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Difficat chapter 13 . 11/21/2012
You must have a very timey-wimey mind to write this. Your author's notes sounded just like the way you wrote the Doctor's thoughts, too.

I love the way you keep control of POV and never slip into omniscience, something a lot of commercial Who stories, and plenty of other books, fail to manage. You keep the character voices separate, and the action moving. You aren't afraid to really make your characters suffer. All this points to a skilled writer.

I am a fan of both shows, but still found bits of this hard to follow, so if you have gone professional - and you certainly could - I hope you have a skilled content editor who likes working hard. That isn't intended as criticism. I think you should write professionally. Now I am off to read Cracking.
Z chapter 5 . 8/13/2011
I've never heard of Quantum Leap before so my knowledge of it is sketchy. But I can't say this is a bad story because your writing is very good. Except it's very confusing as well. I guess that's where the suspense genre came in otherwise it'll totally out of wack.

Nothing made sense to me so far.
James Birdsong chapter 13 . 7/15/2011
Cool of course.
Amazing Bluie chapter 13 . 5/24/2011
Huh. Somehow, I missed reading this. I saw your new story, Cracking, and got a bit confused reading the first chapter.

Anyways, great story! At times, specifically when he's by himself, the Doctor tends to blather on ridiculously. It's in character, but it's hard to read. I end up skipping or skimming paragraphs from time to time. Still, keeps anybody from questioning whether it makes sense! ;-)

Good work!
Jonn Wolfe chapter 13 . 10/31/2010
I have to say, your characterizations of the Doctor are bloody spot on. Your tangent rambling makes me look like an amateur. Well, I 'am' and amateur, but then again so was every other writer out there at one point. But, I digress. Aside from making me feel completely inadequate in writing the Doctor myself, you have yourself one hell of a DoctorMuse. )
Questfan chapter 13 . 9/8/2010
I can't imagine how a story of yours could get out of hand. Much! Seriously though I have to say I loved this story. It added depth to Splintering while still holding it's own as a full blown saga in its own right.

Your descriptive writing is awesome and I had an incredible mental picture of the time strands looking like some kind of sea anemone with all the little tendrils waving in the current.

The wrap up with Moe was really poignant and drew the two shows together wonderfully. I think Martha would thoroughly enjoy those tapes, especially after the way the Doctor procured them. The cricket ball was hilarious and kind of reminded me of searching for things in my handbag. I know there's a secret compartment at the bottom where things disappear and I imagine the Doctor's pockets are similar.

All in all - thankyou for writing another fabulous story :-)
Elvaro chapter 13 . 9/7/2010
Okay, as always, I enjoyed this chapter and loved how you wrapped everything up while explaining how the Doctor went about the process of splicing. (That was one of the things that I was confused about when I originally read Splintering.)

I was a little confused about what or who the anomaly was, but I'm fairly certain that you were referring to Sam, since you referred to him (and the Doctor) as such in chapter 5 of Splintering. Although the next paragraph implys that the anomaly is the splintering future Doctor, so...

I'm not certain how well the terminating parallel fits in with how Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War, but since its never been established how it happened in any cannon work I'm more than happy to accept your explanation. Unless of course, you were merely comparing how the Doctor thought that it was certain that he would die at the end of the Time War and didn't, and so it is also possible that it isn't as impossible as he thinks it is to survive a terminating parallel.

I guess I'm also missing the importance of why the Doctor felt he needed to go get the tapes for the Time Patrol show, other than he thought that Martha would like to watch it because of Sam's appearance in it. Of course on further rereading I think it might have been because of the handlink's similarity to Captain Galaxy's gyrograph... and the fact that Sam, through Captain Galaxy, explained his string theory on the show, thus giving the Evil Project more information on how to go about creating their version of Quantum Leap.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the Doctor talking with Moe, although I would have thought that Moe would have been more paranoid about the Doctor being "one of those doctors". I especially liked the Doctor's questioning of Moe on his string theory and when Moe unknowingly calls the 900-and-some year old Time Lord a "youngin".

The moment I loved most of all was the scene that ended it, and that brings us back to Splintering's plotline. It seems so very like the Doctor to do all of that and then come back to ask such an almost anti-climatic and absurdly funny question(when compared to the tone of the rest of this story).

All in all, I enjoyed the whole story thoroughly from beginning to end!
Elvaro chapter 12 . 9/4/2010
Yet another wonderfully written chapter!

I don't think I have any questions that need clarifying this time, so I'll skip right to complimenting what I especially enjoyed:

1) The Doctor thinking about his companions wearing period dress and how it usually doesn't work out well. Somehow this is both funny and kind of sad since it probably brought up memories of Rose during the events in The Unquiet Dead.

2) If I'm not mistaken the line: "telling the truth and displaying the TARDIS had helped to prove his innocence in crimes before, particularly when he found himself accused of murder" is a reference to Crisscrossed, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Or at least I don't think there is any episodes in which the Doctor is accused of murder. (I haven't seen much of the classic series so I could be mistaken.)

3) I like how the Doctor uses the cut on his hand to prove that the children (from their point of view) weren't gone for more than a hour.

4) I enjoyed trying to make sense out of the Doctor's explanation of the original timeline, the original revised timeline, and then of course the timeline in which he stepped in. And not to worry, it makes perfect sense - your explanation - as much as any explanation of time travel and its effects makes sense.

The only thing I particulary want to add, is that I hope that you write a sequel to this and you've seemed to have left yourself a pretty good opening to do so:

"Very well. I don't care how long we have to play this game, but we'll catch up with that Dr. Smith. Mark my words. And when we do, oh, it'll be a simply delightful reunion."

Although you haven't marked this story as complete, so maybe you'll follow up on that in the next chapter.
Questfan chapter 10 . 9/3/2010
I wanna give Alia a hug. Knowing that she gets out makes it easier to read but it's still awful watching what she's been forced into.

I like the way you write the Doctor's connection to humans. He doesn't always get the way we think but he certainly gravitates to people. It's one aspect of sci-fi I really love where outsiders try to fit into a foreign environment and make sense of it.
Questfan chapter 9 . 9/3/2010
Me again! I was too busy to review these couple of chapters but as always they are too good not to leave you a review. I love that Thames got so messed around in this one. What I'd like to do to him is a tad more physical but the Doctor's mind games are always fun to watch. I like the comment that he buries a grain of truth in all his blathering because he mostly tells people everything (kinda!). They just don't always get it or aren't willing to see it.
Elvaro chapter 11 . 9/3/2010
Everything in this chapter was superbly written. I enjoyed the Mary Poppins reference and how the Doctor always seems to miss the little human things in his travels that Sam's leaps (and Alia's) always focus on.

I really think that I do read too fast and miss things, for example, I missed why Alia was retrieved earlier than the Doctor would have expected the first time through it.

I take it that, since CPR hadn't been invented at the time this part of the story takes place, Patsy's heart having stopped beating is considered a good enough reason to pull Alia out. I take it that the Doctor did CPR on Pasty? Or am I mistaken? I've read those few paragraphs a couple of times now and I'm still not one-hundred percent sure.

On an unrelated note, at least to this review, I tend to overemphasize rhetorical questions because I have a friend that answers them all the time unless I specify that the question is rhetorical. Sorry about that.
Questfan chapter 11 . 9/2/2010
How do you manage to skip from torture, to murder, to kidnapping and then to Mary Poppins? I have no idea how you thought that one out but it all just works beautifully. I love the Doctor with kids because they don't ask stupid adult questions and they accept his "magic" without reserve. I love seeing Thames and Zoey confused and frustrated. Score one (or two or three!) for the good guys.

Now that I've had some fun I had better go and do some work but thanks for the great start to the morning.
Elvaro chapter 10 . 8/29/2010
I can't say how much I enjoyed this story and its two companions. I've always thought that Quantum Leap and Doctor Who would be a very compatable crossover, but it seems like no one else does.

I'll admit there are parts in here that confuse me, but it could be that you haven't explained all of them yet or I just read too fast and missed something important. Probably the second one.

You've managed to get the technobable down in a way I've never been able to manage and the way you describe the way time works (especially in the other two stories) is so very vivid. Although I can usually go on a pretty good rant about how I think time works, I've never quite been able to capture the way it works in either television series, never mind managing to merge the two so seamlessly.

The way you've captured time loops is amazing as well. Although I am a bit confused as to how Alia was at the Project when she helped the Doctor escape as I am fairly certain that they'd already sent her leaping. I imagine that you'll answer that in a later chapter.

Amyway, if the length of this review is any indictation, I am thoroughly addicted to the story and can't wait to see how you end it.
Questfan chapter 8 . 8/14/2010
Go Alia! I love the courage she found to go and free the Doctor even while knowing the consequences. You write descriptive passages really well and I could see the poor girl digging out the chip and dribbling blood everywhere. Ick!

The Doctor is back to normal and bouncing around again so the world is almost right again. Why do I have a mental picture of Tigger? He really should have been ginger :-)

Another great chapter thankyou.

If Zoey can't get squashed can we at least get an insight into Lothos' frustration when he is outwitted? A computer developing an inferiority complex maybe?
Questfan chapter 7 . 8/9/2010
You are a spoil-sport! Alright if I can't have a complete squishing could I at least have a stubbed toe or something? That doesn't impede your previously established storyline does it? Or maybe a good head slap where Zoey walks into the Tardis because of the perception filter being slightly off? Something? Anything? After what she has put both Alia and the Doctor through she's lucky she is just a fictional character or there could be blood on the carpet.

I could really imagine the Doctor weighing his options in great detail while trying to keep it together (literally). Right up until you mentioned something grating on him and then I was back to my cheese grater image :-) And not even so much as a drop of wine in sight.
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