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TP-Fan28 chapter 55 . 8/23
Wow, this is by now the best Fanfic I have ever read. The story has dramatic, action, romance, everything a good story needs. And it's simply to read for me. (PS: I'm german :D, andsorry, if the grammar isn't right, I'm only 13 ':D). It is really a great Story, every time it took my attention again. It never got boring to read. Yes, the end is really sad, but a story doesn't have everytime a Happy End. That's why I like this story so much, because it hasn't a Happy End, this makes the story more realistic. Thank you for this great Fanfiction :). If my mother hadn't interrupted me while I was reading the last Chapter, I had start crying. Really, really fantastic Fanfiction, thank you very very much. Go on writing more Fanfics :).
Guest chapter 55 . 7/22
Harlan chapter 2 . 7/13
This is great you, pay such attention to details from the game
Idk chapter 9 . 7/4
Great story, wanna keep reading, but i just can't read all of them in one night. I've been reading it since around 2:30 am, it is now 7:40am. Surprisingly long chapters.
Matt chapter 55 . 6/21
Omg that's so sad omg noooo. Best story ever
MissRightTurn chapter 20 . 6/11
"Zelda flicked her wrist impatiently." XD flick'a that wrist. Sorry it's not a review I just had to say that :3
tayaway chapter 55 . 5/3
I have to admit that I began the story by skimming through much of it to see if I wanted to commit the time to read it all (will probably still do that, once I get over the sadness of the ending). By the time I got to the part when they went down into the well, I was so intrigued that I read every word from then on. The adventure, romance, characterizations, etc. are all completely awesome in this story. I also loved the writing style and the way it all flowed. You are a very talented writer!

I was pretty much expecting one of them to die. (I had forgotten the story was labeled as a tragedy, but thought maybe there was a way to thwart the fate of her dream, since she was able to change one thing already by putting herself in the path of the sword instead of him.) I am no writer myself; however, from a literature analysis standpoint I think it would have made more sense for Link to die. If, in each reincarnation, Link represents the triforce of courage, and Zelda represents the triforce of wisdom, it is always Link's fate as the Hero of Time to be courageous and sacrificial to the very end, always in protection of Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule. Accordingly, it would always be Zelda's destiny to be wise above all else, and I believe that would mean she would think of Hyrule first, knowing that the best thing is for her to lead the kingdom and not to risk leaving it to whomever when she was gone. Who was left to rule, after she died? The traitorous, corrupt Royal Council? It seemed like a feminist twist to have her die in Link's place. He would much rather have fulfilled his role to die saving her life, and she took that away from him. It felt sort of wrong to me on that level, going beyond the sadness that either of them would be taken away from the other by death. It will eat him up forever now and that was like a sword in the gut for me. Of course, as the author you have every right to end the story as you see it in your creative vision. A tragic ending seems very likely given the amount of danger facing Link and Zelda during each appearance in the pages of history; I just felt it would have been a more perfect, satisfying tragedy if Link was sacrificed instead of Zelda.

Sorry if this is a bit much for a fanfic review that you may not even read because this is a few years too late...From what I have read so far, I felt it very deeply and that is a testament to what a high quality work of fiction you have gifted us with in the LoZ universe.
LandonChrNes chapter 34 . 4/22
so yah, ops, the review by No-man is actually me lol sorry. (just made an account on this sight because i loved this story so much)
No-Man chapter 34 . 4/22
so i dont know if you are still on this sight, and still check reviews, but if you do... I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS STORY! you are doing such a great job at portraying link and zelda's characters, and its making me think that im actually playing a squeal to twilight princess. i find that this story is on my mind all day, and i cant wait each night till im able to read it again. i absolutely hate Ilia and love the chemistry that link and zelda have. so if you are still checking in on this sight, i say props to you and will done!
luisAM21 chapter 55 . 4/9
Aww man I'm about to cry. I'll comfort myself by saying "it's canon" for about one million times
*deep sigh*
1. If Link dies
and 2. the happy ending
luisAM21 chapter 45 . 4/8
I already know what it is ;)
luisAM21 chapter 18 . 4/8
This is EXACTLY like the cause of the American Revolution
READ THIS chapter 46 . 4/7
lick her lips, lick her lips, lick her lips...
I read the last few chapters (including this one) and in every paragragh
lick her lips, lick her lips, lick her lips...
Someone Stupid chapter 29 . 4/3
love this story! I can't stop reading!
Anonymous chapter 49 . 4/1
Really good
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