Reviews for Lifelines
AnthemForTheBroken chapter 5 . 10/15/2016
Guest chapter 5 . 9/25/2016
What the crap, Splinter hit Raphael?
IvoryCrawler chapter 5 . 7/16/2013
thatredhead-nicole chapter 3 . 10/25/2012
So was Leonardo story really true or fake? I'm confused lol.
BubblyShell22 chapter 5 . 3/24/2011
What a great ending to this story. I loved Splinter's flashback and how true his lesson was. Yes, he didn't have time to grieve for his Master and took his anger out on his sons. But at least he regretted this mistake and learned from it as we all must do in life. Nicely done.

The Bubbly One,

BubblyShell22 chapter 4 . 3/23/2011
Awesome chapter. So that's why Don favors the bo. I can see that. It must have been traumatic for him to do that when he's so young. Nicely done.

The Bubbly One,

BubblyShell22 chapter 3 . 3/23/2011
Great chapter. So Leo made it up to fool Raph. Figures he'd do something like that. At least they didn't kill each other. Nicely done.

The Bubbly One,

BubblyShell22 chapter 2 . 3/23/2011
Oh, man, that was hilarious. Loved the prank they pulled. Too bad Mikey was the only one who got in trouble. It was noble of him not to snitch on Raph when he could have. Great job.

The Bubbly One,

BubblyShell22 chapter 1 . 3/23/2011
Ah, great start so far. I really like it. Poor Raph having to be watched by his brothers.

Geez, Mikey, open mouth, insert foot.

Nicely done, Terran.

The Bubbly One,

Willow Pierce chapter 5 . 1/25/2011
Ed's Tomato chapter 5 . 3/28/2007
That was really awesome. I love Raph-centric most anything, but everyone was very well in charecter and the interactions were very interesting. Aw. :-)
miss no face chapter 5 . 7/24/2006
Aw what a pretty story! I loved it, great job, it's being added to my favourites ) definently!
Goddess of Idun chapter 5 . 11/29/2005
great story, especially the end of donnie's chapter, when he hit raph with the pillow and screamed at him... lol
Reinbeauchaser chapter 5 . 11/3/2005
Can't believe I haven't read this one yet. I've tried to read everything of yours, but it looks as if some 'new' stuff is still out there, even if the 'new' is really 'old'. LOL

Great little flashbacks. Loved Leo's, at least at the end when he tells Raph that it was all made up. Yeah, right.

Donnies was very angsty, yet funny, too, where Raph ends up falling asleep. To think that the pacifist was the first in the family to kill. Some irony, eh?

Chapter two with Mike was hilarious! Goodness, the pranks he and Raph do. Would make them public enemy number one in my house, that's for sure! LOL

But the funniest part was in chapter one, when Raph's comment caused Don to chip in the ten bucks. LOL That was funny and I had to be careful and not laugh too loudly. It's currently past midnight and everyone's in bed.

Ah, but poor Splinter. Yeppers, I've 'gone over the edge' once or twice in raising my kids, but fortunately, not too badly. It happens. No one is perfect, yet I think we all venture into parenthood hoping to be the best, most patient, creative, and supportive. Funny what reality actually does to goals such as these. LOL

Anyway, a great job. I like the fact that you don't clutter up your stories with a lot of verbiage, a problem I seem to have with mine. I keep hoping that by reading a looser style of writing, somehow it will click with me. Then again, we all have our own 'flavor', eh? LOL

Yeah, well, anyway, I loved this fic. You craft the guys very well, I can just about picture them saying all that you had them saying - and doing!

Be blessed.
Aries Zodiac chapter 5 . 8/1/2005
You're right- Aw... Every chapter of that was better then the last! That was a great fic!
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