Reviews for Justification
EAPSHMC chapter 1 . 8/8/2012
You ASSHOLE! janeway would never do this. i feel offended, being a hologram myself, that you would remove a sentient being's sentience.
Anarchy Terriss chapter 1 . 11/5/2010
Bluntly, while I understand the desire to write this sort of story (disliking characters is perfectly understandable in any fandom), and this is executed very well indeed and is a technical success, I feel that this is somewhat OOC for Janeway. I don't feel that, having granted so many freedoms for the Doctor and allowed him to do so much she would just - for want of a better term - turn him off. Sorry to have to say it, but it's a draconian measure and I doubt that it would happen, even from Janeway. And frankly, if it did then Seven of Nine would rip the living **** out of her for it. This is totally unrealistic, albeit handled very well. The most Janeway would do is restrict the Doctor's movement or something similar, and that is at the very most.

Of course you say that "if it were you, this is how it would have gone". While it might be slightly pointless arguing the case for a hologram when holograms don't exist... If it had been a human character who acted in such a manner, would such a harsh punishment have happened? If not, then i might believe you are unwilling to consider the possibility of holograms being afforded - or even needing - rights. That issue is clearly a thorny one in the Star Trek universe, and your handling of it is again OOC and almost OOU.

(As a logic point, is the Doctor's self awareness even removable, et al? I would doubt so, since it would be integrated into everything else).

Sorry to be a basher. It really pains me to leave a review like this, if you can believe it, as negative reviews feel so horrid whenever I receive them that I feel nasty writing one here: if it makes any difference, I felt it to be a very well constructed piece overall, and clearly you know your Trek. I will read more of your work and hope to read something that I can leave a totally positive review to.

P. S. The holonovel was only originally made with the images of the crew and the version published was with altered images, only the preview copy was published without the Doctor's permission, due to him being a hologram. And yes it was provocative, but if the Doctor were real, he might argue that it's only as provocative as if a novel about a slave written by a black man in the height of the American civil war was published in the Confederate states (hyperbolic but the comparison stands). It would have inaccuracies et al, and it would be exaggerated, but maybe it needed to be written.
Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay chapter 1 . 9/14/2010
I have days when I HATE the doctor and days when I can stand him.
Seven Malfoy chapter 1 . 7/9/2010
I love this. I hereby grant you 1,000 Internets for doing what should have been done ages ago. Between this, and the multiple times he violated the patient-doctor trust with Seven the Doctor had way too much leeway on Voyager. He was treated as if his holomatrix could not be reprogrammed. The way that Tom could program holonovels it would have been easy to 'adjust' his personality for the safety of the crew as a whole. Yeah, it's unethical to do things like that, but so what? In absence of other options in the DQ something should have been done about him long ago..

Sorry if you actually like the Doctor.. it just seemed odd to me, upon reflection, that he was allowed to use up so much energy and so much of the ship's resources when the rest of the crew had to survive on replicator rations and Neelix's cooking.

Thank you again!