Reviews for TSA: The Amazing SpiderMan vol 2
spirit117 chapter 112 . 7/21
Great chapter Nomad; but Peter got really lucky that the Sinister Six were so distracted by each other or that whole fight would have ended badly for him. At least he finally has some of Harry’s blood to make a cure. Unfortunately Osborn has gotten one step closer because Peter unintentionally let it slip that he was trying to cure Harry. Then of course there's the part at the end with the uninvited dinner guest, some people may have forgotten but Kasady is planning something then there's Eddie his roommate.

Keep up the great work.
rjfree chapter 112 . 7/21
Man that was great a long heartbreaking. Day and night was soothed by reading another one of your entries you may not know it but you saved my life by getting lost in your marvel universe again.
Thank you man
God bless you
AliciaRoseFantasy chapter 110 . 7/20
Really smart chapter! How you did the Sinister Six escaping was clever.

I love your creativity, especially with Electro and Sandman, him turning into an arrow to show the way and stuff was really cool. And also the protecting the car with hard sand, and your use of Electros powers, just great!

I also really liked how you went from the prison escape, to Spider-Man. It was done perfectly, going head on there with when him and DD were fighting goons, I could just imagine the switch on screen and how epic it would look :)

I wonder what DD is getting himself into though? Oh dear! I sniff trouble!

Excellent chapter :)
AliciaRoseFantasy chapter 112 . 7/19
That, Was, Epic! Incredible battle! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Intense :)

And oh no, I wonder who the evil pizza guy is? :0 Can't wait for more! :D
spiderpercy chapter 112 . 7/18
Sorry for not reviewin the past 2 chapters, i just read it today and i've been so busy

Anyways i read two chapters today lol which was awesome

Both these chapters were so fuckin goooood

peter finally takin on the sinister 6, cap and shield tryna arrest peter

the fight scenes were great as always

when jewel saved peter, that was really good

and the ending who was tht pizza guy lol

Ur the best fanfiction author ever lol

Anyways keep up the awesome work and please update faster
Sonar chapter 112 . 7/17
gta manic chapter 112 . 7/17
Wow just wow
Ultraspidey7 chapter 112 . 7/17
I'm totally for spider-man and jewel but you probably won't do it but a person can wish
Marvelfan604 chapter 112 . 7/17

Nice chapter man and loved the way you handled the Sinister Six, especially with how they were fighting each other. I look forward to the next chapter!
spiderman1fan chapter 112 . 7/17
another awesome chapter, can't wait for more. i wonder who those two are i will say venom and carnage.
maxblast chapter 112 . 7/17
... Man, what a battle, a side all free battle, in which, 3 got capture, 6 escaped, and spidey got himself other girl that wants to get close to him... You know even with all the bad luck that Spidey has just by being himself, the amount of hot and nice girls that want him should makes it all up right? XD
So Harry's blood is in his hands... That's even better then Norman's blood! But his family is in troubles, Shield and the Avengers(which Steve could have give him a hand instead of just watch and appear at the end to try to capture him... Asshole...) still want his head, the Goblin just got closer to guess who is under the mask... mmm... I smell the death of some character that i really like... Call it a hunch from the comics... And there are only arcs left... But it doesn't feel like all of this is ending...
inkykenrd chapter 112 . 7/17
aunt mays goona pop a cap in your ass boi
Wolvmbm chapter 112 . 7/17
Nice ending and cliffhanger, but I still wonder...sooner or later Spider-man and S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers are going to have some words.

I mean if Spider-man hopes to clear some bits of his name, then shouldn't he try to come clean to S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers and try to explain things a bit in hopes that they would understand ?

Great conclusion to the Sinister much for a battle as Spidey outwitted them all. Still, Osborn is still out there and so is Harry. Shouldn't Spidey TRY to come clean in this case ?

I mean even Nick Fury has shown to have a heart or two, right ?

Keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one as I cannot wait to see what happens next.
Legend3881 chapter 112 . 7/17
Great chapter, I still want to see your own personal twist on spider man and his abilities. New costume, new gear, new powers, or something. Can not wait for the next chapter. If I was him I would have taken the broken Glider and see if I would have salvaged it.

I was reading something and it says that people infected with Oz gains immortality. Even when they dies, they was awake again healed. What is your opinion on that.
Swanboy chapter 112 . 7/17
Loving it. I actually prefer your storyline's to quite a few of Marvel's actual ones
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