Reviews for TSA: The Amazing SpiderMan vol 2
lightalistor chapter 1 . 5/6/2017
your fic is one of the finnest series ive seen. You balance Peter Parker and Spider-Mans stories well. You bring the marvel universe together in a way thats natural. I never once felt like "oh thats tacky and makes no sense." while reading your stories. I actively miss the updates to volume 3. Don't know what your plans are, you obviously have put in enough time, but I hope you come back someday.
Guest chapter 53 . 12/8/2016
use periods
invinoveri chapter 70 . 8/29/2016
My biggest gripe about this fic is Spider-Man never seems to 'win' it's always a back and forth endurance match, whether fighting a being with cosmic powers or a skilled assassin. It's very repetitive and not really believable. There's no sense of danger or weight to the fights, there hasn't been a moment yet where I'm thinking 'wow, what an awesome fight' we know Spider-Man is going to win, not because of his own skills (which would be satisfying), but because we know, in spite of his skills, he's going to make it out, the story will continue, which is just not fun, nor epic. My favorite part, so far, was black suit spider-man because there was a sense of power that this fic desperately needs. This should be a power-up fic; as Spider-Man gets stronger he fights stronger people. Part of me keeps reading hoping Spider-Man becomes a bad-ass, out smarts his enemies, becomes proactive, but I have doubts that will happen. Also, what works for a comic book or a cartoon show doesn't translate well into a traditional narrative, we have to see the character grow and most of all it has to be FUN (not to say comics aren't fun, but they excel at doing different things and can get away with some things, and of course a lot of comics are also bad.)

Other than that.. lol.. There is something cool about this fic the keeps me reading. I think maybe it's all the characters and how they interact, at the same time I wish you would narrow in on Spider-Man's story instead of doing a background on everyone, but I actually like some of the background stories, Vultures in particular. The writing is fine and I surprisingly enjoy the Gwen, MJ, Liz scenes.

And just to reiterate this fic screams for some epic-ness, it needs it!
Saul Fernando859 chapter 87 . 7/3/2016
whytry7 chapter 122 . 6/2/2016
So I've been following this story for years now, I think you were only forty chapters into this volume when I started. It has been an absolutely wild ride and I've finally caught back up. I've loved your characterization do the characters as i feel your truly understand what they are at their cores. I'm surprised and saddened by May's death, though you never know with marvel. As much as killing Gwen is part of the green goblin I was still sad to see her go as well. For that matter even Normans death is sad as he's and all time great villian, especially when he isn't green goblin. Regardless thank you so much for putting the work in you have to this story as it has given me great joy
krigb11 chapter 122 . 5/25/2016
Hey man, just read the entire story and I have to say, 1.3 million words and 6 years, now that's dedication. Great story now going onto read the next one.
Keep it
bub23453 chapter 122 . 4/12/2016
Wow what a fantastic story! I just found it a week ago and could not stop till I finished!

Can't wait for the next volume, though hope it doesn't take another 6 years to finish lol!

Great job!
Guest chapter 122 . 4/12/2016
Update please.
OoOXylionOoO chapter 4 . 3/30/2016
Great work.
Alex20396 chapter 122 . 3/26/2016
It's been six years my man. Wow I have literally grown with this story. I started reading when I was just entering high school and now I'm currently about to get my Masters :) . Every time I get a notification for this story I just get giddy. Volume 2 completely blew me out of the water. You have a gift my friend. I don't really buy comic books anymore. But to me this story feels like a comicbook. Can't wait for you to return with Volume 3. Also NEW SPIDEY CIVIL WAR. I remember watching and you came to my mind immediately. Anyways I just want to thank you for being awesome and for always writing . I know at times life can get hard and this story can be a responsibility instead of being fun. So thanks and keep on being awesome.
Guest chapter 122 . 3/18/2016
This is very well done, reading over it again. The two-month wait has been killing me. On pins and needles for Vol 3 or BB Vol. 2. Was wondering if you got any inspiration from the new Civil War trailer or Batman V. Superman's imminent arrival. Anywho, keep up the good work and thanks.
Guest chapter 120 . 3/7/2016
Dude you just made goblin so fucking evil.
Saint Deltora chapter 62 . 2/27/2016
"THIS SUCKS!" he shouted while lifting his head up. After being ditched by Warbird he tried to see how far he could get by running, but he quickly learned that that idea would get him no where fast, - It reads better here as "nowhere".

but in the last few minutes or so not one car has drove past his position. - Not one car 'had'

doesn't he swing around New York. - LO?

and a bandanna cover her eyes, - 'covering'

where did you come from…..I think I would've seen a - I think this part would flow better if you replaced the "..." with an interrogation point.

"Look lady can you just tell me why you're hear I do have time to look at Trading cards" - This setence has various problems. First, it lack an ? after "Hear" second the hear is supposed to be "here" third it's supposed to be "don't" instead of "do".

So how are you going to help me Madame Web my….. Guardian angel" - LO?

"WHAT!" - LO?

Spider-man directed his head towards the Blue Celestials right hand - 'Blue Celestial's'

"So what are we babysitters now?" - The grammar in this feels kinda weird. Not sure how to fix it though.

"What's the word on the plan Tony" - LO?

"How…we can't move" - LO?

60seconds - You made this mistake twice. You should split the words with a space.

What's the matter Brock you need your master to play fetch with you" - LO?

Crossbones eyes glowed brighter - 'Crossbone's'

That's the best insult you've got" - LO?

"Don't you know you're not supposed to talk to a lady like that" LO?

"Are……..sure…..she's a lady" LO?

"Do you know how many night's - 'nights'

I've thought about driving my fist through your FREAKING SKULL!" - LO?

and a smirked - 'smirk'



"Who cares…I say we finish em" - Replace the "..." with an ?

"No, what we need to do is get out of here and help my father….and then we come back for them" - Same.

"WAIT!" - LO?

It's called a UNIBEAM!" - 'an'

The cosmic powered heroine search frantically - 'searched'

"You never learn do you Fury" - LO?


She gasped as the Helicarrier wobbled for a second before staring to dip downwards. - 'starting'

Warbrid cast one last look at the falling Helicarrier - 'Warbird'

'NO doubt zhe Avengers so called back up' - There is something odd about this setence. But I can't figure out what.

Her fist began move towards its target - 'it's'

"Remember me" - LO?

"How could I….forget that breath" - LO?

"It iz time you…..all of you excepted your fate" - 'accepted'

across the Blue Celestials palm - 'Celestial's'

towards Iron Man who was quickly loosing ground. - 'losing'

but Cap superior agility saved him. - 'Cap's' superior agility

He twisted and the - 'then'

"CUBE BE ON THE GROUND!" he command. - 'commanded'

He caught his shield as he landed and he thrust thrusted the circular - You can remove "thrust"

He landed and turned in time feel the hard impact of the Taskmaster's knee to his jaw. - In time 'to'

"We're on our own here Hank….any ideas" - LO?

"Jan what are you thinking I know that smile" - LO? after "thinking"

"How about we send the Wonder Twins off with a proper farewell" - LO?

"Pyms listen up" - 'Pym'

we'll be their in precisely 4.6 seconds - 'there'

"Vhy….Vhy von't you just stop fighting Rogers….you are missed informed - 'misinformed'

like your divine Jesus Christ, ve're zhe same don't you understand" - LO?

"You really believe that don't you" - LO?

"What if Spider-Man isn't the one using the Nullifier" - LO?

"Ben, Johnny get ready were about to leave and head for Washington D.C. - 'we're'

"What about these Hulks, - LO?

grabbing at the Red Skulls - 'Skull's'

Spider-Man and the Avengers all cautiously make their way to the Red Skull - 'made'


but suddenly the Gray Hulk glow blue before shattering into glass. - 'glowed'

"SO WHAT!" - LO?

Warbird's eyes widen at the mention of the watcher and turned her eyes to the dark energy. - widened

and lightening flash through the sky. - 'lighting'

and allowing his lightening to strike it in the forehead. - 'lighting'

"Trying to escape Schmidt" - LO?

The Fantsti-Car - 'Fantasti-car'


"That's Johnny Storm but whatever….how about an Asgardian Fireball" - LO?


widen in absolute shock….no….amazement. - 'widened'

The Red Skull suddenly looked up and his eyes widen for a second. - 'widened'

This chapter was fine. Pretty intense. I admit though since it took me three hours to read it while doing this review it was kinda tiring.
dragonicdevil chapter 122 . 2/26/2016
Following this story has been really fun, so I can't wait until volume 3 and see Spider-Man's spectacular return to fight crime and see how he matures into a better crime fighter and protector of his city, just wonder, will he stay with MJ since you killed Aunt May? Still can't believe you did that.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/7/2016
Ok, I haven't even read the story yet, but 1.3 million words?! Holy shit man, that dedication. Props to you.
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