?

Cleveland/Hachibi: Would you quit that, please? You're being a bad influence on your team.

Killer B: How so, Cleve-O?

Cleveland/Hachibi: Look.

[Killer B's team is outside the house in a gang turf war, with Omoi shooting with reckless abandon and Samui and Karui trying to distract the enemy gang y flashing their... ahem.]

Killer B: ...oh.

Cleveland/Hachibi: Word.


Gaara: (egged on by Stewie/Ichibi/Shukaku) Today is the day you die, woman! (preparing to swamp Yugito with sand and crush her)

Yugito: (acting out of Lois/Nibi's motherly instinct in response to Stewie-influenced-Gaara) Ah, is my little Gaara upset? (looks at Naruto) Naruto, be a dear and spend some time with your son.

Naruto: ...Gaara isn't my...

Yugito: NA-RU-TO...

Naruto: But me and the guys were going to... um, go... fishing! Yeah, fishing!

Yugito: Then take Stewie with you, it'd be some perfect father-son bonding time for you two.

Naruto: But he isn't... (sees Yugito's glare) Fine, sheesh, come on Gaara... (drags Gaara away by his gourd's wrapping)

Gaara: No!

Stewie/Ichibi/Shukaku: So close!


Han: Hey Naruto, what's with Gaara, and why is he here anyways?

Killer B: Yeah, I thought this was going to be some alone time for us!

Roshi: That's what she said! Giggidy!

Naruto: Ah, I'm sorry guys, but Yugito made me bring Gaara with me.

Killer B: She STILL convinced you and her are the parents of Gaara, Yagura and Fuu?

Naruto: Yeah, it doesn't help that our Bijuu actually DO have that very relationship, and Yugito has just taken the same line of thiking...

Roshi: So what's Yugito doing right now?

Naruto: I dunno, last I checked she was just about to take a shower.

Roshi: ...all-right.

Han: Hey, yeah, I just remembered that um... I got to help Yagura with his... um, homework! Yeah! I'm going to go now!

Roshi: Oh yeah, me too! I um... promised Fuu I'd teach her about fellat- I mean I'd help her find a good fella for her to date... later!

Killer B: (watches the two leave in a hurry) I guess it's just you and me, huh Naruto.

Naruto: Damn, this day is ruined.

Gaara: Ruined? You already ruined my attempt to kill that woman who is all but your wife yet not simply because society dictates that you must date her for at least another six months before you can ask her hand in marriage, you twit!

Naruto: Did you say something Gaara?

Gaara: ...I like vanilla ice cream. And I want it in a cup.

Naruto: Okay, let me buy Gaara a vanilla ice cream cup- {Gaara: With rainbow sprinkles!} with rainbow sprinkles- {Gaara: And hot fudge!} and hot fudge- {Gaara: And a picture of Tom Cruise on the cup!} and a picture of Orlando Bloom on the cup- {Gaara: Nuts to it all!} and with nuts- {Gaara: No, I didn't want nuts!}, then we'll go fishing... {Gaara: Damn you to hell, blondie!}


Fuu: Mom, Yagura is being a bastard!

Yagura: Yeah, but mom, she called me dumb!

Naruto: She's NOT your mother!

Yugito: Naruto: shut up; Yagura: you know better than to annoy your sister; Fuu: no cursing in this house, and don't call your brother dumbe, he is a very smart and talented boy, how else did he become the Mizukage?

Yagura:, I forget.

Chris/Sanbi: ...wait, you're the Mizukage?

Yagura: ...I am?

Chris/Sanbi: I don't remember that happening...

Yagura: Yeah, me neither...

Fuu: Mom, Yagura is talking to himself again!

Yugito: Fuu, you know that's just Yagura talking to his Bijuu, he just hasn't gotten the hang of speaking mentally to his tenant. Remember how people reacted when you used to do what he did?

Meg: Yeah, people thought you were an even bigger freak... not that they still don't think you aren't one now...

Fuu: I hate my life...

Naruto: Ah, cheer up Fuu, your mother and I didn't have the easiest life, either...

Fuu: ...thanks dad.

Naruto: No problem, kiddo.

Yugito: So you DO admit to us being their parents!

Naruto: (curses to himself) Dammit!


And so much more fun like that!
nightmaster000 chapter 4 . 6/30/2011
glad to finally see another chapter hope the next one comes soon
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